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the manifold wisdom of God. They shall then see that this world, beautiful as it is, and giving us a bright display of the glory of God, was only a scaffold, erected in order that the glorious temple of Jehovah, founded in his compassion and love, might be reared and perfected to the glory of his grace. as one remarks, “the full glory of the works and ways of God in the completion of the spiritual temple,—to see Christ at the head of the holy fellowship of the redeemed,--and to unite with the whole family of God in the celebration of an everlasting jubilee of sacred triumph and inconceivable joy, must be the very perfection of blessedness.”

H. I suppose that there will be none but good people in heaven.

M. We are expressly told that “there shall in no wise enter into it any thing that defileth, neither whatsoever worketh abomination, or maketh a lie.” Indeed, Henry, a person that loves sin could have no happiness in heaven, if it were possible that he were taken thither. He that loves and practises sin in this world, cannot bear to think of God; how then can he endure to see God and be always in his presence? A wicked man hates the society of God's people in this world, and feels relieved when he gets out of their company, how then could he bear to live eternally with no other? He cannot take any pleasure in the services of the godly in this state of existence, and it would be a sad thing for him to engage in the service of God through eternal ages.

C. But, Mother, being in such a happy place, and with such good company, might he not learn to be good ? . M. I have spoken only upon the supposition of an ungodly person being introduced to heaven, he could enjoy no happiness. You may rest assured that no ungodly character shall ever be admitted : if persons have despised the mercy of God by Christ Jesus in this world, it will not be shown to them in the next. “ Behold, now is the accepted time: behold, now is the day of salvation.' They may now be reconciled to God by Jesus Christ. They may now obtain a new heart and a right spirit; but if they die in obstinate rejection of God's merciful invitations, there will be neither change in their character nor in their state hereafter. " He that is unjust shall be unjust still, and he which is filthy shall be filthy still."

E. „And must every one have a new heart and a right spirit before he enters heaven?

M. Yes; it is absolutely necessary to our happiness that our heart be right with God, and that our spirit rejoice in God our Saviour; and I entreat you, my dearly beloved children, to think frequently and seriously upon the solemn declaration of the Lord Jesus :

'«Verily, verily, I say. unto thee, except a man be born of water and of the spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God.

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Mr. John Nelson, a celebrated Methodist preacher, being once desired by his master's foreman to work at the Exchequer on the Lord's Day, on the ground that the king's business required haste, and that it was common to work on the Sunday for his majesty, when any thing was upon the finish, boldly declared, “that he would not work on the Sabbath for any man in England, except it were to quench a fire, or something that required immediate help.” “Religion,” said the foreman, “has made you a rebel against the king." "No sir," replied Mr. N. "it has made me a better subject than I ever was. The greatest enemies the king has are sabbath-breakers, swearers, drunkards, &c. for these bring down the judgments of God upon both king and country.” He was then told, that unless he complied with his orders, he


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