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thereunto; which he could not refuse to do, of, albeit since your departures from hence, unless he would openly and manifestly com- the things have, by reason of the Pope's sore mit express injury and notorious injustice. sick less, otherwise chanced than was here For be it that the Pope's Holiness hearkning supposed, by means whereof ye not instructed to the said frivolous and vain Allegations, what to do in any such case, were peradvenwould refuse to declare the Law herein to ture not over-basty or importune to labour the King's purpose, then must bis Holiness, these Matters, till the Pope's Holiness might either standing in doubt, leave and suffer the be better amended, nor could percase find the Cause to remain in suspence to the extream means to have convenient access unto his danger of the King's Realm and Succession presence for the same, ye must nevertheless for ever, or else declare the Bull or Breve, adhibit such diligence, as howsoever the sickor both to be good, which I suppose neither ness of his Holiness shall cease, amend, or his Holiness nor any true Christian Man can continue, these things be not for the same, or do, standing the manifest occasions, presump- any other cause, tracted or left in longer sustions, and apparent evidences to the contrary. pense; but finding possible means to come Then if the matter be not to be left in sus. unto the Pope's presence, to declare all such pence, no judgment can be truly given to the things unto the same, mentioned both in the approbation of the Bull or Breve ; how can former Letters and Instructions given unto the. Pope's Holiness of Conscience, Honour you, and also in these presents, as may make or Vertue, living or dying, thus procrastinate to the purpose : and failing of often access in or put over the immediate finishing thereof, your own Persons to his Holiness, ye cause according to the King's desire ? or how may the Bishop of Verone, and other such assured his Holiness find bis Conscience towards God Friends as ye can attain, being about him at exonerate, if either living he should be the such limes as they may have with his Holicause of so many evils as hereof may arise ; ness, to inculcate unto him the said Points or dying, wilfully leave this so great a Mat- and Considerations, and all other that ye can ter, by his own default, in this confusion, in- excogitate and devise to the furtherance and certainty and perplexity? It is not to be sup- advancement of these Matters, not forbearing posed, that ever Prince most devout to the or sparing also, if ye shall see difficulty at the See Apostolick, could so long tolerate so high Pope's hand, or in audience to be given to an Injury, as being so merited towards the you or your Friends there, being about his said See, is both unacquitted for his kindness Person, to break and open after a good fashion with any special Grace, and also denied upon and manner the same unto such of the Cardihis petition of that, which is evident to be nals, as ye may perceive assuredly and conplain Justice. This thing is otherwise to be stantly to favour the King's Highness, and looked upon, than for the Pope's Sickness, the French King in Election of a future Pope, where most need were to put an end unto it, in case (as God forbid) the Pope's Holiness to be delaied, seeing that living and amend- should decease ; and to shew unto the same ing, it is of it self expedient and justitiable, Cardinals, all such things as you shall think and dying, it shall be an act both necessary, meet, both for their more ample instructions meritorious and honourable. For this cause in the truth and specialities of the Matters, ye now knowing the King's mind in this be- as well concerning the Indication of Truce, as half, shall, if ye have not already before this the king's said Cause, and the presumptuous time spoken with the Pope's Holiness at Reasons, and plainer Evidences, leading to length in these Matters, as the King's Grace the insufficiency of the Bull, and apparent trusteth ye have done, sollicite as well by the falsity of the said Breve; to the intent, that means of Messiere Jacobo Salviati, as by the as many of the said Cardinals as ye can win, Bishop of Verone, and otherwise as ye can made sure in those Matters, they may, both think best, to have such commodious access in time of sickness, and also of amendment, unto bis Holiness, as ye may declare the Pre- move and induce the Pope's Holiness, theremises unto him; which by your wisdoms, in unto, laying before him as well the Merits as effectual and vive manner as ye can open and Honour that may eusue by the perfection it unto his Holiness. It is undoubtedly to be of the premises, as the danger imminent by thought the same shall rather be to his com- the contrary : and semblably it shall be exfort and encrease of Health, than to any his pedient that ye win and make sure to the trouble or unquietness; and that his Holiness same purpose, as many of the Officers of the hearing these Reasons not evitable, will, Rota and other as ye can, who as ye write be whether he be in way and hope of amend- not accustomed, nor will give counsel to any ment, or otberwise, both proceed to the said Person but the Pope's Holiness; for albeit, indication, and also to the Declaration of the ye cannot have them to be of the King's Law, and passing of a sufficient and ample Council, yet nevertheless they may do as Decretal, as hath been devised in the King's much good, or more, in training and counsaid Cause, with other such things, as by selling the Pope's Holiness, upon the great former Letters and Instructions, by the De- Reasons that you can shew unto them, to crees mentioned in the same, that failing hearken unto your Overtures in this behalf. have been committed unto you, to be solicited To which purpose you shall adjure, make, and and procured there; in the labouring where- win, as many Friends of the Cardinals, of them, and other, as ye possibly may, as for departure, ye always note, remember, and rethe thing which the King's Highness and I gard, That this the King's Cause admitteth more esteem than twenty Papalities ; and Dor suffereth any manner ni gative, tract, or amongst other, ye shall insist, by all means and delay; wherefore knowing that so well as ye good persuasions ye can, for the continuance do, and also how much the indiction of the there of the said Bishop of Verone, so as he Truce shall be commodious and necessary, may countervail the Arch-Bishop of Capuan; both to the King's Highness in particular, who, as it seemeth, is continually about the and to all Christendom in general, by means Pope's l'erson, and were necessary to be met whereof his Grace shall avoid Contribution, with in the labours and persuasions, which by and other Charges of the War, ve must now, likelihood he maketh to the hindrance of the if ever you will have thanks, laud, or praise King's Purpose : For the better continuing of for your Service, employ yourselves opportuve the wbich Bishop of Verone, not only the et importune, to put ar: end to the Points to the King's Highness and I write unto him at this King's satisfaction and desire ; and in every time, as by the Copy of the same several difficulty to study, by your Wisdoms, the best Letters being herewith ye sball perceive, but and next Remedy, and not always to tract also the French King will do the semblable. your doings, till upon your Advertisement And furthermore, to the intent that the Pope's bither, ye shall have new knowledge from Holiness may well perceive, that not only the hence : For thereby the matter it self, and said French King mindech the King's said also your demur there, be of over-long a conCause, and taketh it to heart as much as it tinuance, and infinite inconveniences by the were his own, and will effectually join and same may ensue. I therefore require you, concur with the King's Highness therein, but according to the special trust and confidence that also he is and will be conformable to the that the King's Highness and I have in you, said Indication ; He will send thither, with now for ever to acquit your selves herein ali speed, the Bishop of Bayon to further, with all effect possible, accordingly so as the solicite, and set forth the same ; who, before King's Highness be not longer kept in this his departure from bence, wbich was a good perplexity and suspence, to bis Graces intoseason passed, was and is sufficiently and lerable inquietness, and the great heaviness amply instructed in all things requisite to this of all those that observe and love the same. purpose : and not only in these Matters, but Furthermore, tho it so be that the King's also in such other as were written unto you by Trust, and also mine is, Ye will by your WisVincent de Cassalis, and Hercules, upon dom find such good means and ways as ye advertisement given hither that the Pope's shall not fail, God willing, to open and deHoliness was deceased ; so as ye may be clare unto the Pope's Holiness, the whole of sure to have of him effectual concurrence and the King's Mind, and all and singular the advice in the furtherance and solicitation of Premisses, with the residue above-mentioned your Charges, whether the Pope's Holiness in your former Instructions and Letters sent amend, remain long sick, or (as God forbid) unto you: Yet nevertheless considering what should fortune to die; trusting, that being so ye wrote of the doubt of continuance of the well furnished by all ways that can be de- Pope's sickness, and to make sure for all vised, ye will not fail to use such diligence as Events and Chances, in case his Holiness may be to the consecuting and attaining of (as God forbid) should long remair in such the King's Purpose : wherein, tho ye be so state, as he might either take upon him the amply and largely instructed, that more can- naming of the Peace, journeying and repair. not be, yet nevertheless having lately received ing to the sacred Diet, nor also bear the from the Bishop of Worcester a Memorial of whole of the things by you to be opened and divers great things to be well noted and con- propounded touching the King's said Cause; siderea, for trial of the falsity of the said lt hath been thought to the King's Highness Brieve, I send you herewith a Copy of the convenient, rather than these great and same Memorial, to the intent ye substantially weighty Matters should hang in longer sus. visiting and perusing the same, may follow pense, to excogitate some other good means and put in execution such part thereof, for and way how these Matters, so necessary, belter trial of the falsity, as is to be done may by some ways be conduced and brought there, like as the rest meet to be done here, to an end: And it is this; That the Pope's shall pot fail to be executed with diligence Holiness not being able to travel to the place accordingly.

devised, where the Princes may be near him Thus be ye with these, and other former for Treaty, and managing of the Peace, he do Writings, sufficiently instructed what is to depute me and my Lord Cardinal Campegius, be done by you there, whether the Pope's conjunctim et divisim, as his Legats for that Holiness continue long in bis sickness, or purpose, to do and execute all such things in whether the same fortune to decease, or his Holiness's Name, as the same should do soon, God willing, to amend. There resteth in that behalf if he were there present; no more, but that ye always take for a perfect whereunto, for the well of Christendom, we ground, That tho to every new chance not shall be contented to condescend. So always, before known, sufficient Provision and In- that as hath been written heretofore unto struction could not be given to you at your you, before I pass or set forth to any Conven

tion or Place, to the intent before specified, Policitation, being already in your hands, be the King's Highness be fully satisfied and so couched, as the Date, and every thing pleased in his said matter of Matrimony, considered, it may sufficiently oblige and without which, neither with nor without the astringe the Pope's Holiness to confirm all Pope's presence, I will ever begin or take that we, or one of us, shall do, by virtue of that l'oyage: for performance whereof, this this New or the Old Commission : And if it Article following is of new devised, to be be not of such efficacy so to do, then must by you propounded unto his Holiness, if ye in this case see, that either by sufficient the Decretals cannot be obtained, or some and ample words to be put in this new Comother thing, that ye shall well know and per- mission, if it may be so had, or by a new ceive, by advice of expert Counsel there, to Chirograph the Pope's Holiness may be so be better to the King's purpose than this astringed; which Chirograph, with the Comthing now devised, and that may without missions before specified, if ye obtain the tract be passed or granted ; that is to say, same, the King's pleasure is, That ye Sir That his Holiness do enlarge, extend, and Francis Brian shall bring hither, in all pos. amplify his Commission given to me and my sible diligence, after the having and obtainLord Legate Campegius, whereby we jointly ing thereof, solliciting nevertheless, whether and severally may be sufficiently furnished the Pope be to be facilly spoken with, or not, and authorized, to do as much in this cause the immediate Indication of the Truce, as is of Matrimony, with all the emergents and aforesaid, without which iu vain it were for dependencies upon the same, as bis Holiness me, either with or without the Pope, to tramay do of his ordinary and absolute Power, vel for labouring and conducing of the Peace. with sufficient and ample Clauses, ad Decer. And so by this way should the Pope's Holinend. et Interpretand. jura, leyes, et Rescriptu ness, with his merit and sufficient justificaquæcunq; hoc Matrimonium concernentiu, una tion, proceed for the Truce, as a fundament cum omnibus et singulis dubiis in eadem causa of Universal Peace, satisfy the King's deemergentibus. And further, to make out sires, and avoid any doubt of the Emperor; Compulsories to any Princes or Persons of forasmuch as his Holiness might alledg, That wbat preheminence, dignity, state, or condi- being so estreamly sick, that he was not able tion soever they be, Erium si in Imperiali, Re- to know of the Cause himself, he could no gali, vel alia quacunque dignitate perfulgeant, less do of justice, than to commit it unto sub quibuscung; pænis, and in what Countries oiber, seeing that the same is of such imporand places soever they be, to exhibit and tance as suffereth no tract or delay. And produce any manner Witness, Records, Ori- finally, the King's Highness, God willing, by ginals, Rescripts, or other thing, in what this means, should bave an end of this Mat. place, or time we, or the one of us shall re. ter. One thing ye shall well note, which is quire them, or any of them in this behalf, this; Albeit this new Device was now for with all and singular the Circumstances re- doubt of the Pope's long continuance of sickquisite and necessary to such a Commission, ness, first excogitate; yet is it not meant, after such ample and assured manner, as the nor ye be limited to this Device, in case ye same once bad, we shall not need for any can obtain any other, por ye be also comObjections, doubt, or other thing that might manded, to prefer this before all other De. infringe or lack, to send of new to the Pope's vices : but now that ye shall see and under. Holiness for other provision, whereby the stand what this Device is, and knowing what King's said Cause might hang in any longer thing is like or possible to be obtained there, tract or delay. In which case of coming to without long putting over of your pursuits, exthis Commission, ye Mr. Stevins must have pend, consider, and regard well with your special regard to see the same sufficiently self, what thing of this, or any other that and substantially penned, by advice of the may best serre to the brief and good expemost expert Men that ye can find to that dition of the King's Cause. So always that purpose : For the better doing whereof, I it be a thing sure, sufficient, and available to send unto you herewith a Copy of the said his Grace's Purpose, that may without any Commission to me and my Lord Campegius, further tract be there had; and then by your with certain Additions thereunto noted in Wisdom taking unto you the best Learned the Margin, such as have been here devised; Counsel that ye can have there, leave you to and also a Copy of certain Clauses in a Bull, the expedition of that which so may be most to the intent ye may see how amply the meet, as the times require and suffer, to the same be couched, to avoid appellations and brief furnishing of the King's said Cause to other delays in Causes of far less moment this purpose, without tract or delay, and that and importance than the King's is. Never. ye may see is the thing, which as the matter theless ye must, if it shall come to the ob. stands, can speedily be obtained and sped, taining of this new Commission, see to the as is aforesaid. For whether the Decretal penning and more fully perfecting thereof, so be better than this, or this better than that, as the same may be in due perfection, with- or which soever be best, far it shall be from out needing to send eftsoons for remedying Wisdom to stick, and still to rest unon a of any thing therein, as is aforesaid ; looking thing that cannot be obtained; but since ye also substantially whether the Chirograph of know the King's meaning, which is to bare a way sufficient and good for the speedy not to suffer the Pope's Holiness, if he finishing of this Cause to his Grace's pur- would thus wilfully, without reason or dis. pose, note ye now, and consider with your cretion to precipitate himself and the said self, by advice of Learned Counsel, as is See, which by this refusal is like to suffer aforesaid, how ye may bring that to pass, ten times more detriment, than it could do and shall ye deserve as high thanks as can for any miscontentment that the Emperor be possible. So always that it be so well could take with the contrary : for ye shall provided and looked upon, that in it be no say, sure they may be, and so I for my dissuch limitations or defaults, as shall compel charge declare, both to the Pope's Holiness us any more to write or send for reformation and to them, If this Noble and Vertuous thereof: And coming to this Commission, Prince, in this so great and reasonable a tho percase ye can by no means or sticking Cause, be thus extreamly denied of the bave it in every point as the Copy, which I grace and lawful favour of the Church, the send you with the Annotations do purport; Pope's Holiness shall not fail for the same to yet shall ye not therefore refuse it, but take lose Him and his Realm, the French King it, or any otber thing as can be had, after and his Realm, with many other their Confesuch form as may substantially serve, and as derates; besides those ibat having particular ye can by your wisdom and good sollicita. Quarrels to the Pope, and so aforesaid will tions obtain, for the speedy Anishing of the not fail, with diverse other, as they daily King's Cause to his purpose, as is aforesaid, seek occasions, and provoke the King's Highwhich is the scope whereunto we must tend ness thereunto, which will do the semblable, at this time, and therefore ye be not limited being a thing of another sort to be regarded, or coacted within any such bounds as ye than the respect to the Emperor ; for two should thereby be compelled or driven, for Cities, which nevertheless shall be had well lack of obtaining any thing or point men- enough, and the Emperor neither so evil tioned in these or other your Instructions, or contented, nor so much to be doubted herein, former Writings, to send bither again for as is there supposed, This, with other words further knowledg of the King's pleasure; mentioned in your Instructions concerning but ye be put at liberty so to qualify, so to like matier, ye shall declare unto his Holiadd, detray, immix, change, chuse or mend ness, and to the said Cardinals, and other as ye shall think good; so always that ye being your Friends, if it come to that point; take the thing that best can be bad, being whereby it is not to be doubted, but they such as may as effectually as ye can bring perceiving the dangers aforesaid, shall be about, serve to the King's purpose, and to glad to exbort and induce his Holiness, for put indelayed end to it, according to his the well of himself and the Church, to conGrace's desire, without further tract, or descend to the King's desire; which is as sending thither, which is as much as here much as can be here thought or devised, to can be said or devised. And therefore at be by you done in all Events and Chances : the reverence of Almighty God, bring us out And therefore I pray you, eft-soons, and most of this perplexity, that this Vertuous Prince instantly require you, as afore, to handle may have this thing sped to the purpose de. this Matter with all effect possible. Coming sired, which shall be the most joyous thing to this new Commission, when you sball that this day in Earth may chance and suc. have once attained such thing as shall be ceed to my heart; and therefore I eftsoons sufficient for the King's purpose, as is aforebeseech you to regard it accordingly: How said ; and that ye have it in your hands and brit if the Pope's Holiness, refusing all your custody, and not afore, lest thereby yo desires, shall make difficulty and delay there- might hinder the expedicion thereof, ye shall in, it is an evident sign and token, that his by all ways and means possible, labour and Holiness is neither favourable to the King's insist, That the King's' Highness, as need reasonable Petitions, nor indifferent, but shall be, may use and enjoy the benefit of should thereby show himself both partial, the Decretal, being already in my Lord Carand expresiy averse unto his Grace; where- dinal Campegius's hands, wbereunto his fore in that case finding in his Holiness such Highness and I desire you to put all your efunreasonableness, as it can in no wise be fectual labour for the attaining of the Pope's thought ye shall do, The King's pleasure is, consent thereunto accordingly. that ye proceed to the Protestations men Ye shall furthermore understand, That it tioned in the first lostructions given to you is thought here, in case, as God forbid, the Mr. Stevins, for you and the residue of your Pope should die before ve should have im. Collegries; and ibat ye not only be plain petrate any thing that may serve to the abso. and round with the Pope's Holiness therein, lution of the King's Matter, That the Colif ye come to his speech, but also ye show ledge of Cardinals have Authority, Power, and extend unto the Cardinals, and other and Jurisdiction, sede vacunte, to inhibit, athat be your Friends, which may do any voke, et er consequenti, to pass and decide the good with him, the great peril and danger King's Matter, seeing that the same is of so imminent unto the Church and See Aposto- high moment and importance, concerning the ick; thereby exhorting them. That they like surely of a Prince and his Realm, as more vertuous fathers bave regard thereunto, and amply ye shall perceive in the Chapters, ubi Periculum de Electione, ne Romani, de Jureju- fairs, the successes whereof, and of all other rundo, et capite primo de Scismaticis; Where- your doings there, it shall be expedient ye fore the King's pleasure is, That ye Mr. more often notify hitherto than ye do, for Stevins shall diligently weigh and ponder many times in one whole month no know. the effect of the said Chapters, not only with ledge is had from you, which is not meet in your self, but also with such the King's Learn- those so weighty Matters, specially considered Counsel as ye and your Collegues have ing that sometime by such as pass to Lyons, conducted there ; aud wbat Jurisdiction, sede ye might find the means to send your Letters, vacante, the Colledge of Cardinals have, which should be greatly to the King's aud either by the Common Law, usage or pre- my consolation, in hearing thereby from time scription, which may far better be known to time, how the things succeed there ; I there than here: And if ye find that the pray you therefore to use more diligence Cardinals have in this the King's Cause, and therein, as the King's and my special trust such other like Authority and Jurisdictions is in you. And heartily fare you well. From to in bivite, avoke and decern, then, in casu my Palace besides Westminster, the sixth mortis Pontificis, quod Deus avertut, ye shall day of April. specially foresee and regard that for none In The French King hath sent hither an Amtercession or pursute made by the Emperor bassiate, Monsieur de Langes, Brotber to and his Adherents, they shall either inhibit the said Bisbop of Bayon, with certain clauor aroke: And also if before such Death, ye ses in his Instructions, concerning the said shall not have obtained such thing to the Treaty of Confederation, the Copy whereof King's desire and purpose, as these present ye shall receive herewitb, for your better Letters before do purport, bis Grace's plea- carrying on that Matter. Praying God to sure is, That ye shall pursue the effectual speed you well, and to give you grace to expedition of the same, at the hands of the make a good and short end in your Matters. said Colledge, Sede vacante, ne res quæ nullum And est-soons fare ye well, dilationem ex poscit, tantopere usque ad Electio

Your Loving Friend, nem noci Pollificis quoquam modo differutur;

T. Cardin. Eborac. using for this purpose all such Reasons, Al. legations, and Persuasions mentioned in those Letters, and your former Instructions, XXIII. Another Dispatch to the Ambassadours as ye sball see and perceive to serve to that

to the same purpose. A Duplicate. effect; and so to endeavour and acquit your self, that such things may be attained there,

[Cotton Libr. Vitell. B. 11.] as may absolve this the King's Matter, with Right well beloved Friends, I commend out any furtber tract or delay; whereby yo me unto you in my hearty manner, letung sball as afore highly deserve the King's and you wit, that by the hands of Thadeus bearer my special thanks, which shall be so acquit. hereof, the King's Higbness bath received ted, as ve shall have cause to think your your several Letters to the same, directed pains and diligences therein in the best wise with the Pope's Pollicitation mentioned in imployed, trusting in God that howsoever the same, and semblablie I have received the World shall come, ye shall by one means your Conjunct and several Letters of the or other bring the King's Matter, which so date of the 18 and 29 days of Marcb ; the highly toucheth his Honour and quiet of 8, 19, 20, and 22 of April, to me directed, Mind, unto the desired end and perfection. wherein ye at right good length have made

Finally ; Ye sball understand that the mention of such Discourses, Conferences, French King, among other things, doth com- Audiences, and Communications as ye have mit at this time to the Bishop of Bayon, and bad concerning your Charge, since the time Mr. John Joachim to treat and conclude the of your former Advertisements made in that Confederation heretofore spoken of, belween behalf, with all such Answers and Replicahis Holiness and the King's Highness, the tions as have been made unto you by the French King, the Venetians, and other Po. Pope's Holiness, and other on his behalf contentates of Italy, for a continual Army to be cerning the same. In the Circumstances entertained to invade Spain in case it stand whereof ye have so diligently, discreetly, and by the Emperor, that the Peace shall not substantially, acquitted your selves, as not take effect : Wherefore the King's pleasure only your firm and fervent desire, to do unto is, Tbat ye baving conference with them at the King's Highness special and singular sergood length in that Matter, do also for your vice in this his great and weighty Cause, but paris, sollicite, procure, and set forth the also your Wisdom, Learning, and perfect same; entering also on the King's behalf dexterities, heretofore well known. hath unto the Treaty, and conclusion thereof, after every one for his part thereby been largely of such manner as vour former Instructions and new shewed, comprobate and declared to the Wruings do purport. So as like as the King's good contentment, my rejoice and French King is determined, that his Agents gladness, and to your great laud and praise. shall join and concur with you in the King's for the which his Grace giveth unto yon right Pursuits and Causes ; So ye inust also con- hearty thanks, and I also for my part do the cur with them in advancement of their af- semblable; assuring you, in few words,

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