The History of America, Band 1


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Seite 101 - As soon as morning dawned, all doubts and fears were dispelled. From every ship an island was seen about two leagues to the north, whose flat and verdant fields, well stored with wood, and watered with many rivulets, presented the aspect of a delightful country.
Seite 101 - October, after public prayers for success, he ordered the sails to be furled and the ships to lie to, keeping strict watch lest they should be driven ashore in the night. During this interval of suspense and expectation no man shut his eyes ; all kept upon deck, gazing intently towards that quarter where they expected to discover the land which had been so long the object of their wishes.
Seite 104 - Spaniards, and with transports of joy received from them hawks' bells, glass beads, or other baubles, in return for which they gave such provisions as they had, and some cotton yarn, the only commodity of value that they could produce.
Seite 229 - ... steep ascent, Balboa commanded his men to halt, and advanced alone to the summit, that he might be the first who should enjoy a spectacle which he had so long desired. As soon as he beheld the South Sea stretching in endless prospect below him, he fell on his knees, and lifting up his hands to heaven, returned thanks to God, who had conducted him to a discovery so beneficial to his country, and so honourable to himself. His followers, observing his transports of joy, rushed forward to join in...
Seite 413 - All this is furthermore supported by the authority of M. Bouguer. " It is not easy," says he, " to describe the degree of their indifference for wealth and all its advantages. One does not well know what motives to propose to them when one would persuade them to any service. It is vain to offer them money, they answer that they are not hungry.
Seite 95 - There they were struck with an appearance no less astonishing than new. They observed that the magnetic needle in their compasses did« not point exactly to the polar star, but varied towards the west, and as they proceeded this variation increased. This...
Seite 100 - The flocks of birds increased, and were composed not. only of sea-fowl, but of such land-birds as could not be supposed to fly far from the shore. The crew of the Pinta observed a cane floating, which seemed to have been newly cut, and likewise a piece of timber artificially carved. The sailors aboard the Nina took up the branch of a tree with red berries perfectly fresh.
Seite 99 - As they proceeded, the indications of approaching land seemed to be more certain and excited hope in proportion. The birds began to appear in flocks, making towards the southwest.
Seite 388 - Majesty, and now yield obedience and subjection to him as their lord, voluntarily ami without resistance; and instantly, as soon as they received information, they obeyed the religious men sent by the King to preach to them, and to instruct them in our holy faith ; and all these, of their own free will, without any...
Seite 302 - The inhabitants of the New World were in a state of society so extremely rude, as to be unacquainted with those arts which are the first essays of human ingenuity in its advance towards improvement.

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