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Sir Thomas Palgrave's Rise and Progress of English Commonwealth, Anglo Saxon period; Sir Thomas Palgrave's History of Anglo Saxons. The Author. Dr. Gamaliel Bradford.

Mornie's Historie of the Papacie. February.—Mr. O. Rich's Catalogue of old and new Books in English, Spanish, Italian, French, &c. &c.

O. Rich. ! List of Subscribers to the loan made to Government during Shay's insurrection, with the respective amounts, &c., manuscript kept by Edward Payne and presented by his grandson,

William E. Payne, Esq. Catalogue of Harvard College Library, Vol. 3, containing Maps and Charts. President Quincy. March.-O. Rich's Bibliotheca Americana Nova, of books relating to America, printed since A. D. 1700, collected by O. Rich.

O. Rich, Esq. April.-Arm Chair and large Family Table, made of oak, that belonged to Governor Edward Winslow, of Plymouth.

Heirs of late Dr. John Winslow, of Marshfield. Mr. Attorney General's Reports to the Legislature, in 1835; also his Exposition of the Rights of the Commonwealth to the Ferries in Boston Harbor. Mr. Attorney General Austin. Annual Report of Board of Public Improvements of North Carolina, to General Assembly, 1821, and Mr. Fulton's Report to the Board, Dr. James Mease.


May 28, 1835.-Documents of Senate and House of Representatives of Massachusetts, January Session, 1835; Rev. Dr. Wainwright's Election Sermon, 1835; Report of Commissioners, on the revision of the General Statutes of the Commonwealth, Parts 2d, 3d and 4th, 1834. The Legislature.

Ferdinando Gorges, Instructions to the Commissioners.
Dr. John Mason of Bangor.

National Intelligencer for 1830, 1831, 1832, 1833, 1834, and four months of 1835. Hon. Edward Everett.

Speech of John T. Brown in Virginia House of Delegates, Jan. 29, 1835, on the election of a Senator to Congress.

Thomas W. White, of Richmond. Rev. Dr. Burrough's Discourse delivered in the Chapel of the New Almshouse, Portsmouth, N. H. December, 1834, on its being first opened for religious services. The Author.

A Medal struck in memory of Robert Fulton.

Matthew Carey, Esq. Address of Daniel P. King, at the celebration of Lexington Battle, in Danvers, 1835, with remarks by General Foster and a Portrait. The Author, D. P. King, Esq. June 25.—The Alphabet of the primitive language of Spain. Hon. G. W. Erving. William Brigham's Address to the Inhabitants of Grafton, on the First Centennial Anniversary of that Town.

The Author.

Histoire de la Republique des Provinces Unis, 4 vols; Receuil de divers Traités de Paix, de Confederation d'Alliance, de Commerce, &c. 2 vols; Nouveau Receuil de Traités d'Alliance, de Treve, de Paix, de Guarantee, et de Commerce, jusques a l'annee 1709. Par le Sieur J. Dumont, 2 vols. Dr. A. Holmes.

Alexander Moultrie's Oration, 4th July, 1822, Charleston; Alexander Gurden's Eulogy on General Pinckney, 1825; Dr. Charles L. Edwards' Oration, 4th July, 1827; John Gadsden's Eulogy on K. L. Simons, 1819. Rev. J. Adams, D. D. Charleston, S. C. First Part Report of Commissioners on Revised Statutes of Massachusetts. The Legislature. July 30.-Rushworth's Collections from 1615 to 1629.

Hon. John Welles.

Hon Edward Everett's Address at Lexington, 1835.

The Author. Parts 2d and 3d of Vol. III. of Trans. of the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec, April, 1833 and April, 1835. The Society. History of California, 2 vols. N. Mitchell. Aug. 25.-First Annual Report of the New Hampshire Anti-Slavery Society, June 4, 1835. John Farmer, Esq.

The Solilogue, or Dying Words of Pious Liberty Tree, and an Inscription on Mr. Clagget; Manuscript Statistics of Lowell ManufacJ. Willard, Esq.


American Quarterly Register, August, 1835; Annual Report of
American Education Society.
B. B. Edwards.
The Author.

Dr. Burrough's Discourse on Pauperism.
Sept. 24.-2 copies History of Nantucket, by Obed Macy.

The Author.

Catalogue of Members of Linonian Society at Yale College; Catalogue of their Books; Catalogue of Graduates at Yale College, 1834. Dr. Jacob Porter.

Senate Documents of United States, for 1833-4, from 10 vols. inclusive-1st Session, 23d Congress; Senate Journal of 1st Session, 23d Congress, 1 vol.; Statistical Tables, 1st Session, 23d Congress, 1 vol. Congress.

Oct. 29.—Boston Gazette 1781, by Benj. Edes; Boston Chronicle 1767 and 1768, by Mein and Fleming; Cobbett's Weekly Political Register, 1816, written in England; Rev. East Apthorp's Sermon at Christ Church, Cambridge, 1764; 7 Discourses, &c. by an eminent minister of the Gospel among the Quakers in the Island of Tortola, Phila. 1783; Considerations on the present War, by a Graduate of Cambridge, 1794; A Voyage from United States to South America, 1821-22-23; Observations on Dispute between United States and France, by Robert Goodloe Harper, 1797; A Journal of Sufferings of Americans in France, by Stephen Clubb, 1809; Address to People of New England by Algernon Sidney, 1808; Report on Farmers Exchange Bank, R. I. 1809; Robert Smith's Address to the People, 1811; Narrative of the Robbery of Nantucket Bank, 1816; Letters

from London to an inhabitant of America, respecting troubles at Geneva, 1794; Letters on Free Masonry, by a Lady of Boston, 1815; An Enquiry into Orders in Council, by Alexander Baring, 1808; a Portrait of Mr. Faneuil.

Mr. and Miss Jones, heirs of Edward Jones. Catalogue of Books of Linonian Society, Yale College, 1829; Catalogue of Yale College, 1829; Method of using Chloride of Soda, by A. G. Labaraque, translated by Jacob Porter; Serious Examination, translated from Spanish, by Jacob Porter; The Well-Spent Sou, or Bibles for poor Negroes, translated from the French, by Jacob Porter. Dr. Jacob Porter. Collections of Rhode Island Historical Society, 2d vol. 1835.

Thomas H. Webb, their Secretary. Report of Cases decided in Supreme Court, South Carolina. J Adams, D. D. The Author.

History of Concord, by Lemuel Shattuck. The doings and papers of the Royal Society at Copenhagen, for 1834 and 1835.

Nov. 26.-Dr. James Freeman's Sermons.

The Society.

Joseph Coolidge, Esq.

American Quarterly Register, No. 34, November, 1835.

B. B. Edwards.

Ancient Account Book, kept at Morlaix in France, from 1636 to 1645, Manuscript. Mr. and Miss Jones.

Four Military Orderly Books during the Revolution, in Manuscript, for 1780, deposited by Thomas B. Curtis, Esq.

Rev. J. Adams' Eulogy on Elias Horry, Esq.; Rev. J. Adams' Oration before Graduates at Charleston; Rev. J. Adams' Convention Sermon, South Carolina; Rev. J. Adams' Address before the Euphradian Society; Rev. J. Adams' Sermon on Advent Sunday, The Author.


Catalogue of Yale College, 1835; Catalogue of the Books of Linonian Society at Yale College, 1834; Catalogue of the members of said Society, 1832. Dr. Jacob Porter.

Notices of the character of Mrs. Sarah Parkman, 1835.

The Jurisprudent from July 10, 1830, to Published by Gray & Bowen, Boston.

F. Parkman, D. D. July 23, 1831, inclusive. Jos. Willard, Esq.

Attorney General's Report in the case of Middleton, Dorchester, Belchertown, Cambridge, Danvers, Deerfield, and Warren Bridge, 1835. James T. Austin, Esq. Attorney General. Portraits of Columbus and Washington. Israel Thorndike, Esq. Plan of the City of New York, as it was in 1728.

J. Smyth Rogers, Esq,

Dec. 31.-Manuscript Sermons, 1655, 2 vols.; Ancient Manuscript, imperfect; another old Manuscript, deposited.

Map of Middleborough.

Forty Maps of Towns in Massachusetts, &c.

G. W. Head, Esq. Abner Bourne, Esq.

Wm. Pendleton.

Discourse before Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company, 1835; Form of Covenant of Old South Church; Catalogue of Books relating to America, in the collection of Col. Aspinwall; Collections of New Hampshire, Vol. I. No. 3; part of Mr. Prince's 2d vol. of Annals. Hon. James Savage.

Charge to Grand Jury of Suffolk, by P. O. Thacher, Esq.

The Author.

Journals and Documents of Congress for 1833 and 1834.

Life of Governor Gerry, 2 vols. by Hon. J. T. Austin.


The Author.

Jan. 28, 1836.-Collections of Rhode Island Historical Society, Vol. 3d. The Society.

Address before the American Antiquarian Society, by William Lincoln, Esq. The Author.

Letter to Hon. H. G. Otis, P. Sprague and R. Fletcher, on the subject of Slavery.

A Friend. John Stark.

American Monthly Magazine, 1836. New Hampshire Annual Register, and United States Calendar, by J. Farmer. No. 15. The Publishers.

Feb. 25.-American Quarterly Register, February, 1836.

The Editor. Historia de la Conquista de Mexico, by Don Antonio de Solis, 3 vols. 1791; Proceedings of Temperance Convention, 1836; Ordination Sermon, by Wm. Lunt, 1835. Rev. A. Young.

Centennial Address at Acton, by Josiah Adams, Esq. 1835.

The Author.

The American Almanac and Repository of Useful Knowledge, for the year 1836. Jos. E. Worcester. Manuscript List of Ordained Ministers in Massachusetts, in the beginning of 1762, by Hon. Paine Wingate.

History of the Northmen, by Henry Wheaton.

The Author.

Hon. T. L. Winthrop.

National Intelligencer, for the last eight months of 1835.

Gov. Everett.

Four Maps, viz. of Bridgewater, East Bridgewater, West Bridgewater and Halifax.

N. Mitchell, Esq.

History of North Carolina, by John Lawson, 1709.

S. P. Gardner, Esq.

Valedictory at Dartmouth College, by Benj. Hale, 1835, and Remarks on a Pamphlet entitled Professor Hale and Dartmouth College. March 31.-Catalogue of Harvard University, 1833, 2 copies; Catalogue of the Library of Harvard University 1st Supplement, 1834; Sermon on death of Hon. William Phillips, by Rev. B. B. Wisner, 1827, 2 copies; Sermon on death of Mrs. Miriam Phillips, by Rev. B. B. Wisner, 1823. President Quincy. Description of Plainfield, by Jacob Porter, 1834. The Author. Dedication Address of Dane Law College, by President Quincy,

1832; Proceedings of Harvard University relating to disturbances there, 1834. President Quincy.

Constitution and By-Laws of Massachusetts Horticultural Society, 1836; Discourse at Seventh Anniversary of Horticultural Society, 1835, by John L. Russell. The Society.

Vita B. Aug. Hermanni Franchi, &c. edited by Samuel Mather, 1733; A Brief Inquiry into the Ancient Constitution of England, by James Tyrrell, Esq. London, 1695. N. Mitchell, Esq.

Letters against immediate abolition of Slavery, by William Sullivan, L.L. D.; Fourth Annual Report of Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society, 1836; Twelfth Report of the French and Foreign Bible Society, (in French) 1835; Tenth Annual Report of Prison Discipline Society, 1835; Letter to the friends of Temperance in Massachusetts, 1836, by Rev. Justin Edwards, D. D.; Address before Massachusetts State Temperance Society, 1835, by Rev. Samuel K. Lathrop; Eighth Report of American Temperance Society, 1835; Convention Sermon, by Rev. John S. Stone, 1835; Discourse before Fraternity of Churches, by Dr. Channing, 1835; Samuel Hoar, on the subject of Slavery, 1836; Harvard University, 1834-5.

Dr. Bancroft's Discourse at the end of 50 years Worcester, 1836.

Speech of Hon.
Annual Report of
Rev. A. Young.
of his ministry at
I. P. Davis, Esq.

Twenty-fourth Report of New Hampshire Bible Society, 1835.
J. Farmer, Esq.

Discourse at Washington before the American Historical Society,
1836, by the Hon. Lewis Cass, President. Hon. Mr. Webster.
Election Sermon, 1836, by Rev. A. Bigelow. The Author.
Annual Report of General Hospital, 1835. Dr. G. Bradford.
A Portrait, (unknown) deposited by Charles R. Lowell, Esq.
April 28.—Dr. John Lothrop's Discourse at a public lecture, 1797;
Dr. John Lothrop's Discourse at commencement of 19th century;
Boston Directory, for 1800; 30 Registers of various kinds.

Melvin Lord.

Centennial Discourse, by S. M. Worcester, at Salem, 1835.

Annals of Portsmouth, by Nathaniel Adams, to 1835.

The Author.

Rev. J. B. Felt. Hon. Lewis Cass' Discourse before American Historical Society, 1836; Nineteenth Report of the American Asylum, 1835.

Gov. Everett. Rev. Mr. Francis' History of Watertown, 1830; Proceedings of Convention of Congregational Ministers of Massachusetts, 1795; Rev. Mr. Rand's Ordination Sermon (of C. Turner) Duxbury, 1755; Rev. Elijah Brown's Ordination Sermon (of Z. Sanger) Duxbury, 1776. Rev. Mr. Francis.

The New Olive Branch, with other small Pamphlets.

Matthew Carey, Esq.

Annual Report of Institution for the Blind; Speeches by Mr. Har

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