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26. Injunctions given by Bonner to
bis clergy

139 506
27. A collection of passages out of

the canon-law made by Cranmer,
to shew the necessity of reforming

143 531
28. A mandate for publishing and

using the prayers in the English

145 532
29. Articles subscribed by Shaxton,
the late bisbop of Sarum

146 547
30. A letter from Lethington, the

Scottish secretary, to Cecil, se-
cretary to Queen Elizabeth, by
which it appears that King Hen-
ry's will was forged

147 561
An appendix concerning some er-

rors and falsehoods in Sanders's
book of the English Schism 153

1. Articles about religion set out

by the convocation, and published
by the King's authority

166 583
2. Some queries put by Cranmer,

in order to the correcting of sere-
ral abuses.

172 ib.
3. Some queries concerning con-

firmation, with the answers that
were given to them by Cranmer,
and Stokesley, bishop of London 173 ib.

4. Some considerations offered to
the King by Cranmer, to induce
him to proceed to a further re-

174 584
5. A declaration made by somo
bishops and divines, concerning
the functions and Divine institu-

tion of bishops and priests 175 585
6. A letter of Melancthon's, to
persuade the King to a further re-

176 588
7. A letter written by the German

Ambassadors to the King, against
the taking away of the chalice,
and against private masses, and
the celibate of the clergy

178 589
8. The King's answer to the former

187 ib.
9. A letter written by the King to
his bishops, directing them how
to instruct the people

195 590
10. Arguments given by Tonstal to

the King,to prove auricular confes-
sion to be of a Divine institution ;
with some notes on the margin

written with the King's own hand, 196 591
11. A letter of the King's to Tonstal
in answer to the former paper


12 A definition of the Catholic

Church, corrected with the King's
own hand.

199 592

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to him

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The Journal of King Edward's reign, 203 1 6. The Duke of Somerset's com-
1. His preface to some Scriptures

mission to be Protector

253 27
against idolatry

239 251 7. The King's letter to the Arch-
2. Å discourse concerning the re-

bishop of York concerning the
formation of divers abuses
ib. 250 visitation

256 41
3. A reformation of the Order of

8. The form of bidding prayers
the Garter, translated into Latin

before the Reformation

257 47
by him

242 328 9. A letter of BishopTonstal's prov.
4. A paper concerning a free mart

ing the subjection of the crown of
in England

244 332 Scotland to the King of England, 258 50
5. The method in which the Coun-

10. A letter sent by the Scottish no-
cil represented matters of state

bility to the Pope concerning their

246 319 being an independent kingdom . 260 51
6. Articles for the regulation of the

11. The oath given to the Scots who

247 342 submitted to the Protector 261 55

12. Bonner's protestation, with his

ib. 57
1. The character of King Edward

13. Gardiner's letter concerning the
given by Cardan
249 2 injunctions

ib. 58
2. The commission taken out by

14. The conclusion of his letter .o
Archbishop Cranmer

il. 8 the Protector against them 262 60
3. The Council's letter to the jus-

15. A letter of the Protector's to

250 20 the Lady Mary justifying the Re-
4. The order for the coronation of


263 69
King Edward

251 ib. 16. Petitions made by the lower
5. The commission for which the

house of convocation

264 74
Lord Chancellor was deprived of

17. A second petition to the same
his office ; with the opinion of the


ib. 76
judges about it

252 27 18. Reasons for admitting the infe.

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tices of peace

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rior clergy to sit in the House of

curing the popedom to himself

265 76
upon Pope Adrian's death

302 235
19. A letter of Martin Bucer's to

49. Instructions given to the Lord

266 82

Russel and others,concerning the
20. Questions and answersconcern-

delivery of Bulloignetothe French, 306 ib.
ing the divorce of the Marquis of

50. Other instructions sent to them, 307 236

268 93

51. The patents for the German
21. Injunctions given in Kin; Hen-


308 216
ry's time to the deanery of Don-

52. Injunctions given by Bishop
269 94 Ridley

309 252
22. A proclamation against innova-

53. Oylethorpe's submission and
tions without the king's authority, ib. 95 profession of his faith

310 258
23. An order of Council for the re-

54. Dr. Smith's letter to Cranmer, 311 259
moving of images

270 ib. 55. Articles of religion set out by
21. A letter, with directions sent to

the King's anthority

ib. 265
all preachers

271 96 56. Instructions to the President of
25. Questions concerning some

the north

317 345
abuses in the mass, with the an-

57. Instructions to Sir Rich. Mori.
swers made by some bishops and

son sent to the Emperor

321 349
divines to them


99 58. A letter of Ridley's setting out
26. A collection of the chief indul-

the sins of that time

323 360
gences then in the English offices, 280 105 59. Ridley's letter to the Protector
27. Injunctions for a visitation of

concerning the visitation of the

281 107
University of Cambridge

ib. 192
28. The Protector's letter to Gardi-

60. The Protector's answer to the
ner concerning the points that he

former letter

S24 ib.
was to handle in his sermon 282 111 61. A letter of Cranmer's to King
29. Idolatrous collects and hymns

Henry, concerning a further refor-
in the hours of Sarum

283 120
mation, and against sacrilege

• 325 313
30. Dr. Redmayn's opinion of the
marriage of the clergy

284 147

31. Articles of treason against the

1. The proclamation of Lady Jane

ib. 156
Gray's title to the crown

326 364
32. The warrant for the Admiral's

2. A letter written by Queen Ka-
287 159 therine to her daughter

328 372
33. Articles for the King's visitors, 288 163 3. An humble submission made by
34. A paper of Luther concerning

Queen Mary to her father

ib. 373
a reconciliation with the Zwin-

4. Another of the same strain con-

ib. 167
firming the former ..

329 ib.
35. The sentence against Joan of

5. Another to the same purpose

ib. ib.

ib. 178 6. A letter written by her to Crom-
S6. A letter of the Protector's to

well, containing a full submission
Sir Philip Hobbey, of the rebel-

in all points of religion to her fa-
lions at home
290 191 ther's pleasure .

330 ib.
37. A letter of Bonner's after his

7. A leiter of Bonner's upon his

ib. 204 being restored to his bishoprick . ib. 335
38. lustructions to Sir W. Paget,

8. Cranmer's manifesto against
sent to the Emperor

291 209
the mass .

331 ib.
39. Aletter of Paget to the Protector, 292 210 9. The conclusions of instructions
.40. Another letter of his to the Pro-

sent by Card. Pole to the Queen, ib. 405

294 212

10. Injunctions sent by the Queen to
41. The Council's letter to the King

the bishops

S32 425
against the Protector

298 216

11. A commission to turn out some
42. The Protector's submission ib. 217

of the reformed bishops

334 426
43. A letter from the Council to the

12. Another commission for turning

299 218
out the rest of them

335 ib.
44. A letter writ by the Council to

13. Bonner's certificate that Bishop
Cranmer and Paget

300 ib.

Scory bad put away his wife . ib. 428
45. Cranmer's and Paget's answer

ib. 219

14. The Queen's letter to the jus-
46. Articles objected to the Duke

tices of peace in Norfolk . 336 448
of Somerset

S01 220

15. The articles of Bonner's visita.
47. A letter of the Council's to the


ib. ib.
bishops, assuring them that the

16. Address made by the lower to
king intended to go forward in

the upper house of convocation , 339 458
the Reformation

S02 227

17. A bull making Cardinal Beaton
48. Cardinal Wolsey's letter for pro-

legate a lotere in Scotland 342 453

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tary Cecil

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18. A letter of the Queen's recom-

the Lady Elizabeth's answer to
mending Cardinal Pole to the

the proposition of marriage sent

348 481 her by the King of Sweden 371 563
19. Directions sent to the justices

of peace in Norfolk.

349 483
20. A letter from the King and

1. The device for alteration of re.
Queen requiring Bonner to go on

ligion in the first year of Queen
in the prosecution of heretics.

350 484 Elizabeth's reign offered to Secre-
21. Sir T. More's letter to Crom-

372 583
well concerning the Nun of Kent, ib. 491 2. Dr. Sandy's letter to Dr. Par-
92. Directions of the Queen's to the

ker concerning the proceedings in
Council touching the reformation


374 597
of the church.

354 492 3. The first proposition upon which
23. Injunctions given by Latimer to

the papists and protestants dis-
the Prior of St. Mary's .. •

ib. 497 puted in Westminster Abbey ;
24. A letter of Anne Boleyn to Gar-

with the arguments which the re-

355 499 formed divines made upon it . . ib. 603
25. The office of consecrating the

4. The answer which D. Cole made

ib. ib. to the former proposition 577 601
26. Letter of Gardiner's to King

5. A declaration made by the
Henry concerning bis divorce 356 ib. Council concerning the conference, 381 606
27. The writ for the burning of

6. An Address made by some bi.

358 519 shops and divines to the Queen
28. A commission to Bonner and

against the use of images . 382 61+
others to raze records

ib. 531 7. The high commission for the
29. Cromwell's commission to be the

province of York

383 619
King's vicegerent

359 ib. 8. Ten letters written to and by
30. A letter of the monks of Glas-

Dr. Parker, concerning his pro-
tonbury for raising that abbey 361 532 motion to the see of Canterbury . 385 620
31. A letter of Carne's from Rome, ib. 535 9. The instrument of bis conse-
32. A commission for a severe way


390 625
of proceeding against all suspec:-

10. An order for the translating of
ed of heresy.
363 541 the Bible

392 629
33. A letter of the Council express-

11. A profession of religion made
ing their jealousies of the Lady

in all churches by the clergy ... 393 626

365 546 12. Sir Walter Mildmay's opinion
54. Letter from Carne, concerning

concerning the keeping of the
the suspension of Pole's legation, 366 549 Queen of Scots

394 616
35. The appeal of Archbishop Chi-

12.*A letter of the Earl of Leicester's
cheley to a general council from

touching the same thing

396 ib.
the Pope's sentence

369 550 13. The bull of Pope Pius V.depos-
36. Instructions representing the

ing Queen Elizabeth

398 ib.
state of the nation to King Philip

An Appendix concerning some of the
after the loss of Calais.

370 561 errors and falsehoods in Sanders's
37. Sir T. Pope's letter concerning

book of the English Schism 400



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5. A letter of Cardinal Wolsey's
1. The bull of Pope Paul the

to King Henry, sent with letters
Fourth, annulling all the aliena-

that the King was to write to the
tions of church-lands
419 Intr. Emperor

421 27
2. A letter of Queen Katherine's

6. A letter of Cardinal Wolsey's
to King Henry, upon the defeat

to the King, concerning the Em.
of James the Fourth, King of Scot-

peror's firmness to him

ib. 28

420 25 7. The first letter of Cardinal
3. A letter of Cardinal Wolsey's

Wolsey to King Henry, about his
to King Henry: with a copy of

election to the popedom, upon
bis book for the Pope
421 26 Adrian's death

422 ib.
4. A letter of Cardinal Wolsey's

8. The second letter of Cardinal
to King Henry, about foreign

Wolsey to the King, about the
news, and concerning Luther's

succession to the popedom ib. 29
answer to the King's book ib. 27 9. The third letter of Cardinal

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Wolsey; giving an account of the

cities of Dantzic, Stettin, and
election of Cardinal Medici to be


449 143

423 31 31. Propositions to the King'sCoun-
10. Å remarkable passage in Sir T.

cil; marked in some places on the
More's Utopia, left out in the lat-

margin in King Henry's own hand, 454 148
ter editions

ib. 44 32. A letter against the Pope's au-
11. A letter of the Pope's, upon his

thority, and his followers, setting
captivity, to Cardinal Wolsey 424 51 forth their treasons .

455 149
12. A part of Cardinal Wolsey's

33 A proclamation against sedi-
letter to the King concerning his

tious preachers.

457 150

ib. 52 34. A letter of the Archbishop of
13. A letter written by King Henry

York, setting forth his zeal in the
the Eighth, to Cardinal Wolsey,

King's service, and against the
recalling him bome
425 53 Pope's authority

ib. ib.
14. A letter from Rome, by Gar.

35. A letter of Cromwell's to the
diner, to King Henry, setting

King's Ambassador in France,
forth the Pope's artifices . ib. 61 full of expostulations

459 153
15. The Pope's promise in the King's

36. The engagement sent over by

426 56 the French King to King Henry,
16. Some account of the proceed-

promising that he would adhere
ings of the university, in the case

to him, in condemning his first,
of the divorce, from Dr. Buck-

and justifying his second mar-
master's book, MS, C.C.C.. 427 95


461 154
17. Three letters, written by King

37. Cranmer's letter to Cromwell;
Henry to the university of Oxford,

justifying himself, upon
for their opinion in the cause of

complaints made by Gardiner 463 157
his marriage .

429 97 38. A letter of Barlow's to Crom-
18. Copy of the King's letters to the

well, complaining of the Bishop
Bishop of Rome.

431 101 and Clergy of St David's . 464 159
19. A letter of Gregory Cassali,

39. A letter of Dr. Leigh's, concern-
from Compiegne

433 114 ing their visitation at York 465 160
20. A representation made by the

40. A letter of Tonstal's, upon the
convocation to the King, before

King's ordering the bishops to
the submission

434 117
send up their bulls .

466 ib.
21. A letter by Magnus to Crom-

41. A letter of the Archbishop of
well, concerning the convocation

York's, concerning the suppres.
at York
435 120 sion of the monasteries

467 163
29. A protestation made by War-

42. Instructions for sending Barnes,
ham, archbishop of Canterbury,

and others, to Germany

468 166
against all the acts passed in the

43. The Smalcaldic league

469 170
parliament to the prejudice of the

44. Propositions made to the King
ib. 191 by the German Princes

471 171
23. A letter of Bonner's, upon his

45. The answer of the King, to the
reading the King's appeal to the

petitions and articles lately ad.

436 124 dressed to his Highness,from John
24. Cranmer's letter, for an appeal

Frederick Duke of Saxe, elector,
to be made his name

441 128 &c. and Philip Landgrave Van
23. A minute of a letter, sent by the

Hesse, in the name of them, and
King to his Ambassador at Roine, ib. 131 all their confederates

472 172
26. The judgment of the convoca-

46. The answer of the King's Am-
tion of the province of York, re-

bassadors, made to the Duke of
jecting the Pope's autbority 444 140

Saxony and the Landgrave of
27. The judgment of the university


473 173
of Oxford, rejecting the Pope's

47. A letter written to the King, by

ib. ib. the Princes of the Smalcaldic
28. The judgment of the Prior and


475 174
Chapter of Worcester, concern-

48. Cranmer's letter to Cromwell,
ing the Pope's authority

445 141 complaining of the ill-treatment
29. An order for preaching, and bid.

of the Ambassadors from Ger-
ding of the beads, in all sermons


ib. 175
to be made within this realm 447 142 49. The Earl of Northumberland's
30. Instructions given by the King's

letter to Cromwell, denying any
Highness to William Paget,whom

contract, or promise of marriage,
his Highness sendeth at this time

between Queen Anne and him-
unto the King of Pole, the Dukes


476 181
of Pomeray and of Pruce, and the

50. A letter, giving Pace an accoun

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of propositions made to King

Henry, by Charles V.

476 183
51. Instructions by Cardinal Pole,

1. Instructions given by Luther to
to one he sent to King Henry 477 188 Melancthon, 1534 ; of which one
52. A letter to Pole,from the Bishop

article was erroneously published
of Durham

479 190 be me, in Vol. II. and that being
53. A letter of Pole's to Cromwell,

complained of, the whole is now
justifying himself
482 194 published .

515 263
54. A letter of the Abbess of God-

2. The Lady Mary's letter to the
stow, complaining of Dr. London, 485 199 Lord Protector, and to the rest
55. A letter to Bullinger, from one

of the King's Majesty's Council,
of Maidstone; giving an account

upon their suspecting that some
of an image, which seems to be the

of her household had encouraged
rood of Boxley in Kent
ib. ib. the Devonsbire rebellion

516 28+
56. A consolatory letter to Henry

3. A letter of Christopher Mount's,
VIII. from the Bishop of Durham,

concerning the Interim .

517 300
after the death of Queen Jane 186 200 4. A part of a letter of Hooper's to
57. Injunctions given by Edward,

Bullinger, giving an account of
archbishop of York, to be observed

the cruelty of the Spaniards in the
within the diocess of York, by all


ib. ib.
the clergy of the
same, and others

5. The oath of supremacy, as it was
whom the said injunctions do con-

made when the bishops did bo-

487 201 mage in King Henry the Eighth's
58. Injunctions given by the Bishop

time. The last words were struck
of Coventry and Lichtield through-

out by King Edward Vi.. 518 306
out his diocess

490 203 6. A letter of Peter Martyr's to
59. Injunctions given by the Bishop

Bullinger of the state of the uni-
of Salisbury throughout his dio-

versity of Oxford in the year 1.550, 519 310

491 ib. 7. A mandate, in King Edward's
60. The petition of Gresham, lord

name, to the officers of the Arch-
mayor of London, to the King,

bishop of Canterbury ; requiring
for the city hospitals

494 205 them to see that the Articles of
61. A part of a proclamation, chiefly

Religion should be subscribed 520 319
concerning Becket.

ib. 207 8. The King's mandate to the
62. An original letter of the King's

Bishop of Norwich, sent with the
much to the same purpose

495 208 Articles to be subscribed by the
63. The design for the endowment


521 320
of Christ Church in Canterbury · 497 211 9. The mandate of the visitors of
64. A letter of the Archbishop of

the university of Cambridge to
Canterbury to Cromwell upon the

522 321
new foundation at Canterbury 498 1. 10. King Edward's device for the
65. A part of a letter concerning the


ib. 322
debates of the Six Articles in the

11. The Council's original subscrip-
House of Lords

499 213 tion to Edward the Sixth's Limi-
66. A letter of the visitors sent to

tation of the Crown

523 323
examine the Abbot of Glastonbury, ib. 218 12. Articles and instructions, an-
67. Cromwell's letter to the King,

nexed to the commission, for
when he was committed to the

taking surrender of the cathedral
500 219 of Norwich

ib. S26
68. Questions con
concerning the sacra-

13. An original letter of Queen

501 230 Mary's to King Philip before he
69. An answer to the former queries:

wrote to her

524 340
with some remarks on them, in

14. Queen Mary's letter to the Earl
the King's hand, written on the

of Sussex, to take care of elections
502 ib. to the parliament

ib. 344
70. Answers to these queries 503 ib. 15. Cardinal Pole's first letter to
71. The examination of Queen Ka.

Queen Mary :

ib. 345
therine Howard
504 231 16. The Queen's answer to it

526 ib.
72. A letter of Sir W. Paget's, of

17. Cardinal Pole's general powers,
his treating with the Admiral of

for reconciling England to the
. . 505 233 church of Rome.

ib. 346
73. Bishop Thirlby's letter,concern-

18. A letter of Cardinal Pole's to
ing the Duke of Norfolk and his son 513 252 the Bishop of Arras upon King
74. A letter of the Duke of Norfolk's,

Philip's arrival in England and
after he had been examined in the

his marriage to the Queen 529 348

ib. 16. | 19. A letter from Cardinal Pole to

the same purpose

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