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January :
April ...
July ....
August ..
October ..

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Deg: | Deg. | Deg. Deg: Deg Deg Inches. Inçhes. In thes. Deg. Deg Deg. Inches.
(22 39,1 55 | 41 | 52,6 | 30,40 29,01 269,19 co 80;7 2,455
36,4 : 54 45 : 49,7 30,27 29,30


57 70,77 0,260

30,22 29,28 20,95 54 08,8 0,305

51,5 60 36. 58,1 3,02 29,27 20,65 750 169,3 2,895
57,5 68 578 1 67,1 30,21 28,75 *), 83

63;8 1,087
. 58,8

60,3 30,5+ $29,70 30,00 1.4.8 63,0 0,907

67,5 30,45 29,97 30,20 48 58,7 0,000
64: 69,4 30,10 29,59 30,05

61,4 1,466

65,2 30,27 129,15


71,6 2,709
55 ** 56,6 30,43 29,03 29,91

69,0 1,285
, 44,3

50. 56,2 30,36 28,82 29,67 | 60 73,9 3,802
| 40,3

18. 52,7 30,18 29,78 29,65 1.73 80,1 1,67 1

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Whole Year




79,2 18,925

# The quickálver in thic baron of the barometer is 8 1 feet above the level of low water spring-tides at Somerset-house.


C H A P. 1. . .
Return of Buonaparte from Egypt to France. His Letter to the Army of

Egypi.- The Companions of his binyage.- Arrives at Corsica.--- And at
Frejus in Provence. - Enthufiafiic Joy with which he was every where re-
ceived. - Proceeds by Lyons to Paris. -Ilopes and Confidence of the Pas
risans, and in general all the French centered on this military Chief -
Situation of the French Republic at this Period, external and internal.
Slate of Parties.-IIar in the Il'eiern Departments. Il eakness and Half-
measures of Government. Neue political Changes medilated by Abbé Sicycś.

-Perfonal Interriew betreecn the Abbé and Buonaparle.Buonaparte car-
refled and courted by all Parties.---The Army alone courted by him.--Ile
jazours and joins the moderate Party.-Character of Albé Sieyes. - And
of Buonaparte.-Splendid Feast givni in Ilvionr of Briona perle.--Projed
for a Change in te Government and Conftitution. -Necessarily communi-
caled to considerable Numbers of the Members of both Councils.--Yet kept -
Secret till the Moment of Explosion.--The Council of Elders empowered by
the Constitution of 1795 to transport the Locgislature whenever it should
think Proper to any Commune withiri a certain Distance of Paris Com.
mand of the French Troops in and near Paris, vested, by the Council oj El.
ders, in Buonaparle.-- Tranflution of the Legislative Bodies and the Di.
reclory to St. Cloud . . . . . . .!

CHA P. II. "
The Village of St. Cloud filled with Troops, and Spectators from Paris. The

Tuo Councils constituted there.-Refgnations of the Directorial Office. '
Motion in the Council of Elders for inquiring into the reasons for their .
Translation to St. Cloud. - A Debate on this Subject fufpended, by a Motion
for i lefages to the Council of Five Hundred and the Directory, which was
agreed to. - Bronaparte come; into the Hall sind addresses a Speech to the
Council of Elders, in which he slales tlie Danger of the Country, and inviles
them to associate their IV juom with the Force they had placed under his
Command for its Salvation. -Opposition to Buonaparte, and a Change in
the Conflitution.- Buonaparte got's out and harangues the Soldiers and the
People.- Returns, and infills on the Neceflity of taking Measures for the
Realization of sacred Principles that had hitherto been only chimerical.
Motion by Dalphonse, or renewing the Oath of Fidelity to the Conflitution, .
-This Motion oppojed, and the Defects of the Confiitution briefly frated,
The Council of Elders adjourned till nine o'Clock in the Evening.- Pro-
ceedings in the Council oj Five Hundred.-Motion for a Committee for mak-

K k 4


ing a Report on the actual State of the Nation. And propojang Measures
for the public intereft.-Sufpicions expresed of an intended Didatojhrip,
and Cries for maintaining the Conflitution.The actual Conftitution of
France distinguished from certain Republics.-Motion for renewing the
Oath of Fidelity to the Constitution. Agreed to. And the Ceremony pet-
formed with the greatest lang froid, eren by the moderate Party.-- Mef

Jage from the Elders.--Buonaparte appears in the Counuil of Fire Hur

dred.- Uproar and Violence. Lucian Brionaparte, together aith his Robes,

lays afide the Office of Prchdent.--Threatened by the adverse Party.-Car-

ried out of the Hall by a Party of Grenadiers.-The Soldiers harangued.

by both the Buonapartes.The Council of Five Hundred dispersed, and the

Legijature thus dissolved by a military Force

.: 118

Efreas of what passed in the Council of Five Hundred on the Deliberations and
*Measures of the Council of Elders.--Meeting of the moderate Parly in the
late Council of Five Hundred.-Speech of Lucian Buonaparte on the critical

State of the Nation.A Committee of Five appointed to report on the Mea-

1 Fures proper to be adopted in the prefert Crisis.-- The Council addressed by

the Chairman of the Committee, by Boulay de la Meurthe, und again by

Lucian Buonaparte.-- The Council adjourned, and the Seffion Ierniinated.

Reflections . :

: : : :. [2?


First Measures of the confular Government.-Proclamations by the legislative

Body. And by the Chief Conful. Now Oath. to be taken by all public

Functionaries. Letter to the foreign Miraflers of France.Wrillen De-

fences of the Revolution of St. Cloud, and the provifonal Government.-

Letter from the Chief Conful to the Army of Egypt.- Conciliatory Conduct

of Buonaparte.-Profcffed Spirit of the new Government.- dious Lates

repealed.-Medjures of Finance.- of police and internal Government.-

Mercy extended to purious Classes of Men:-Marine and Commerce.-,

niew Constitution


The Return of Buonaparte from Egypt, the leading Event in the Ilifory of
. 1800.-The vafi and unbounded Power ve/led in him by the new Confiitu-

tion.General Expectations and Presages. Able and prudent Conduct of
Buonaparte.The Juice and Moderation of his Goverument.-His Soli-
citude to pacify and tranquillize France. ---Meaus adopted for this purpose.
-Both of Perfuafion and Force, -War in the wejiern Deparłnients. Ara

misice. --The War renewed.-Overtures from Buonaparle jer Peace with




| C H A P. VI.

of Parliament.--Message from the King, refpe&ling Overtures of

from the Consular Government of France.--Debates thercou in both

. [76


Alessage from his Majesty, respecting the Employment of German Troops in

Nead of Russians.-Debates thereon in buth Houfes.--Motions for un Inquiry
into the Failure of the Dutch Expedition, in both Houses. -Debates thereon,
- Supplies required. Ways and Means for raising them :, [100

Union reith Ireland.---Resolution of the British Parliament thereon ratified by

the Irish Parliament. - Debates on this Subject in both Houses of Parlia.-
liament.--The Refolutions, with a few Alterations made in Ireland, ratis
fied by the British Parliament, and passed into a Law.-Sufpenfion of the
Habeas Corpus.-Continnarice of an Ad for preventing Nuiny and Sedi-
țion.-Curn and Bread Bill.Other BillsAnd Motions for Bills.--Pro-
rogation of Parliament

. (112
The Cefation of Arms in the discontented. Provinces of France not Unirerfal.

-Correspondence between Loyalip Chiefs and the English Fleet.-Supplies
received by the Chouans from England Conciliatory Meafures persevered
in by Buonaparte.--Determination to Use force where these fail.-Part of
the Royalifts agree to Terms of Peace ---Part remain in Arms and Hofii.
lity to the Republic.-Laws of the Royalips among themselves. - Procla-
mations of General Brune, Commander-in-Chief of the French Army of
England. Various Skirmishes.-The Chiefs of the Royalists, one after the
other, lay down their Arms.--General Pacification beiween the Republi-
cans and the Inhabitants of the Wefern Depurtments.Caption and Death
of the heroic Count Lewis de Frotté

. . [160
c H A P. x.
Both the allied Powers of Auftria and Great Britain determined to profecute

the War against France.-Circular Letters of the Archduke Charles to the
anterior Circles of Germany. --Military Preparations in Germany and
France.-Proclamation by Buonaparte to the French, requiring the Means
of carrying on the War.--Situation of the French and Austrian Arms at
and after the close of the Campaign of 1799.--French Army of Rejerve at
Dijon.-The French Army of the Rhine.--Its Portion and Movements at
the beginning of the Campaign, 1800.-The Archduke Charles retires, and
is succeeded in the Command of the Army by General Kruy . [168

C H A P, XỈ.
Särge of Genoa.- Arrival of Massena there.- Situation of the French Troops,

and of the Inhabitants o Genoa. -Changes in the Army, and in the civil
Administration of the Genoeje Republic.The English Fleet blockades Ge-
noa, while the Ayrian Army, under General Melus, befieyes it by Land.

State of the Auflrian Army; and Military Skill and Address of Melas in
opening the Campaign.--Composition and Position of the Army of Genoa,
or the right wing of the French Army of Italy.--Successes of the Antrians.
.--Recolution of Vado.-Vicissitudes and Progress of the Siege of Genoa.
Conference opened for the Evacuation of Genoa.--- A Treaty concluded. --
Genoa evacuated :

. [179


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Army of Reserve,--Plan of Buonaparte for retriering the French Affairs in
* Italy.-1te Marches his Army across the Alps. --Takes Poderion ng ---Decisive Batlle of Maringo. : : . . (190

Combined Campaign of Italy and Germany. - The French Army, under ller

reilu, crofles the Rhine at different Points: --The different Dirifions alors
ble at Schaffhausen. ----General Kray deocited by the filfuk Alana'ut res of
Moreau. --Adions at Stochach and livsskirk; and Binrach and Jin-
quingen.The Musirian Army retire to Ulm, whither they are dead
by the Frencil. --Plan of Moreau, for favouring the Operations of the Army
in Italy, gradually unfolded ; ülich is, 'to relire from Ulm and the igt
Barks of the Danube to the Lake of Confance. --The Change in Italy in-
duces him to change the plan of his Operations in Germany. -He repos
to ad on the Offenfire.-Crosses the Danube. - Series of Actions.-Goyee
ral Kray leares Ulm, which is blockaded by a Division of the French tim,
under tie Orders of General Richenpande.-Contributions in Bataria.-
Alunich taken. - Armillioc. -Ngociation for Peace. --- Broken off. The
Emperor joins the Aufirian sirmy.--A Prolongation of the Armistice.

Expiration of the Truc, and Reneral of the lar.Armiflice concluded at
Suyer on the Tuenty-fifth of December

. . . (193

Return from thc Affairs of the Continent lo those of Great Brilain. - Difurt

ances in the Prison of Cold-Bath-Fields.- Mobs and Riots on riccount of
the exhorbitant Price of Bread. - Naval Exploits. -- And Expeditions to 16.
Coats of France, Spain, and Africa.-- Negociation for Peace with Frame:
rencued.- Reduction of the land of Malla, under the Power of Great Bri-
· tain. - And of the Dutch Island of Curaçao.- An English Fleet, with

Troops on board, menaces Cadiz.-- flairs of Egypt.-Ie Indies.-
Fajl Tudies.-- A Storm brezcing in the North of Europe. -Summary Re-
tieu of the Eighteenth Century i .

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London Gazette, January 21, 1800
London Gazett2, March 29 .
London Gazette, July 8 i
London Gazete, july 12
London Gazelle, dugui 9
London Gazette, November 29

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