The Works of Laurence Sterne ...: With a Life of the Author, Written by Himself ...


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Seite 22 - Much less can that have any place At which a virgin hides her face, Such dross the fire must purge away; 'tis just The author blush, there where the reader must.
Seite 97 - A PERSON may not merit favour, as that is only the claim of man, but can never demerit charity, for that is the command of God. 2. In Sophocles, Jocafta prays to the Lycian Apollo, and fays, " That fhe came to his temple, becaufe it
Seite 26 - glory to God in the higheft, and on earth peace,
Seite 60 - ... directed always to be left with the memorandums, the writing to be paid for on delivery, according to the subject.
Seite 59 - HE method I contrived, in order to liquidate my pecuniary obligations to Le Fevre, was this: I happened to be acquainted with a young man, who had been bound apprentice to a ftationer in York. He had juft then...
Seite 120 - I%iet with a diftin&ion, fomewhere, once, comparing fcience to wit, and art to humour ; but it has more' of fancy than philofophy in it. It ferves to give us, however, fome idea of the difference between them, though no idea of either. I think that fcience may be ftyled the knowledge of univerfals, or abftract: wifdom ; and art is fcience reduced. to practice — or fcience is reafon, and art the mechanifm of it — and may be called practical fcience.
Seite 169 - There are no conclufions fo ilrong at thofe that are drawn from thepetitioprincipii. 100. Another fragment in favour of the fex : It is remarkable, that as by a woman we were all undone, fo by a woman we were all retrieved again. For as the virgin conceived without the co-operation of man, all the human nature that Chrift took upon himfelf, muft have been derived entirely from the feminine gender.
Seite 107 - There is no expreffion in any of them, which conveys the comprehenfive idea of this epithet. May we not from hence fuppofe,. that the character here intended, as well as the expreffion, is peculiar to thefe kingdoms ?—And, indeed,. it is in aland; of liberty only that a man can be completely clever.
Seite 111 - We may imitate the Deity in all his attributes ; but mercy is the only one in which we can pretend to equal him. We cannot, indeed, give like God but furely we may forgive like him This is the ftyle in which South and Taylor quibble your fi 's to heaven.
Seite 108 - ... fee why. The only fault I found with it was, that it was but poorly written. Is there only fuch a proportion of falvation. in the gift of Providence, that parfons need be jealous of the participation ? To fuppofe the inferior animals of the creation to be en- • dowed with fouls, muft prefuppofe our own to be out of all difpute.

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