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1. Medal apparently struck in England. Diameter If inch. Obverse. Full face of Franklin in cap and open shirt-collar—not a


Legend. B. Franklin Of Philadelphia, Ll. D. & r. R. S.
Reverse. An oak tree struck by lightning.
Legend. Non Irrita Fulmina Curat.
Exergue. 1777.

2. French Medal. Diameter If inch.

Obverse. Head and Bust of Franklin—his locks flowing down over the shoulders. Engraver's name on bust, Dupre: F:

Legend, Benj. Franklin Natus Boston, Xvii Jan. Mdccv.

Reverse. Figure of an Angel standing with one hand pointing to the lightning in the clouds—with the other to a broken sceptre and crown on the ground. In the rear a temple with a conductor.

Legend, Eripuit Ccelo Fulmen Sceptrumque Tyrannis.

Exergue. Sculpsit et dicavit Aug. Dupre, Anno Mdcclxxxiv.

3. Another French Medal. Diameter Xj inch. Obverse. Same as the last.

Reverse. The motto, Eripuit Ccelo Fulmen Sceftrumque TyRannis, surrounded with a wreath of oak leaves.

Exergue. Sculpsit et dicavit Aug. Dupre Anno Mdcclxxxv.

4. Masonic Medal. Diameter If inch. Obverse. Fine Bust of Franklin. Legend. Benjaminus Franklin.

Reverse. Masonic symbols—the serpent ring—carpenter's square and compass. In the centre a triangle, and the sacred name in Hebrew, &c. &;c.

Legend. Les Mac: Franc: a Franklin M :. de la L—des 9 Soeurs O: de Paris 5778—5829.

5. French Medal of the Numismatic Series. Diameter If inch. Obverse. Bust. Legend. Benjaminus Franklin.

Reverse Legend. In parallel lines, Natus Bostonia in America An: Mdccvi—Obiit Philadelphia An : Mdccxc. Series Numismatica Universalis Virorum Illustrium.

MEDAL OF JEFFERSON. Diameter If inch. Obverse. Head and Bust.

Legend. Tho: Jefferson, President Of The U ; S: 4 March 1801. Reverse. Figure of Liberty holding in her right hand a spear and cap of liberty; in her left a scroll marked "Declaration Of IndePendence," resting it on a rock on which is the word "ConstituTion." Behind are colors, drums, cornucopia, &c. From above an eagle descends with a crown of laurel, Under His Wing Is Protection.

Exergue. To commemorate July 4, 1776.

MEDAL OF DR. RUSH. Diameter I ft inch.

Obverse. Head and Bust of Dr. Rush.

Legend, Benjamin Rush M. D. Of Philadelphia.

Reverse. A landscape, through which flows a river—against a tree is an open book, near which the name Sydenham—the book rests on a stone on which are inscribed the words, " Read...Think...Observe."

In the Exergue, A. Mdcccviii & M. Furst sc:


1. Large Medal.

Obverse. The spread eagle and shield. Legend. The United States Of America. Reverse. Figure of America in Indian costume, seated on bales of merchandise and delivering the cornucopia to Mercury. Legend. To Peace And Commerce. Exergue, iv Jul: Mdcclxxvi.

2. English Medal on the Occasion of the Repulse of the American Troops at Germantown.

Obverse. View of Chew's house, attacked by the Americans with two field-pieces. Name of Engraver below, i. Milton F.

Reverse. Within a laurel wreath the name Germantown, Oct 4, 1777.

3. Medal on the occasion of the General Peace. Obverse. The figure of a King (Louis XVI?) in his robes, pointing to a shield containing the American stripes which Liberty is suspending on a pillar.

Legend. LibertAs Americana.

Exergue, Mdcclxxiii.

Reverse. An armed Figure (Pallas ?) striking her spear in the earth, whence sprouts an olive branch. In her left hand she holds four shields, containing the arms of England, France, Spain, and Holland. A fifth shield lies on the ground.

Legend. Communi Consensu.

1. Silver Medal of Lord and Lady Baltimore, about 2 inches in diameter.

Obverse. Head of Caecilius Calvert, Lord Baltimore.

Legend, Dms. Cjecilivs Baro De Baltemore Absolvtvs. »ms.


Reverse. Head of his Lady. Legend, Dna. Anna Arvndelia


2. French Medal, on the Relief of Quebec when attacked by Sir William Phipps. Diameter If inch.

Obverse. Head of Louis XIV.

Legend. Ludovicus Magnus Rex Christianissimus. Below the head, Dollin. F.

Reverse. Figure, representing the City of Quebec, with turreted crown, seated on a rock, leaning on the shield of the Bourbons—a beaver at her feet—pine trees above her head—behind her the captured English flags. In the distance, the figure of a river god.

Legend. Francia In Novo Orbe Victrix.

Exergue. Kebeca Liberata Mdcxc.

3. Medal of George I., probably intended for distribution among the Indians.

Obverse. Head of George L

Legend. George King Of Great Britain.

Reverse. An Indian shooting a deer—sun in the zenith.

4. Medal on the Capture of Louisburg. Diameter l»/<y high. Obverse. A prostrate female figure (France) pointing to a reversed

fleur de lys, and under the weight of a globe on which is sketched the map and inscribed the names America and Canada. Immediately above the globe a scroll with the words Pariter In Bello, and on one side a grenadier, on the other a sailor waving his hat—in the rear the English flag—and above a figure of Fame with trumpet and crown of laurel.

Reverse. English fleet attacking the town of Louisburg, which is seen on the right hand—on the left a light-house—in the centre a ship in flames—in front a floating battery, and on it an officer giving the order to discharge the cannon.

Legend. Louisburg Taken Mdcclviii,

5. Another Medal on the Capture of Louisburg. Diameter 1^- in. Obverse. Head of Britannia, and a Trident.

Legend. O Fair Britannia Hail.

Reverse. Figure of Victory, with garland in her right hand and palm branch in her left, standing on the prow of a vessel. Legend. Louisburg Taken Mdcclviii.

6. Medal in honor of Admiral Boscawen on the Capture of Louisburg.

Obverse. Head and Bust in armor, and a flowing wig. Legend, Adml. Boscawen Took Cape Breton. Reverse. View of Louisburg bombarded by the fleet. At the top of the medal Louisbourg. Exergue. July 26, 1768.

7. Medal struck by the Society for promoting Arts and Commerce on the taking of Quebec. Diameter 1| inch.

Obverse. Female Head, and above it the word Britannia—below a garland, through which are crossed a trident and an antique military standard surmounted by a lion. Under the trident the name Saunders, under the standard, Wolfe.

Reverse. Military trophies on a tree which Victory is crowning with a wreath—holding in her left hand a palm branch. To the foot of the tree an Indian is bound.

Legend. Quebec Taken Mdcclix.

Exergue. Soc : p. A. c.

8. Medal struck by the Society for promoting Arts and Commerce, on the taking of Montreal. Diameter If inch.

Obverse. Figure of France seated under a pine tree weeping; by her side the shield, with club and axe—on the shield fleurs de lys and the letter L.—behind her (at the left), on a rock, an eagle flapping his wings.

Legend. Montreal Taken Mdcclx. Exergue. Soc. Promoting Arts And Commerce. Reverse. Figure of Neptune reclining on the prow of a galley with an oar in«his left hand—a beaver running up his left leg—above, surrounded by a wreath, the name Amherst, and above the wreath, as a crest, a lion passant regardant.

In the Exergue, the shield of France and Indian armor reversed.

Legend. The Conquest Of Canada Compleated.

9. Medal on the Conquest of Canada, struck by the Society for promoting Arts and Commerce. Diameter 1£ inch.

Obverse. Head of George II.
Legend. George II. King.

Reverse. Female figure seated under a tree weeping—a beaver
creeping on the other side (left).
Legend. Canada Subdued.
Exergue, Mdcclx. S.p.a.c

10. Medal of George II. In honor of the victories of his Generals in the war with France, ending in 1760. Diameter l*fo inch.

Obverse. Head and bust of George II. crowned with laurel—in armor, with ribbon and star of the garter. Legend. Georgius II. Rex.

Reverse. In the centre shield with fleur de lys reversed, and the motto encircling it perfidia Eversa. Supporters, crowned lion and unicorn—on a scroll below, w. Pitt. Ausp. Geo. Ii. Pr. Mi. Below, the date Mdcclix. Around the medal the places and dates of the victories, with the name of the commander under each, viz.


JOHNSON. JULY 25. AMHERST. AUG. 4. Monct'n. Towns'd.

sep. 13 & 18.


11. Medal of George II. in honor of victories in the same war. Diameter 1t7q- inch.

Obverse. Head of George II. as in the last medal. Reverse. Britannia in a triumphal car, drawn by a lion, and supported by Liberty and Justice, with their appropriate emblems—below, Mdcclvii—above the figures, in a scroll, Fcedus Invictum. Around the medal, arranged as in the last, the places and dates of victories, and names of commanders, viz.







12. Medal—probably for distribution among the Indians.
Obverse. A View of Montreal, i
Reverse. The name Mohighans.

Obverse. A View of Montreal,and above it the name Montreal.

13. Medal struck on the repeal of the Stamp Act. Diameter 1TV in. Obverse. Head in profile, probably Lord Chatham's.

Legend, The Restorer Of Commerce. 1766; and underneath,


Reverse. A ship in full sail—in front of her bows the word America. Legend, Thanks To The Friends Of Liberty And Trade.

14. Medal in honor of Lord Chatham. Diameter If inch. Obverse. Head of Lord Chatham.

Legend, Gulielmus Pitt.

Reverse. Inscription: The ManWho HavingSaved The— Parent PleadedWith Success-—For HerChildren. 38

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