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though the time and state of things hath not King's said great Matter ; It were in man. suffered that your desires might at this time ner all one to prosecute the same at the be brought unto effect, yet the King's Grace Emperor's hands, as at the Pope's, which so well knoweth, perceiveth, and taketh, that totally dependeth upon the Emperor; and more could not have been done, excogitated, as much Fruit might be hoped of the one or devised, than ye bave largely endeavoured as of the other, so as far diserepant it were your self unto for conducing the King's pur- froin any wisdom in a thing so necessary, pose, which his Grace accepteth, as touching and which as ye know must needs be brought your merits and acquittal in no less good and unto an end without any further delay, to thankful part, than if ye finding the disposic consume and spend the time, where such tion of things in more direct state, had con- express contrariety and in manner dispair secute all your pursuits and desires : Nor ye appeareth to do good therein, and where shall doubt or think, that either the King's sbould be none other but continual craft, coHighness or I have conceived, or thought any lour, abuses, refuses and delays, but rather manner negligence in you for such things as to proceed unto the same in place, and after were mentioned, in the last Letters sent unto such form as may be appearance of some you by Alexander, Messenger, but that albeit good and brief effect to ensue. Wherefore his Highness had cause, as the same wrote, io shew you in Counsel, and to be reserved to marvel of your long demor, and lack of unto your selves, The King's Highness findexpedition of one or other of the things com- ing this ingratitude in the Pope's Holiness, mitted to your cbarge; yet did his Highness is minded for the time to dissemble the Matright well persuade unto himself the default ter, and taking as much as may be had and not to be in you, but in some other cause, attained there to the benefit of his Cause, to whereof his Grace not knowing the same, proceed in the decision of the same here, by might justly and meritoriously be brought un. virtue of the Commission already granted to admiration, and marvel : And therefore be unto me and my Lord Legate Campegius. ye all of good comfort, and think your per And for because that ye Mr. Stevins be fect endeavours used, and services done, to largely ripened and acquainted in this Matbe employed there, as it can right weil, in ter, and that both the King's Higbness and every part regarded and considered. I have right large experience of your entire

In effect coming to the Specialities of the zeal and mind to the studying and setting things now to be answered, the King's High- forth of such things concerning the law, as Dess having groundly noted and considered may be to the furtherance hereof; consider. the wbole continue and circumstances of all ing also that for any great thing like to be your said Letters and Advertisements, find. done there herein, such Personages as be eth and perceiveth evidently, that whatso- of good Authority, Wisdom and Experience, ever Pursuits, and Instances, and Requests tho they be not learned in the Law, may have been, or shall be for this present time, with such Counsel as ye have retained made there by you on his Grace's behalf to there, right well serve to the accomplishthe Pope's Holiness, for the furtherance of ment of such other things as shall occur, or the said great and weighty Cause; and bow be committed unto them on the King's bemuch soever the necessity of Christendom balf, tho so many Ambassadors do not for the good of Peace, the importance of the there remain and continue : His Grace Matter, the justness of the thing itself, rea. therefore willing and minding to revoke you son, duty, respect to good Merits, detecting all by little and little, except you Sir Greof Falsities used, evident Arguments and gory being his Ambassador ihere continually Presumptions to the same, or other thing residing, willeth, That after such things perwhatsoever it be, making for the King's pur- fected and done, as hereafter shall be menpuse, do weigh; the Times be now such, as tioned, ye Mr. Stevins and you Sir Francis all that sball be done in any of the Premis. Brian, shall take your leave of the Pope's ses there. is apparent by such privy Intelli- Holiness, and with diligence return home. gence and promise as is between the Pope For if ne had been the absence of you Mr. and tbe Emperor, to bang and depend upon Stevins, seeing that there is small appearthe Emperor's Will, Pleasure, and Arbitre, ance of any Fruit to be obtained there, the as whom the Pope's Holiness neither dare King's Highness would have entered into por will in any part displease, offend, or Process, here before this Whitsuntide : But miscontent, nor do by himself any thing no. because bis Grace would have you here pretable therein, which he shall think or sup- sent, as well for the forming of the said Pro. pose to be of moment, the said Emperor cess, and for such things as be trusted that first inconsulted, or not consenting there- ye shall obtain and bring with you, as also

And for that cause, since the Em- for the better knowledge to be had in sundry peror not only is the Adversary of Universal Matters, wherein you may be the better ripenPeace, Letter, and Impeacher thereof, but ed and informed by means of your being in also, as hath appeared by sundry Letters that Court: And otherwise his Highness will heretofore, and now of new sent out of somewhat the longer defer the commenceSpain, doth shew bimself adverse, and en ment of the said Process, and respite the terponing bimself as a Party against the same, only for your coming; wnich his Grace


shail say

therefore desireth you so much the more to touching his Grace, and where the same hat accelerate, as ye know how necessary it is, his chief and principal confidence, thus to that all diligence and expedition be used in have his just and reasonable Petitions rethat Matter. And so ye all to handle and jected and totally to be converted, to the arendeavour your selves there, for the time of bitre of bis Enemy, which is not the way to your demor, as ye may do the most benefit win, acquire and conserve Friends to the and advantage that may be to the speedy Pope's Holiness and See Apostolick, nor furtherance of the said Cause.

that which a good and indifferent Vicar of And forasmuch as at the dispatch of your Jesus Christ, and common Father unto all said last Letters, ye had not opened into the Princes, oweth and is bound to observe. Ne. Pope's Holiness, the last and uppermost De- vertheless ye sball say the King's Highness, vice here conceived, and to you written in who always hath shewed, and largely commy Letters sent by the said Alexander, but probate himself a most devout Son unto the that ye intended, as soon as ye might have See Apostolick, must and will take patience; time and access, to set forth the same, where and shall pray to God to put in the Pope's in it is to be trusted, since that thing could mind, a more direct and vertuous intent, so by no colour or respect to the Emperor be to proceed in his acts and doings, as he may reasonably denied, ye have before this time be found a very Father, upright, indifferent, done some good, and brought upto perfec- loving and kind; and not thus for partial tion ; I therefore remitting you to such In- respect, fear, or other inordinate Affection, structions as ye received at that time, adver- or cause, to degenerate from bis best Chil tise you that the King's mind and pleasure dren, shewing himself unto them, as a Stepis, ve do your best to attain the Ampliation Father, nor the King's Highness ye of the said Commission, after such form as can persuade unto himself, that the Pope's is to you, in the said last Letters and In. Holiness is of that nature and disposition, structions, prescribed ; which if ye cannot in that he will so totally fail his Grace in this every thing bring to pass, at the least to ob- Matter of so high importance, but that by tain as much to the King's purpose, and the one good mean or other, bis Holiness will benefit of the Cause as ye can ; wherein all perfectly comprobate the entire love that algooil policy and dexterity is to be used, and ways the same bath shewed to bear towards the Pope's Holiness by all perswasions to be his Highness, wherein ye shall desire bim induced thereunto; shewing unto the same now to declare by his Acts the uttermost of how

ye have received Letters from the King's his intent and disposition ; so as ye Mr. Higbness and me, responsives to such as ye Stevins and Mr. Brian, who be revoked honie, wrote of the dates before rehearsed; whereby do not return with void hands, or bring with ye be advertised that the King's Highness, you things of such meagerness, or little subperceiving the Pope's strange demeanour in stance, as shall be to no purpose : And thus ibis his great and weighty Cause, with the lit. by these, or like words, seconding to the same tle respect that bis Holiness hath, either to effect, which as the time shall require, and the importance thereof, or to do unto his High- as he shall have cause, ye by your Wisdoms ness at this his great necessity, gratuity and can qualifie and devise, it is not to be doubt. pleasure ; not only cannot be a little sorry ed, but that the Pope's Holiness perceiving and beavy to see himself frustrate of the how the King's Highness taketh this Matter, future hope and expectation that his Grace and that two of you shall now return, will had, to have found the Pope's Holiness a in expedition of the said Ampliation of the jnost loving, fast, near and kind Father, and Commission, and other tbings requisite, strain assured Friend, ready and glad to have done bimself to do unto the King's Highness as for his Grace, that which of his Power Or. much gratuity and pleasure as may be ; for dinary or Absolute, he might bave done in the better attaining whereof, ye shall also this thing, which so near toucheth the King's shew, bow beavy and sorry I with my Lord Conscience, Health, Succession, Realm, and Legate Campegius be, to see this manner of Subjects; But also marvelleth highly, That proceeding, and the large promises whicb he his Holiness, both in Matters of Peace, Truce, and I so often have made unto the King's in this the King's Cause, and in all other, Highness, of the Pope's fast and assured hath more respect to please and content him mind, to do all that his Holiness, etium er of whom he bath received most displeasures, plenitudine potestatis, might do, thus to be disand who studieth nothing more than the de- appointed ; most bumbly beseeching his Hotriment of the See, than his Holiness hath liness on my behalf, by his high Wisdom to either to do that which a good common Fa: consider, what a Prince this is; the infinite ther, for the well of the Church, Himself, and excellent gratitudes which the same bath and all Christendom, is bounden, and oweth exhibited to the Pope's Person in particular, to do, or also that which every thing well and to the See A postolick in the general; the pondered, it were both of Congruence, Right, maguitude and importance of this Cause, Truth, Equity, Wisdom, and conveniency for with the Consequences that may follow, by to do. Thinking verily that his Highness the good or ill entreating of the King's Highdeserved to be far otherwise entreated, aud Dess in the same ; wherein ye shail say, I that not at his most need in things nearest have so largely written, so plainly for my

discharge declared the truth unto his Holi. ance of the said Pollicitation, so chanced, ness, and so humbly, reverently, and devout- in wet and water in the carriage thereof, as ly, made intercession, that more can I not the Pacquet wherein it was, with such Letadd or accumulate thereunto, but only pray ters as were with the same, and amongst unto God that the same may be perceived, other the Rescripts of Pollicitation, were tounderstood, and taken, as the exigence of the tally wet, defaced, and not legible ; so as Case, and the merits of this Noble Prince the Pacquet and Rescript was and is dedoth reqnire; trusting always, and with fer- tained by him to whom ye direct your Letvent desire, from day to day, abiding to hear ters, and not delivered amongst the other from his said Holiness some such thing as I unto the King's bands; and unless his Holishall now be able constantly to justify and ners, of his goodness unto you, will grant desend, the great things which I and my said you a double of the said Pollicitation, ye Lord Legate have said and attested on his see not but there shall be some notable blame Holiness behalf.

imputed unto you for not better ordering This, with all other such matter as may thereof, to the conservation of it from such serve to the purpose, ye shall extend as well chance. And thus coming to a new Pollici. as ye can, and by that means get and attain tation, and saying, ye will devise it as near as much to your purpose for the corrobora. as ye can remeinber, according to the fortion and sarety of all things to be done here mer, ye by your Wisdoms, and namely ye as is possible, leaving to speak any more, Mr. Stevins, may find the means to get as or also to take or admit any rescripts for many of the new and other pregnant, fat, exhibition of the Brief, advocation of the and available words as is possible, the same Cause, or other of the former degrees, seeing signed and sealed as the other is, to be writthat all which shall or can be done or at- ten in Parcbment; the politick handling tained there, shall bang meerly upon the whereof, the King's Highness and I commit Emperor's Will, Consent, and Arbitre: and unto your good discretions; for therein, as therefore nothing is now or hereafter to be ye Mr. Stevins know, resteth a great strength procured, that may tend to any act to be and corroboration of all that shall be done done, in decision of the Cause or otherwise there, in decision of the King's said Cause · there, or which may bring the adverse Party and as ye write, may be in manner as beneto any advantage to be taken by the favour ficial to the King's purpose, as the Commisor partialty, tbat the same may have in that sion Decretal. Court ; but to convert and employ all your And to the intent ye may the better know suit, to that thing which may be to the most how to proceed in this Business, I advertise convalidation and surety of the Process, and you that the King's Highness hath now rethings to be done here, as well by attaining, ceived fresh letters out of Spain, answering as ample, large and sufficient words, clauses to those sent by Curson jointly with a Ser. and sentences as ye can get, for ampliation vant of the Queens, for exhibition of the of the new Commission. As for the defeat- Original Brief bere, of whose expedition ing of any thing that may be procured to you Mr. Stevins were privy before your the impeachment of the Process thereof, and departure. The Letters were of sundry the corroboration of the things to be passed, dates, the last whereof is the 21 of April, at and done, by virtue of the same.

which time the Emperor was at Cæsar AuAnd amongst other things, whereas ye gusta, upon bis departure towards Barcewith these last Letters, sent the Pope's Pol- lona. In effect, the Emperor minding by licitation, for the non-inhibition or avoking his departure thither, and other bis Acts, ió of the Cause, the ratifying and confirming make a great demonstration of his coming of the Sentence by us his Legates herein to into Italy, who is to nothing, as the King's be given, and other things mentioned in the Ambassadours write, more unmeet and unsame, ye shall understand, that the said furnished than to that voyage, not having Pollicitation is so couched and qualified, as any Gallies there but three, which lay on the Pope's Holiness wbensoever he will may dry Land unrigged, as they have done a long resile ; like-as by certain Lines and Annota- time passed, none Assembly of the States tions, which in the Margin of a Copy of the of that Land, none order, provision of Victual, said Pollicitation I send you herewith, ye towardness in conscription of Men of war, shall perceive more at large: And therefore or appearance of such thing, but that his goafter your other suits, for the ampliation of ing to Bareclona, is chiefly under pretext to the new Commission, if any such may be ato attain certain old Treasure there remaining, tained, brought upto as good a purpose as and to give the better reputation to his Afye can, ye shall by some good way find the fairs in Italy. As to the matter of Peace mean to attain a new Pollicitation, with and Truce, he seemeth not so alien from it, such, or as many of the words and addi- but that he would, under colour thereof, be Lions newly devised as ye can get ; which glad to separate and disjoin other from the ye may do under this form and colour, that sincerity of confidence that is between them, is to say, to shew unto the Pope's Holiness, working somewhat with the French King, by way of sorrow and doleance, how your which he himself confesseth to be but abuses. Courier, to whom ye committed the convey. On the other side, be maketh overture of

Peace or Truce to be bad with the King's Dates of one day, dated the Breve at a day Highness apart; and in the mean time en- before Pope Julii was Pope ; which ye sball tertaineth the Pope's Holiness, as one whom more plainly perceive by the said Copy, and won from the residue of the Confederates, specially if under some good colour ye ripen he thinketh himself most assured of: How- your selves there, whether the year in the beit in all this his Business, ye may con- date of Breves change upon Christmass day, stantly affirm, that his Compasses cannot or upon New years day, wherein the King's prevail in any thing that may be excogitate pleasure is, that ye ensearch and certifie liere in the separation of the King's Highness and what ye shall know and perceive. And if ye the French King, who so entirely proceed: shall by such inquiry find matter making to together, that the Emperor coming or not the purpose, as it is not doubled but ye shall coming into Italy, the said French King in- do, then for the more sure justification and tendeth to prosecute bim in the place where proof thereof before the Judges; It shall be his Person shall be. To whom the King's expedient ye in writing make mention of such Highness now sendeth the Duke of Suffolk, a doubt, finding the means that it may be anwith the Treasurer of his honourable Hous- swered and declared in the same Writing, by hold; who if the Pope will not really and certain expert Persons of the Secretaries, and actually intend to the maintaining of the other Officers of that Court, with subscription Peace, coming to the convention of his Holi of their Answer and Names ; whereby it may ness, moved as the case shall require, shall appear here before us as Judges, as a thing be furnished of a substantial number of men of true and approved ; Howbeit, great dexterity War out of his Realm to the assistance of the is to be used for the secrecy thereof; for if said French King, if the Emperor happen to such Exceptions might come to the know, descend in Italy. So as bis things there, be ledg of the Adverse Party, they might, as the not like to be in such surety as might bring said Orators write, soon reform that default the Pope's Holiness to this extremity of fear by detrabing one Letter, or Title, or forging and respect. And all the Premisses touch- a new Brief, alledging error in the Traning this knowledg had out of Spain, and the sumpts, which might be the total disappointFrench King's Interest with the King's Con- ment of deprehension of the falsity in that currence, as afore ; It shall be well done ye chief and principal point. I pray you there. declare to the Pope's Holiness, whereby per. fore to regard that Matter substantially, and adventure the same shall be removed from to order it by your good Wisdoms accordingly. some part of his said overmuch respect to

As to the sending of the Brief, the Emperor XXIV.The two Legates Letter to the Pope, refusing to send it into England, sbeweth advising a Decretal Bull. A Duplicate. some towardness of sending it to Rome, minding and intending to have the King's Matter

[Cotton Libr. Vitell. B. 11.] decided there and not bere ; howbeit all be PRIORIBUS nostris ad Sanctitatem Vesbut vain Collusions : For as ye shall perceive tram literis quid bic ageremus, quove in statu by such things as be extracted out of the causa bæc esset exposuimus; postea quum, Letters of the King's Orators Resident in et res ipsa, et desiderium Regis admodum Spain, a Copy whereof I send you herewith, urgeret, ut ad Causæ ipsius merita agnoscenthe more the said Breve cometh into light and da accingeremur, quando in suspenso, non knowledge, the more falsities be deprehended modo horum Regum vota, sed nec hujus therein ; and amongst other, one there is spe- Regni firmandi ratio, diutius haberi potest, cially to be noted, making, if it be true, a omni suasionis genere horum animis prius clearer and manisest proof of the same Fal. adhibito, ut alterius voluntati alter cederet, sity; which because if it were perceived by eique morem gererent, cum nihil profecerithe adverse Party, or any of their Friends, mus, ad Judicii institutionem accedentes, de Counsellors, or Adberents, it might soon by modo causam ipsam pertractandi, multa lona semblable falsity be reformed, is above all gioribus colloquiis inter nos commentau su. other things to be kept secret, both from the mus ; qua in re, dum quæ necessaria sunt Pope, and all other there, except to your adornantur, exhibitum est per Reginam ex. selves: for in computation of the Year of our emplum Brevis Julii 2. eodem tempore quo Lord is a diverse order observed in the Court et Bulla super hac materia, dati ei scripti

, of Rome in Bulls and Breves; That is to say, sed attentiore cura et longe consideratiore in the Bull beginning at the Incarnation of mente confecti, quod, quia in substantialibus our Lord, in the Brief at the Nativity; So as etiam ab ipsa Bulla diversum est, non modo the thing well searched, it is thought it shall Regium, sed nostrum quoq; animum, mire be found, that the date presupposed to be of suspensum habuit, usq; adeo ut de ejus verithe Breve,wbich is 26 Decemb. Anno Dom. 1503. tate plurimum suspicari libeat; nam præter Pontificatus Julii anno primo, well conferred insperatain in tanta opportunitate ejus appawith the manner and usages of that Court: ritionem, incredibile videtur, ut eodem iemHe that counterfeited the Brieve, not know- pore idem author, eisdem partibus, in eadem ing such diversity between the date of the Causa, diversa admodum ratione caverit, et Bull and Breves, and thinking to make both permansuro Diplomati ejusq; Decreto, ad

that part:

perpetuam rei memoriam, proferendo, et semper cupimus et debemus. Propterea, plumbeo caractere excudendo dormitaverit, Beatissime Pater, non solum pro Reyis et brevioribus vero literis, molli cera communi- Causæ hujus commodo, sed pro dignitate endis exactissimi studii et sobriæ cogitationis quoq; Ecclesiastica et Sanctitatis Vestræ speciem impresserit: ne tamen Majestas hæc Autoritate hic tuenda et conservanda, nullo rem hanc damnatam priusquam exploratam pacto committendum ducimus, ut nobis

spechabeat, quippe quæ magis in veritate quam tantibus et audientibus, de Potestate Roin voto suo, Causæ hujus eventuin susceptura mani Pontificis, de literarum Apostolicarum videtur, ad ipsius Brevis exhibitionem instat, sub plumbo et sub annulo scriptarum fide, et quod, quia honestum et rationi consonum repugt:antia, deque juris divini abrogatione viletur, a nobis etiam probatur, propterea disceptetur, maxime in Regum causa oppug omni studio curamus, ut Breve ipsum, quod randa er defendenda, qui, ut sublimiore sunt in Hispaniis esse dicitur, et a quo exemplum fastigio collocati, ita iniquiori animo patiunhoc effigiatum aiunt proferatur; atque ut boc tur Causæ suæ casum, cum qua et dignitatem expeditiore cura, et majore compendio asse et existimationem suam diminutam iri intelquamur, præter primam et summam illam de ligunt, quæ si ignobilium etiam animos quosq; Causa cognoscendi potestatem, quam a Sanc- exulcerare, ipsa rerum experientia docti certitate l'estra babemus, aliam quoque ad hunc nimus, qualiter quæso putamus Regios et gespecialiter articulum habendam putamus, per nerosos affectura. Itaq; quoniain hanc ca. quam possimus etiam per censuras, omnes rybdim et hos scopulos evitasse semper lutum etiam Regia et Imperial Authoritate fulgen- erit, propterea bujusmodi incommoda quodtes, monere et adigere ut dictum Breve nobis ammodo prætervecti, ubi ad litis molestias exhibeant, sine quo causa hæc nedum absolvi, et incertas fori fluctuationes causam deducensed nec commode tractari queat. Atque hoc dam perspicimus, suadere, rogare et summis primum est, quod Majestas hæc, in tanta precibus pariq; reverentia contendere non animi fuctuatione qua nunc æstuat, a nobis desinemus, ut si exhibito Brevi pura veritas curandum putat, quo impetrato, Judicii via ita latitaverit, quod rectumne an falsum, viti. insistentes ad Causæ cognitionem procede atum ceu adulterinum fuerit judicare ac demus; quod si non proferatur, vel inutile et cernere minime valeamus, Sanctitas Vestra vitiatuin, et fide sua facile rejiciendum, pro- Causam hanc ad se avocet, non soluin ut tanto latum fuerit, nihil prohibebit, hoc sublato discrimine, et perplexitate nos eximat, sed obice, quin ex officio nostro relinqua prose- ut paterno affectu Causa et Regi huic optimo quamur: sin vero exhibeatur, et veritate sua, subveniat et opem ferat, atque ex Potestatis vel adeo scite conficta fallacia, ita se tueatur suæ plenitudine et summa prudentia fincin ut acriori examine id inquiri debeat, patefacto huic rei optatum imponat, quæ non sine magjam patronorum cavillis et calumniis foro, no hujus Regni et Ecclesiastica dignitatis quibus undis et judicii fluctibus non solum periculo diutius trahi potest; Sporain articuluin hunc Brevis, sed universam Causam tem Serenissimum hunc Regem in hujusimplicaturi simus, nullus non viderit ; neque modi avocandæ Causæ consilio facile quietuenin deerunt quæ suspectam ipsius Brevis rum, salebrusa hæc litium itinera et labirinfidem faciant, vel ex hoc maxime, quod cum thos evitaturum, modo in fide Sanctitatis maxime Regis et Regni bujus intersit, nihil Vestræ chyrographo manus suæ testata, cogprorsus de eo antehac auditum fuerit, nec noverit, se diutius suspenso in hac re animo eius memoria aut ratio ulla extet in Scriniis detinendum non fore, atq; ab hujusmodi MaRegiis, in quibus etiam minima quæque ad trimonio se tandemn liberandum, in quo nec Regnum spectantia asservari solent; nam humano nec divino jure permanere se posse verisimile non est in Hispaniis majorem An- putat, ex causis Sanctitati Vestre forsan noglicæ rei curam fuisse quam in ipsa Anglia, tis, et per hos suos nuntios longioribus verbis peq; quempiam solerti et acri adeo ingenio explicandis. Quod si Sanctitas Vestra comfuisse. qui hujuscemodi dissidium vigesimo modius existimaverit, Avocatione hujusmodi quinto ab hinc anno suboriturum, et hac sola posthabita, per Decretalis unius concessionem ratione sublatum iri posse divinaverit, nulla buic causæ occurri et succurri posse, in hanc ut diximus apud hunc Regem, et in hoc Regno quoque rationem Regis animum paratum datalis rei memoria extante. Forro si ex Brevi bimus ; et propterea concepto quodam Dead Bullam, et ex Bulla ad Breve transitus cretalis modulo, eum per hos ipsos Majestatis fiat, atque illius jejunitatem et ariditatem in. suæ nuntios mittimus, ex quibus abunde insecteniur, bujns prægnantia verba, et ad om- telliget, quodque non absque exemplo istiusnes fere exceptiones tollendas, superstitiosain modi auxilia proponantur, et quam non tequodammodo vigilantiam conferamus, et quæ mere nec absque ratione Majestas hac desiutrinq; deduci poterunt in Rescriptis Apos. derio huic suo inhæreat: interea vero, dum tolicis æquo animo audiamus, periclitaturi hac vel illa ratione huic rei occurritur et Breve certe sumus, ne, quod minime cupimus, Sedis ipsum perquiretur, posset utiq; Sanctitas A postolicæ Authoritatem patientia nostra in Vestra iterum Reginæ animum tentare, et ad discrimen rapiamus, atque dum Regno, et Religionem emollire, curando (ut quod maxRegni hinc suppetias ferre volumus, rem dig- ime apud eam gratia et Autoritate esse deditatemq; nostram multo minorem faciamus, beant) et literis, et precibus, et nuntiis, omcui tum posita etiam anima, favere et adesse niq; alia ratione, hac ipsa via, sibi, suisq;

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