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against the same, were lawfully cited, mo 28. Item, Whether ye do sleep altogether nished and called ?

in the Dormitorie, under one Roof, or not? Exhibeat Electionem, Confirmationem, et 29. Item ; Whether ye bave all separato Titulum sue Incumbentiæ.

Beds, or any one of you doth lay with an 15. Item ; What Rule the Master of this other? House, and other the Brethren, do profess?

30. Item ; Whether ye do keep the Fraitry 16. Item; How many be Professed, and at Meals, so that two parts, or the least, the how many be Novices ; and whether the No- two part of the whole Covent be always vices have like Habit, or use to wear an there, unless the Master at every one time Habit distinct from the Habit of the Brethren dispense with you to the contrary? Professed?

31. Item; Whether ye do wear your Reli. 17. Item; Whether ye do use to profess gious babit continually, and never leave it off

but when your Novices in due time, and within what

ye go to bed ? time and space after they have taken the 32. ltem; Whether every Brethren of this Habit upon them?

House bave lightly departed hence, and bath 18. liem; Whether the Brethren of this gone to any other House of like order and House do know the Rule that they have pro

Profession, without special Letters and Li

of their Master? fessed, and whether they keep their Profes- cens

55. Item; Whether the Master and Bresion according to that their Rule, and Custom of this House; and in especial, the three sub-thren of this House bave received and admitstantial and principal Vows, that is to say, special License and Letters of his Master and

ted any Brother of another House, without Poverty, Chustity, and Obedience?

Head? 19. Item; Whether any of the Brethren tise any propriety of Mony, or of Plate, in

St. Item ; Whether any of you, sithence their Chainbers; or of any other manner thing the time of your Profession, hath gone out of unwarre of the Master, and without his know. this House to his Friends, or otherwise ? ledg and license, or by his sufferance and

35. Item ; How oftimes he did so, and how knowledg? and for what cause ?

long at every time ye tarried forth? 20. liem; Whether ye do keep Chastity,

36. ltem; Whether ye bad special license not using the company of any suspect Woman of your Master so to go forth, or not? within this Monastery, or without ? And

37. Jiem; Whether at every time of your whether the Master, or any Brother of this being forth, ye changed or left off your hábit, blouse be suspected upon Incontinency, or

or every part thereof ? defamed for that he is much conversant with

38. Item ; Whether ye, or any of you be, Women ?

or hath been, in manifest Apostasy, that is 21. Irem ; Whether Women useth and re

to say, Fugitives or Vagabonds ? sorteth much to this Monastery by back-ways, have so gone forth and been in Apostasy?

39. Item; For what cause or occasion ye or otherwise ? and wbether they be accustomably, or at any time lodged within the Pre. and whether the cause of your going forth cinct thereof?

was by reason of the great cruelty of your 92. Item ; Whether the Master, or any Master, or by his negligence, not calling you Brother of this House, useth to have any Boys

home to your Cloister ? or young Men laying with him?

40. ltem ; Whether ye be weekly shaven,

and 23. Itein ; Whether the Brethren of this not nourish or suffer your Hair to be House keep their Obedience, being ready at long and whether ye wear your Apparel actheir Master's Commandment, in all things cording to the Rule, not too excessive, nor toc honest, lawful, and reasonable ?

exquisite ; and in like wise the trappo's of Sequuntur Regulæ Cæremoniales. your Horses, and other your bearing Beasts ?

41. Item ; Whether the Master and Head 24. Item; Whether ye do keep silence in of this House do use his Brethren charitably, the Church, Cloister,Fraitrie, and Dormitorie, without partiality, malice, envy, grudg, or at the hours and time specified in your Rule ? displeasure more shewed to one than to

25. ltem; Whether ye de keep Fastings another ? and Abstinence, according to your Rules, Sta 42. Item; Whether he do use bis Disci. tutes, Ordinances, and laudable Customs of plines, Corrections, and Punishments upon this House ?

his Brethren, with mercy, pity, and charity, 26. Item; Whether ye abstain from Flesh, without cruelty, rigorousness, and enormous in time of Advent, and other times declared hurt, no more favouring one than another? and specified by the Law, Rules, and laud

43. Item ; Whether any Brother, or Reliable Customs of this House?

gious Person of this House, be incorrigible? 27. Item ; Whether ye wear Shirts and 44. Jtem ; Whether the Master of this Sheets of Woollen, or that ye have any Con- House do use his Brethren charitably when stitution, Ordinance, or Dispensation, grant- they be sick and diseased ? and whether in ed or made to the contrary, by sufficient and time of their sickness he do procure unto lawful authority ?

them Physicians, and all otber necessaries? Profitentes Regulam Benedicti quam arctissime 45. ltem; Whether he make bis Accompes tenentur ad prædictu Curemonialiu obser vanda. (as he ought to do) once every year before his

Brethren, and chiefly the Seniors and officers, Annuities, or Offices, to his Kinsfolk, Alli. to the intent they may be made privy to the ances, Friends, or Acquaintance, for term of state and condition of the House, and know years, or otherwise, to the hurt, hindrance, perfectly the due administration thereof? danımage, and impoverishment of this House?

46. Item ; Whether the Prior, Subprior, 58. Itein ; Whether be he wont to grant Sellerar, Kitcbener, Terrure, Sacristen, or any Patent, or Covent-Seal, without the cene any such-like Officer, having Administration Rent of bis Brethren? of every manner Revenues of this House, do 59. liem; Whether the Covent-Seal of make his whole and true Accompt, according this House be surely and safely kept under as he is bound to do, not applying any thing three Keys; that is to say, one reinaining by him received to his own proper use or and being in the custody of the Master, and commodity ?

other two in the custody of two Seniours ? 47. Itein; Whether any Religious Person 60. Item; Wbether the Muniments and of this House do bear, occupy, or exercise Evidences of the Lands, Rents, and Revenues more Offices than one, for, and to his own of this House, be safely kept from Vermine singular commodity, advantage, or profit, by and Moistness ? the partial dealing of the Master ?

61. liem; Whether the Master do keep 43. Item; Whether all and singular the Hospitality according to the ability of his Revenues and Profits of this House be con- House, and in like manner as other Fathers verted and employed to the bebove and use hereof have done heretofore ? thereof, and of the Brethren, and according 62. ltem; Whether the Master of this to the Founder's mind and Giver ?

House, in receiving any Novice, being of 49. Item ; Whether the Master do make williog and toward mind to enter into Relisufficient reparations upon his Monastery, as gion, bath demanded or received, or conrent. the Church and all other housing thereto ad- ed to receive any Mony, Rewards, or any joined, and also upon all other the Lands, other temporal Commodities of him snentring, Granges, Farins, and Tenements belonging or willing to enter, or of any other his Friends? to the same, and whether he suffer any dila- and whether for not promising, granting, or pidation, decay, or ruine in any part of :hem? giving such Rewards or Gifts, any bath been

50. Item; Whether there be any Inventory repelled and not received ? made of all and singular the Moveables, 63. Item ; Whether the Novices, and other Goods, which from time to time have been, received into Religion, have a Preceptor and and yet be in this House, as of Jewels, Re- Master deputed unto them to teach them liques, Ornaments, Vestiments, ready Mony, Grammar and good Letters ? Plate, Bedding, with other Utensils; also of 61. Item ; Whether any Seniour of this Corn, Chattels, and other Commodities, to the House be deputed to declare, inform, and inintent the state and condition of this House struct them their Rules, and whereunto they may be always known ?

shall be bounden to observe and keep, after 51. Item ; That ye express truly and sin- their Profession? cerely the whole state and condition of this 65. Item ; Whether any of you have taken House, as Mony, Plate, Cattel, Corn, and upon him the Habit and Profession of your other Goods?

Religion, chiefly for the intent, hope, or irust 52. Item; Whether this Monastery be in- to be made Head and Master of this House? debted ? to whom ? and for what cause ? 66. Item; Whether the Master of this

53. Item ; Whether any of the Lands be House, in giving any Advocation, Nominasold, or mortgaged? and for what Sums? tion, Presentation, or Collation of any Par.

54. Item; Whether any be lett to Farm by sonage, Vicarage, Chapel, or Benefice of the the Master of this House for term of years, Patronage and Gift this House, do take, or use and for how many years ? and specially to take any manner Pension, Portion, or other whether they be letten for small Sums, or for Commodity or Gains; or else doth make any les3 Sums than they were wont to be letten Convention or Compaction, whereby any lucre for, to the intent to have great sums of ready may ensue to him in that behalf ? Mony before hand ?

67. Item ; Whether he do receive, or use 55. liem; Whether he do enforce, compel, to receive, the Fruits and Revenues of every or constrain his Brethren, or any of them, to such Benefice vacant, or use to borrow any consent to the sealing of any Leases, Grants, Mony of him to whom he intendeth to give Farm-Holds, Annuities, Corrodies, or any such Benefice unto, expresly covenanting or other Alienations?

intending, that he so obtaining the said Be36. liem; Whether the Plate and Jewels, nefice, shall freely and clearly remit the said or any part or parcel thereof, or of any other Mony so borrowed ? moveable Goods of this House be laid to 68. Item ; What, and how many Benefices pledg, sold, or alienated for a time, or for the Master of this House doth occupy and ever! for wbat cause, and to whom? or other- keep in his own hands? wise imbezle!, or consumed ?

69. Item ; Whether the same Benefices be 57. Item ; Whether the Master of this appropriate and united to this House by sufHouse be wont to give under his Seal officient authority ? Office, or Covent-Seal, Farms, Corrodies, 70. Item; Whether the Master of this


House doth make distributions amongst the 79. Item ; Wbether any Sister doth use Parishioners of the Benefices appropriate, her Habit continually out of her Cell ? and doth keep and observe all and singular 80. Item ; Wherein every one of you ocoiber Provisions and Ordinances specified cupieth herself, beside the time of Divine aud expressed in the Appropriations of the Service ? same Benefices ?

81. Item; Whether any Sister of this House Exhibeant omnes et singulas Appropriationes, hath any familiarity with Religious Men, una cum Ordinationibus et Dotationibus Vicari- Secular Priests, or, being not near

of kin unto them? 71. Item ; Whether he do promote unto

82. Item; M'hether any Sister of this House such Bevefices as be of his Gift, sufficient hath been taken and found with any such ac. and able Persons in Learning, Manners, and customably so communicating, and could not

shew Verrue?

any reasonable cause why they so did ?

83. liem; Whether any of you doth use to 72. Item; Whether any Brother of this House do serve any Parish Church, being

write any Letters of Love, or lascivious appropriate and united to the same, and how fashion to any Person, or receive any such, many Churches appropriate be so served ?

or bave any privy Messengers coming and 73. Item; Whether the Master of this resorting unto you, or any of you, with i'oken House hath and pusse-seth any Benefice with or Gifts, from any manner secular Person or

other? Cure, or any other Dignity with his Abbey ?

84. Item ; Whether any


doth use to Si aliquod tule habet, Dispensutionem exhibeut.

speak with any manner of Person, by night 74. Item ; Whether the Master of this or by day, by Grates or back Windows, or House at any time since he was first made other privy Places within this Monastry, Abbot, or Naster, did know or believe that without license of your Head? he was Suspended, or Excommunicate, either

85. Item ; Whether the Confessor of this by the Law, or by any Judg ; and whether he House be a discreet Man, of good learning, knowing or supposing himself so to be, did vertue and honest behaviour, of good nanie sing Mass in the mean time, and before he and fame, and whether he hath been always was absolved ?

Bo taken? In Visitatione Monialium ad Præmissa

86. Item ; How oftimes in the year the adduntur hæc.

Sisters of this House useth to be Confessed

and Communicate ? 75. Ilem ; Whether this Monastery hath good and sufficient Enclosure, and whether Restat pro Ecclesiis Collegiatis, Hospitalibus, the Doors and Windows be diligently kept

Ecclesiis Cathedralibus, Parrochialibus, Ecshut, so that no Man can have any entry into

clesiis, Episcopo, et Archiepiscopo, pro ordine

Jerosolomitarum? the same, or any part thereof, at inconvenient tiines?

Exhibeant omnia scripta, munimenta, Inren. Propter quod necessarium erit Visitatori circum

taria, Scedulus quascunque, unde aliquid cogni. ire Monasterium, uc videre et rimare disposic domorum utilitati, necessaria esplicuri, aut quo

tionis eorum reformationi Monasteriorum, sive timein a lifciorum, et un sint aliqua loca


modo perrin per quæ secrele intrari possit ; et una

colligi possit. secuum habent Aboutissum cum duabus aut tribus sonoribus Monialibus, a quibus tum interroet, an ostia Monasterii singulis qui- II.-General Injunctions to be given on the busque noctibus sub clavibus clausu teneatur,

King's Highness's behulf, in ull Monastries et quick eurum Monialium senio confectarum, and other Houses, of whatsoever Order or Rerel'an Abbas ipsa cluviun custodian tempore

ligion they be. nocturno habeant et teneant: nam non est

[Cotton Libr. Cleop. E. 4.] tutulur clavium custodium Junioribus com

First ; That the Abbot, Prior, or Presi.

dent, and all other Brethren of the Place 76. Item; Whether Strangers, both Men that is visited, shall faithfully, truly, and and Women, useth commonly to have com- heartily, keep and observe, and cause teach, munication with the Sisters of this House, and procure to be kept and observed of oath, without license of the Abbess or Prioress, as much as in them may lie, all and singular specially in secret places, and in the absence Contents, as well in the oath of the King's of their Sisters?

Highness Succession, given heretofore by 77. liem; Whether any Sister of this them as in a certain Profession lately sealed Hlouse were professed for any manner of com- with the Common Seal, and subscribed and palsion of her Friends and Kinsfolks, or by Signed with their own hands: Also that they the Abbess or Prioress?

sball observe and fulfil, by all the means that 78. liem; Whether any of the Sisters of they best may, the Statutes of this Realm, this House useth to go forth any whither out made, or to be made, for the suppression and of tbe Precinct thereof, withou. special license taking away of the usurped and pretensal of their Abbess or Prioress?

Jurisdiction of the Bishop of Rome withia


this Realm: and for the assertion and con- corile, such days as they eat Flesh, and all firmation of the Authority, Jurisdiction and other days in their Refectory; and that at Prerogative of our most noble Sovereign every Mess there sit four of them, not of duty Lord the King, and his Successors; and that demanding to them any certain, usual, or acthey shall diligently instruct their Juniors customed duty or portion of Meat as they were and Youngers, and all other committed to wont to do; but that they be content with their Cure, That the King's Power is by the such Victuals as is set before them, and there Laws of God most excellent of all under God take their Refections soberly, without excess, in Earth; and that we ought to obey him with giving due thanks to God; and that at afore all other Powers, by God's Prescript; every such Refection, some Chapter of the and that the Bishop of Rome's Jurisdiction New Testament, or Old, by some of the said or Authority heretofore usurped, by no means Brethren, be read and recited to the other, is founded or established by Holy Scripture: keeping silence, and giving audience to the but tha: the same, partly by the craft and same. deceit of the same Bishop of Rome, and by Also, that the Abbot and President do his evil and ambitious Canons and Decretals; daily prepare one Table for himself and his and partly by the toleration and permission Guests thither resorting, and that not over of Princes, by little and little hath grown sumptuous, and full of delicate and strange up; and therefore now, of most right and Dishes, but honestly furnished with common equity, is taken away and clean expelled out Meats; At which l'alle, the said Abbot, or of this Realm.

some Senior in his stead, shall sit to receive, Also, that the Abbot, Prior, or President and gently entertain the strangers, the and Brethren, may be declared, by the King's Guests. Supream Power and Authority Ecclesiastical, Also, that none of the Brethren send any to be absolved and loosed from all manner part of his Meat, or the leavings thereof to Obedience,Oath,and Profession by them hereany Person, but that there be assigned an Altofore perchance promised, or made, to the moner, which shall gather the Leavings, both said Bishop of Rome, or to any other in his of the Covent and Strangers Tables, after that stead, or occupying his Authority; or to any the Servants of the House have had their conother Forreign Prince, or Person: And nevere venient Refections, and distribute the same to theless let it be enjoined to them, that they poor people ; amongst whom special consishall not promise or give such Oath or Pro- deration be bad of such, before other, as be fession to any such Forreign Potentate here. Kinsfolk to any of the said Brethren, if they after. And if the Statutes of the said Order be of like power and debility as other be ; Religious, or Place, seem to bind them to and also of those which endeavour themselves, Obedience, or Subjection, or any other Re. with all their will and labour, to get their live cognizance of Superiority to the said Bisbop of ing with their hands, and yet cannot fully Rome, or to any other Forreign Power, Po- help themselves for their chargeable House tentate, Person or Place, by any ways; such hold, and multitude of Children: yet let ont Statutes, by the King's Graces Visitors, be them be so cherished, that they shall leare utterly annihilate, broken, and declared void labour and fall to idleness; with consideraand of none effect; and that they be in no tion also especially to be had of them, which case bounden or obligate to the same, and by weakness of their Limbs and Body be so such statutes to be forth with utterly put forth impotent that they cannot labour; and by vo and abolished out of the Books, or Muniments means let such Alms begiven to valiant mighly of that Religion, Order or Place, by the Pre- and idle Beggars and Vagabouds, as comsident and his Brethren.

monly use to resort about such places; which Also, that no Monk, or Brother of this Mo. rather, as drove-Beasts and Mychers, should nastery, by any means go forth of the Precinct be driven away and compelled io labour, than of the same.

in their idleness and lewdness, against the Also, that Women, of what state or degree form of the King's Graces Statute in this besoever they be, be utterly excluded from en- half made, cherished, and maintained, to the tering into the Limits or Circuit of this Mo- great hindrance and damage of the Commonnastery, or place, unless they first obtain li- Weal. cense of the King's Highness, or his Visitor. Also, that all other Almses or Destributions

Also, that there be no entering into this due, or accustomed to be made, by reason of Monaste but one, and that by the great the Foundation, Statutes, or custeines of this fore.gate of the same, which diligently sball place, be made and given, as largely and as be watched and kept by some Porter specially liberally as ever they were at any time hereappointed for that purpose, and shall be shut tofore. and opened by the same both day and night, Also, that the Abbot, Prior, or President, at convenient and accustomed hours; which shall find Wood and Fewel sufficient to make Porter shall repel all manner Women from Fire in the Refectory, from Allhallow-even to entrance into the said Monastry..

Good-Friday. Also, that all and singular Brethren, and Also, that all the Brethren of this House, Monks of tbis Monastery, take their sefec- except the Abbot, and such as be sick, or evil tions altogether iu a place called the Miserin at ease, and those that have fulfilled their

Jubilee, lie together in the Dormitory, every and Observances, as tho they had perfectly one by himself, in several Beds.

fulfilled the chief and outmost of the whole Also, that no Brother, or Monk, of this true Religion ; but that when they have once House, have any Child, or Boy laying, or pri- passed such things, they endeavour themselves vily accompanying with him, or otherwise to higher things, and convert their minds haunting unto him, other tban to help him to from such external Matters, to more inward Ma s.

and deeper Considerations, as the Law of Also, that the Brethren of this House, when God and Christian Religion doth teach and they be sick, or evil at ease, be seen unto, show. And that they assure not themselves and be kept in the infirmary duly, as well for of any Reward or Commodity any wise, by their sustenance of Meat and Drink, as for reason of such Ceremonies and Observances, their good keeping.

except they refer all such to Christ, and for Also, that the Abbot, or President, keep his sake observe them; and for that they and find in some University, one or two of might thereby the more easily keep such his Brothers, according to the Ability and things as he hath commanded, as well to them Possessions of this House ; which Brethren, as to all Christian People. after they be learned in good and holy Letters, Also, that the Abbot and President of this when they return home, may instruct and Place shall make a full and true reckoning teach their Brethren, and diligently preach and accompt of his Administration every year the Word of God.

to his Brethren, as well of his Receipts as Also, that every day, by the space of one Expences; and that the said Accompt be hour, a Lesson of Holy Scripture be kept in written in a great Book remaining with the this Covent, to which all, under pain by this Covent. said President to be moderated, shall resort; Also, that the Abbot and President of this which President shall have Authority to dis- House sball make no waste of the Woods perpense with them, that they with a low and taining to this House, nor shall set out unadtreatable voice, say their long hours, which visedly any Farmes or Reversions, without were wont to be sung.

the consent of the more part of the Convent. Also, that the Brethren of this House, after Also, that there be assigned a Book and a Divine Service done, read or hear somewhat Register that may copy out into that Book of Holy Scripture, or occupy themself in some all such Writings, word by ord, as shall such like bonest and laudable exercise. pass under the Covent-Seal of this House.

Also, that all and every Brethren of this Also, that no Man be suffered to profess, House shall observe the Rule, Statutes, and or to wear the Habit of Religion in this House laudable Customs of this Religion, as far as e're he be 24 years of Age compleat ; And they do agree with Holy Scripture and the that they entice nor allure no Man with sua. Word of God. And that the Abbot, Prior, sions and blandyments to take the Religion or President of this Monastery, every day upon him. shall expound to his Brethren, as plainly as Item, that they shall not shew no Reliques, may be, in English, a certain part of the Rule or feigned Miracles, for encrease of Lucre, that they have professed, and apply the same but that they exhort Pilgrims and Strangers always to the Doctrine of Christ, and not to give that to the Poor, that they thought contrariwise ; and he shall teach them, that to offer to their Images or Reliques. the said Rule, and other their Principles of Also, that they shall suffer no Fairs, or Religion (so far as they be laudable) be taken Markets, to be kept or used within the limits ont of Holy Scripture ; and he shall show of this House. them the places from whence they were de Also, that every Brother of this House that rived ; and that their Ceremonies, and other is a Priest, shall every day in his Mass, pray observances of Religion, be none other things for the most happy and most prosperous estate than as the first Letters or Principles, and of our Sovereign Lord the King, and his most certain Introductions to true Christianity, or noble and lawful Wife Queen Ann. to observe an order in the Church. And that Also, that if either the Master, or any true Religion is not contained in Apparel, Brother of this House, do infringe any of the manner of going, shaven Heads, and such said Injunctions, any of them shall denounce other marks; por in silence, fasting, up-rising the same, or procure to be denounced, as soon in the night, singing, and such other kind of as may be, to the King's Majesty, or to his Ceremonies, but in cleapness of mind, pure- Visitor-General, or his Deputy. And the ness of living, Christ's Faith not feigned, and Abbot, or Master, shall minister spending brotherly Charity, and true honouring of God Mony, and other Necessaries, for the way to in Spirit and Verity: And that those above- him ihat shall so denounce. said things were instituted and begun, that Other Spiritual Injunctions may be added they being first exercised in these, in process \y the l'isitor, as the place and nature of the of time might ascend to those as by certain comperts shall require, after his discretion. steps, that is to say, to the chief point and Reserving Power to give more Injunctions, end of Religion : and therefore let them be and to examine and discuss the Comperts, to diligently exhorted, that they do not continu. punish and reform them that be convict of ally stick and surcease in such Ceremonies any notable Crime, lo search and try the

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