Arnold's Magazine of the Fine Arts: And Journal of Literature and Science, Band 4

M.Arnold, 1832

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Seite 35 - The verse and sculpture bore an equal part, And Art reflected images to Art. Oh when shall Britain, conscious of her claim, Stand emulous of Greek and Roman fame?
Seite 24 - Historian, have no dominion over the Poet or the Painter. With us, History is made to bend and conform to this great idea of Art. And why? Because these Arts, in their highest province, are not addressed to the gross senses ; but to the desires of the mind, to that spark of divinity which we have within, impatient of being circumscribed and pent up by the world which is about us.
Seite 16 - ... great labour ; and yet he, of all men that ever lived, might make the greatest pretensions to the efficacy of native genius and inspiration.
Seite 59 - Lorrain finished more minutely, as becomes a Professor in any particular branch, yet there is such an airiness and facility in the landscapes of Rubens, that a painter would as soon wish to be the author of them, as those of Claude, or any other artist whatever.
Seite 20 - ... with all the modes of life. His character requires that he estimate the happiness and misery of every condition; observe the power of all the passions in all their combinations, and trace the changes of the human mind as they are modified by various institutions and accidental influences of climate or custom, from the sprightliness of infancy to the despondence of decrepitude.
Seite 153 - See, I have called by name Bezaleel the son of Uri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah : and I have filled him with the spirit of God, in wisdom, and in understanding, and in knowledge, and in all manner of workmanship...
Seite 223 - The High and Mighty Prince James, by the Grace of God King of England, Scotland, Fraunce, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith.
Seite 198 - Is often seen thy beauty to abide ; Thy dwelling is in lowly cottage walls, That in the thickets of the woodbine hide ; With hum of bees around, and from the side Of woody hills some little bubbling spring, Shining along through banks with harebells dyed; And many a bird to warble on the wing, When morn her saffron robe o'er heaven and earth doth fling.
Seite 57 - Gallery ; and if to these we add the many towns, churches, and private cabinets where a single picture of Rubens confers eminence, we cannot hesitate to place him in the first rank of illustrious painters.

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