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rassed by Congress

from April l, 1882, to January 1, 1800,

with the

important decisions

of the

Secretary of the Interior and Commi gricner

of the General Land Cfrice


Henry N. Copp.

[Vol. 2]

Published by the Faitor:

Washington, D. C.




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SEMINOLE LANDS. n Act making appropriations for the current and contingent expenses of the Indian De. partment, and for fulfilling treaty stipulations with various Indian tribes, for the year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety, and for other purposes. Be it enacted, etc. Sec. 12. That the sum of one million nine hundred and twelve thousand ine hundred and forty-two dollars and two cents be, and the same hereby

appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise approprited, to pay in full the Seminole Nation of Indians for all the right, title, aterest, and claim which said nation of Indians may have in and to certain inds ceded by article three of the treaty between the United States and uid nation of Indians, which was concluded June fourteenth, eighteen hunred and sixty-six, and proclaimed August sixteenth, eighteen hundred and xty-six, and which land was then estimated to contain two million one undred and sixty-nine thousand and eighty acres, but which is now, after urvey, ascertained to contain two million thirty-seven thousand four hunired and fourteen and sixty-two hundredths acres, said sum of money to be iaid as follows: One million five hundred thousand dollars to remain in the ['reasury of the United States to the credit of said nation of Indians and to Dear interest at the rate of five per centum per annum from July first, righteen hundred and eighty-nine, said interest to be paid semi-annually to The treasurer of said nation, and the sum of four hundred and twelve thousand nine hundred and forty-two dollars and twenty cents, to be paid to such person or persons as shall be duly authorized by the laws of said nation to receive the same, at such times and in such sums as shall be directed and required by the legislative authority of said nation, to be immediately available; this appropriation to become operative upon the execution by the duly appointed delegates of said nation, specially empowered so to do, of a release and conveyance to the United States of all the right, title, interest, and claim of said nation of Indians in and to said lands, in manner and torm satisfactory to the President of the United States, and said release and conveyance, when fully executed and delivered, shall operate to extinguish all claims of every kind and character of said Seminole Nation of Indians in and to the tract of country to which said release and conveyance shall apply, but such release, conveyance, and extinguishment shall not inure to the benefit of or cause to vest in any railroad company any right, title, or interest whatever in or to any of said lands, and all laws and parts of laws so far as they conflict with the foregoing, are hereby repealed, and all grants or pretended grants of said lands, or any interest or right therein now existing in or on behalf of any railroad company, except rights of way and depot grounds, are hereby declared to be forever forfeited for breach of condition,

Sec. 13. That the lands acquired by the United States under said agreement shall be a part of the public domain, to be disposed of only as herein provided, and sections sixteen and thirty-six of each township, whether suryeyed or unsurveyed, are hereby reserved for the use and benefit of the public chools, to be established within the limits of said lands under such condiions and regulations as may be hereafter enacted by Congress.

That the lands acquired by conveyance from the Seminole Indians herender, except the sixteenth and thirty-sixth sections, shall be disposed of to

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