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quiry, I would observe, that on the morning of October 8, 1777, I, being a Lieutenant of Artillery, was requested by General Lincoln to accompany him on horseback, while reconnoitring the lines of the enemy, as his aids were then engaged. I told him, I would accompany him with pleasure. I accordingly mounted a horse, belonging to one of his aids, and rode with him, agreeably to his request. The two armies were posted on Bemis's Heights, the American army on the west, and the British army on the east. While riding notherly, in the direction of the lines of the two armies, and between them, I being on the left of General Lincoln and very near him, he exclaimed, "The rascals have struck me." On hearing this exclamation, I immediately turned my horse to his right, and on examination, found that his right ancle had been severely fractured, by a musket shot from the enemy. I have been thus particular in describing the relative position of the two armies, and the direction in which we were riding, as confirmatory ,of my statement, that the wound, being in his right ancle, must have been caused by a shot from the British line, and not from one of our own men. I am not aware, that there was ever any contemporaneous report, contravening the above statement.

Very respectfully,

Your obd't. serv't.,

E. Mattoon.

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General Abstract of the Bill of Mortality for the City of Boston, from January 1, 1836, to January 1, 1837, agreeably to the Records kept at the Health Office.

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The following are the Diseases, as far as they have been reported to the Health Office, which have occasioned the Deaths in the City, during the past year.



Aneurism of Aorta,




Bowels, diseases of


Brain, diseases of

Bleeding at the lungs

Chicken pox,











Dropsy of brain,

Delirium tremens,




Dropsy of chest,


|)ropsy of heart,





Fevers, unknown,

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Fever, JNervous,
"Inflammatory, ■
"Bilious, -
"Scarlet, -
"Typhus, -

Fracture of skull,


Glands, disease of


Hooping cough,

Heart, disease of



Hip, disease of

Infantile diseases,




'« of Lungs,

ts of Bowels,

"of Throat,

"of Brain,

"of Bladder,



Kidney, disease of

Liver, disease of

Lock Jaw,

Measles, - -


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2 4 122 1770

467 557 746

Total, 1770

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1. Medal, apparently struck in France early in the Revolution. Diameter 1£ inch.

Obverse. Head, after the Roman model, with cropped hair, having no likeness to Washington.

Legend. G. Washington, Er., General Of The Continental Army In America.

Reverse. Cannon, mortars, drum, trumpets, standards, &c. In the rear the beams of the rising Sun.

Legend. Washin: Reunit, Par Un Rare Assemblage, Les TaLens Du Guerrier, Les Vertus Du Sage.

2. Large Medal, struck by order of Congress, commemorative of the Evacuation of Boston. Diameter 2^ inches. Described in 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. Vol. IV. page 300.

3. A Medal apparently struck in England, in 1794. Diameter 1T9^ inch.

Obverse. Head and bust of Washington in regimentals—a likeness, but a caricature,—hair dressed in the style of Frederick the Great.

Legend. George Washington, Born Virginia,—and below, Feb. 11, 1732.

Engraver's name, under the bust, Brooks, Sc.

Reverse. Inscription, in parallel lines, General Of The American Armies 1775. Resigned 1783. President Of The United States 1789.

4. Small Medal. Diameter 1^ inch.

Obverse. Head and bust in regimentals; a likeness, but not a very good one.

Legend. Same as in the last.

Reverse. Inscription same as in the last, and similarly arranged.

5. Small Medal. Diameter 1T3^ inch. , Obverse. Head and bust in citizen's dress. On the bust Engraver's name, Lyon.

Legend. George Washington. Below, 1796.

Reverse. In the centre a scroll, on which the words Repub:

Americ: Behind the scroll, a cannon, fasces and caduceus crossed— the Legend arranged round it in circles—beginning on the exterior. Genl* Of The American Armies 1775. Resigned The Commd1783. Elecd" President Of The United States 1789. ResignEd The Presidency 1796.

6. Medal struck on the occasion of the Resignation of the Presidency, at the U. S. Mint, at the expense of Joseph Sanson, Esq. of Philadelphia. Diameter 2^ inches.

Obverse. Head and bust, in citizen's dress. Not a good likeness. On the bust the Engraver's name, Halladay so.

Legend. George Washington, President Of The United States.

Reverse. On an altar partly covered with drapery (on one side the shield with the national stripes) lie the sword and fasces, crossed and encircled by a wreath of laurel.

Legend. Commission Resigned. Presidency Relinquished.

Exergue. 1797.

7. Medal. Diameter 1| inch.

Obverse. Head and bust, in citizen's dress. A long straight face, a bad likeness.

Legend. George Washington.

Reverse. Inscription in parallel lines—General Of The American Armies 1775. Resigned Command 1783. Elected President Of The United States 1789. Re-elected 1793. Resigned 1797.

8. Medal on the Death of Washington. Diameter about 3 inches. Obverse. Head of Washington, crowned with a wreath. Legend. George Washington.

Reverse. A Tomb and Urn. A child weeping on the urn,—and at the side an armed female Figure (Liberty ?) with the shield of the United States, also weeping. On the tomb, Victor Sine Clade. Surrounding and behind, arms, ensigns, &c.

Legend. He Is In GloryThe World In Tears.

Exergue. Born Feb. 11, 1732. Died Dec 14, 1799.

9. Medal. Diameter 1^- inch.

Obverse. Head and bust in citizen's dress; face a likeness, but with sunken cheeks and marks of age. On the bust Engraver's initial H., and a Mint mark below oak leaf and acorn.

Legend. Washington. Born February 22, 1732. Died December 21, 1799.

Reverse. A beautiful figure of Fame flying from the land across the ocean; a wreath in her left hand, and a trumpet to her mouth ;— a ship in sail, and a sun setting.

Legend. Wisdom, Virtue And Patriotism.

Exergue, Mdccciii.

10. A large Medal. Diameter 3 inches.

Obverse. Head and bust in Roman armor. Engraver's name on bust, Webb.

Legend. General Washington. Inscribed To His Memory


Reverse. In the centre the figure of an Indian Chief leaning on a bow, with an arrow in the left hand; and around him, The Land Was Ours.

Legend. Arranged in rings, beginning at the outside. He Laid

The Foundation Of American Llberty In The 18th Century.

Innumerable Millions Yet Unborn Will Venerate The Memory Of The Man Who Obtained Their country's Freedom.

11. Medal of the Washington Benevolent Society.

Obverse. Figure of Liberty crowning the bust of Washington.—
On the pedestal " Defender Of His Country."
Legend. Washington Benevolent Society.
Exergue. 1808.

Reverse. Figure of a Warrior in Roman costume relieving a Beggar.
Legend. Benevolence.
Exergue. New York.

12. French Medal of the Numismatic series. Diameter If inch. Obverse. Head of Washington.

Legend. Georgius Washington. Engraver's name, Vivier.

Reverse. In parallel lines, Natus Virginle In America foederata An: Mdccxxxii. Obiit An: Mdccxcix. Series Numismatica Universalis Virorum Illustrium Mdcccxix. Durand edidit.

13. Medal for distribution among the Indians. Diameter 2f inches. , A Bust of Washington on a pedestal—by the side branches of palm

and laurel—on the pedestal a landscape is represented, on the left of which are military trophies; in the centre a man ploughing; in the rear a ship, he. On the right of the pedestal the figure of Liberty; on the left an Indian Chief.

Legend. Gen: Geo : Washington Presi: Of The Unit: Sta:

Exergue. Born Feb. 1732. Died Dec. 1799.

14. Medal of Washington and Franklin. Designed by J. Sanson of Philadelphia. Engraved by Reich.

Obverse. Busts of Washington and Franklin side by side, the former in regimentals.

Reverse. Eagle descending with olive branch in his beak and thunderbolts in his talons towards the Globe, on which are the outlines and inscription, "United States." Date 1783.

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