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of New England:



of Captain Iohn Smith (Admirall of that Country) in the North of America, in the year of our Lord 1614: with the successe of sixe Ships, that went the next yeare 1615; and the accidents befell him among the French men of warre:

With the proofe of the present benefit this Countrey affoords: whither this present yeare, 1616, eight voluntary Ships are gone to make further tryall.


Printed by Humfrey Lownes, for Robert Clerke; and are to be sould at his house called the Lodge, in Chancery lane, ouer against Lin- colnes Inne. 1616.

[For an account of Captain John Smith's adventurous and romantic life, the reader is referred to Belknap's American Biography, Vol. I., to Sparks's American Biography, Vol. II., and to his own personal narrative, published in 1630, under the title of True Travels, Adventures, and Observations in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America, from 1593 to 1629. This work was reprinted at Richmond, Virginia, in 1819, in two volumes octavo.

Mr. Rich, in his Catalogue of Books relating to America, says of Smith's Description of New-England, that" this is the first book published which speaks of New-england, previously called North Virginia."

Publishing Committee.']

Because the Book was printed ere the

Prince his Highness had altered the names, I entreat the Reader peruse this schedule, which will plainly show him the correspondence of the old names to the new.

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