The Conquest of Canada


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Seite 160 - Ceterum Britanniam qui mortales initio coluerint, indigenae an advecti, ut inter barbaros, parum compertum. Habitus corporum varii : atque ex eo argumenta ; namque rutilae Caledoniam habitantium comae, magni artus, Germanicam originem asseverant. Silurum colorati vultus et torti plerumque crines et posita contra Hispania Iberos veteres trajecisse easque sedes occupasse fidem faciunt.
Seite 232 - The old fool," said the kind-hearted Charles II., with truth, " has taken away more lives in that naked country, than I, for the murder of my father.
Seite 231 - For all the rest were poor gentlemen, tradesmen, serving men, libertines, and such like, ten times more fit to spoil a commonwealth, than either begin one, or but help to maintain one.
Seite 168 - The most temperate climate lies between the 40th and 50th degree of latitude, and it produces the most handsome and beautiful men. It is from this climate that the ideas of the genuine colour of mankind, and of the various degrees of beauty, ought to be derived. The two extremes are equally remote from truth and from beauty.
Seite 41 - Not the least absurd objection advanced was, that should a ship even succeed in reaching, in this ^ way, the extremity of India, she could never get back again ; for the rotundity of the globe would present a kind of mountain, up which it would be impossible for her to sail with the most favorable wind...
Seite 196 - It appears that no article is spared by these unhappy men when a near relative dies ; their clothes and tents are cut to pieces, their guns broken, and every other weapon rendered useless, if some person do not remove these articles from their sight, which is seldom done.
Seite 27 - encircles the ultimate bounds of the inhabited earth, and all beyond it is unknown. No one has been able to verify any thing concerning it, on account of its difficult and perilous navigation, its great obscurity, its profound depth, and frequent tempests ; through fear of its mighty fishes, and its haughty winds ; yet there are many islands in it, some peopled, others uninhabited. There is no mariner who...
Seite 271 - If you take slaves in faith, and with the intent of conducting them to Christ, the action will not be a sin, but may prove a benediction.
Seite 44 - Almirante lo dijo, se vido una vez o dos, y era como una candelilla de cera que se alzaba y levantaba, lo cual a pocos pareciera ser indicio de tierra.
Seite 195 - ... happy : but no sooner did she behold its father depart for the same place, who not only loved the child with the tenderest affection, but was a good hunter, and would be able to provide plentifully for its support, than she ceased to mourn. She added, that she now saw no reason to continue her tears, as the child on whom she doated, was under the care and protection of a fond father, and she had only one wish that remained ungratified, which was that of being herself with them.

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