Mr. Meeson's Will

Independently Published, 07.01.2021 - 176 Seiten
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Book Excerpt: ...publish nothing for five years, and I will write to the papers and say why--because I have been cheated, Mr. Meeson!""Cheated!" thundered the great man. "Be careful, young lady; mind what you are saying. I have a witness; Eustace, you hear, 'cheated'! Eustace, 'cheated'!""I hear," said Eustace, grimly."Yes, Mr. Meeson, I said 'cheated'; and I will repeat it, whether I am locked up for it or not. Good morning, Mr. Meeson," and she curtseyed to him, and then suddenly burst into a flood of tears.In a minute Eustace was by her side."Don't cry, Miss Smithers; for Heaven's sake don't I can't bear to see it," he said.She looked up, her beautiful grey eyes full of tears, and tried to smile."Thank you," she said; "I am very silly, but I am so disappointed. If you only knew--. There I will go. Thank you," and in another instant she had drawn herself up and left the room."Well," said Mr. Meeson, senior, who had...

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