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“Because" -- (yawn)-"of that will”-(yawn). “I should not have believed that a woman could be quite happy”—(yawn)"who can never go to Court.”

And he went to sleep again; while, disdaining reply, Augusta worked on.



Tauchnitz Edition.

Latest Volumes : 3260/61. Jerome. By Mary E. Wilkins. 3262. The Tragedy of the Korosko. By A. Conan Doyle. 3263/64. The Christian. By Hall Caine. 3265. The Chevalier d'Auriac. By S. Levett-Yeats. 3266/67. Rough Justice. By M. E. Braddon. 3268. A Fair Deceiver. By George Paston. 3269/70. His Grace of Osmonde. By Frances Hodgson

Burnett. 3271. The Skipper's Wooing. By W. W. Jacobs. 3272/73. The King with two Faces. By M. E. Coleridge. 3274. The War of the Worlds. By H. G. Wells. 3275/76. Simon Dale. By Anthony Hope. 3277. My Lord Duke. By Ernest William Hornung. 3278/79. Shrewsbury. By Stanley J. Weyman. 3280. A Storm-Rent Sky. By M. Betham-Edwards. 3281. The Gods Arrive. By Annie E. Holdsworth. 3282. The Invisible Man. By H. G. Wells. 3283. A Soul on Fire. By Florence Marryat. 3284. The Fight for the Crown. By W. E. Norris. 3285. A Forgotten Sin. By Dorothea Gerard. 3286. In the Choir of Westminster Abbey. By Emma

Marshall. 3287. Three Partners. By Bret Harte. 3288. A Woman of Kronstadt. By Max Pemberton. 3289. The Cedar Star. By Mary E. Mann. 3290. Reminiscences. By M. Betham-Edwards. 3291. The Millionaires. By Frank Frankfort Moore.

The Tauchnitz Edition is to be had of all Booksellers and Railway Libraries on the Continent, price M6 1,60. or 2 francs por volume. A complete Catalogue of the Tauchnito Editinn

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