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made by the Prior of St. Andrews in North- Head, under God, on Earth, the King's Ma. ampton, the Preamble whereof is printed by jesty; and not to follow henceforth, the su. Fuller, and is at large printed by Weaver, is perstitious Traditions of any Forinsecal Poyet preserved in the dugmentation-office, tentate or Power, with mutual assent and There are some few more also extant, six of consent, do submit our selves unto the Mercy these I have seen, one of them follows. of our said Sovereign Lord, and with the like

wine mutual assent and consent do surrender, &c. For Asmuch as we Richard Green, Abbot mu of our Monastery of our Blessed Lady St.

Signed by the Prior and 6 Friers. Mary of Betlesden, and the Convent of the said Monastery, do profoundly consider, That Sect. V.-Of the manner of suppressing the the whole manner and trade of living, which Monasteries after they were Surrendered. we and our pretende 1 Religion have prac. tised, and used many days, does most princi:

The Reader will best understand this by pally consist in certain dumb Cerenionies, and

e and the following account of the Suppression of other certain Constitutions of the Bishops of

of the Monastery of Teuksbury, copied from a Rome. and orber Forinsecal Potentates, as Book that is in the Augmentation-Office, the Abbot of Cistins, and therein only nose. which begins thus : led, and not taught in the true knowledg of The Certificate of Robert Southwell EsGod's Laws, procuring always Exemptions of quire, William Petre, Edward Kairne, and the Bishops of Rome from our Ordinaries and John London, Doctors of Law; John Ap-rice, Diocesans : submitting our selves principally John Kingsman, Richard Paulet, and William to Forinsecal Potentates and Powers, which Bemars, Esquires, Commissioners assigned never came here to reform such disorders of by the King's Majesty, to take the Surrenders living and abuses, as now have been found to of divers Monasteries, by force of his Grace s have reigned amongst us. And therefore now Commission to them, 6, 5, 4, or 3 of them, assuredly knowing, that the most perfect way in that behalf directed ; bearing date at his of living, is inost principally and sufficiently Highness's Palace, of Westminster, the 7th declared unto us by our Master Christ, his day of Novemb. in the 31 year of the Reign Evangelists and Apostles, and that it is most of our most dread Sovereign Lord Henry the expedient for us to be governed and ordered Eighth, by the Grace of God, King of Engby our Supream Head, under God, the King's land, and of France, Defender of the Faith, most noble Grace, with our mutual assent and Lord of Ireland, and in Earth immediately consent, submitor selves, and every one of us, under Christ Supreme Head of the Church to the most benign Mercy of the King's Ma- of England, of all and singular their Projesty; and by these presents do surrender, &c. ceedings, as well in and of these Monasteries

, by his Majesty appointed to be altered, as of The Surrender follows in common form, Signed by the Abbot, Subprior and 9 Monks, 25. Sep- purport, and effect of his Graces said Com.

en others to be dissolved, according to the tenour, temb. Regni 30.

mission ; with Instructions to them likewise There are others to the same purpose Signed delivered, as hereafter ensueth. by the Guardian and seven Franciscans at Alis. bury, the 1st of October. By the Franciscans

Com. Glocester. at Bedford the 3d of October. The Francis

(Surrendered to the use of the King's cans in Coventry the 5th of October. And the

Majesty, and of bis Heirs and Franciscans in Stamford the 8th of October.

Successors for ever made, bearAnd the Carmelites in Stamford on the same day, which I shall also insert, the former four

ing date under the Covent-Seal | Teuk.

of the same late Monastery, the agreeing to it.


9th day of January, in the 31 FORASMUCU as we the Prior and Friers of tery.

year of the Reign of our most this House of Carmelites in Stamford, com

dread victorious Sovereign Lord, monly called the White Friers in Stamford,

King Henry the Eighth and the in the County of Lincoln, do profoundly con

said day and year clearly dissider that the perfection of Christian living

solved and supposed. doth not consist in some Ceremonies, wear.

As well Spiritual) ing of a wbite Coat, disguising our selves

asTemporal, over after strange fashions, duch ying and becking, The clear and besides 1361. i wearing Scapulars and Hoods, and other-like yearly va 8s. 1d. in Fees, i Papistical Ceremonies, wherein we have been lue of all | Annuities, and most principally practised and noseled in the Pos- Cuscodies, grant- ' l. s. d. times past;but the very true way to pleaseGod, sessions < ed to divers Per- $ 1595 15 6 and to live a true Christian Man, without all belonging sons by Letters hypocrisy and feigned dissimulation, is sin- to said Patents under the cerely declared to us by our Master Christ, late Mo Covent. Seal of his Evangelists, and Apostles; being minded nastery. | the said late Mohereafter to follow the same, conforming our

nastery for term self to the Will and Pleasure of our Supream

( of their lives.

rt, the former four bury late,

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I. s. d. 1 (The Church, with Chap-) The clear Yearly Value. ... 1595 15 6

pels, Cloister, Chapter. I. s. d.

house, Misericord, the PI. Wich, late

the two Dormitories, the Abbot there

Infirmary, with Chappels 266 134

and Lodgings within the J. Beley late

same; the Workbay, Prior there 16 0 0

with another House ad. Deem

ComJ. BromesPen

joining to the same, the ed to be Covent-Kitching, the Li

mitted grove late sions ! Prior of De


brary, the old Hostery, assignlehurst fluous.

above13 6 8

the Chamberers Lodged to

Robert Cirthe late

ing, the new-Hall, the

said. Religicenter Prior

old Parlor adjoining to 8

the Abbot's Lodging; the
of St.James 13 6 8 } 551 6
ous dis 1
Will. Didcote

Cellarers Lodging. the
Prior of Cran.

Pouliry-house, the Gard-
ed; that
is to
borne 10 0 0

ner, the Almary, and all Rob. Chelten

other Houses and Lodg. say, to hem B. D. 10 0 0

ings not above reserved.) Two Monks 81.

Sum of all a piece 16 0 0 1

the OrnaOne Monk 700

Sold by the said Com

ments, 27 Mon. 61.


missioners, as in a (13s. 4d. each 180 0 0

particular Book and Chat

of į 1. s. d. And so remains clear-1044 8 10 | tles be. )

Sales thereof made longing to

ready to be shewed 1 194 80 Remains in the Trea

the said

as more at large may | Belong. | sury there under the

late Mo

appear. Records | ing to | Custudy of John Whit

nastery. and Evia the late Stington Kt. the Keys dences Monas. | whereof being deliver

To 38 late Re tery led to R. Paulet Re

ligious Persons

( To the
of the said late

80 13 4 lateRe.

Monastery of
The Lodging called the

the King's Mat.

ligious Newark, leading from the


Pay- J and
Gate of the late Abbot's

ments Ser-
Lodging, with Buttery,

To an 144 late

Pantry, Cellar, Kitching,

Servants of the
Larder, and Pastry there.

i said late MoHouses


575 10 0 to adjoining. The late Ab


mitted and

bot's Lodging, the Hos-

their Wages
to the
tery, the great Gate enter-

( and Liveries ings as

custo iug into the Court, with the signed

dy of

(To divers Per-) Lodging over the same ; > to re

sons for Victuthe Abbot's Stable, Bake-i main

| Whitbouse, Brewhouse and

als and Neces. undeSlaughterhouse, the Alm- |

saries of them faced.

ton ry, Barn, Derryhouse, the

had to the use

of the said Mo.
the great Barn next Aven,
the Maltinghouse, with the

| nastery, with

(For Garners in the same, the

| debts

101. paied to

the late Abbot Oxhouse in the Barton,


there, for and the Barton-gate, and the

Pay- j by the

{ in full paiment 18 12 0 Lodging over the same.

ments said

of 1241. 58. 4d.

late Leads TheQuire, Iles, and Chap

by him to be

Mopels annext the Cloister

paid to certain Chapter bouse, Frater, i 180


Creditors of the main. St. Michaels Chappel, Foder.

said late No. 1 Halls, Fermory, and I

nastery, by Co. upon ( Gao-house, esteemed to )

venants made

with the aforeBells In the Steple there are 14600

said Commis- | { eight poize by estima- }

( sioners. ) iag

And so remains clear-19 19 8


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2 Vicar.

Jewels re

I at any time so far forget my self in my Exserved to | Miters garnished with altation, or received Queenship, but that I the use of gilt, rugged Pearls, and > 2. always looked for such an alteration as now the King's counterfeit Stones.

I find; for the ground of my preferment being Majesty. L

on no surer Foundation than your Grace's

Fancy, the least alteration, I knew, was fit Plate of silver gilt 329 ounces. and sufficient to draw tbat Fancy to some Silver reSilver parcel

other Subject. You have chosen me, from a served to

gilt 605 ounces. low estate, to be your Queen and Compa. the same

Silver white 497 ounces. nion, far beyond my desert or desire. If then use.

you found me worthy of such honour, Good Oma. One Cope of Silver Tissue, your Grace let not any light Fancy, or bad

with one Clesible, and counsel of mine Enemies, withdraw your ments re

one Tunicle of the same; ! Princely Favour from me ; neither let that served to

one Cope of Gold Tissue, Stain, that unworthy stain of a disloyal heart the said

with one Cles, and two towards your good Grace, ever cast so foul a use. (Tunicles of the same. ) blot on your most dutiful Wife, and the lo

fant-Princess your Daughter: Try me. good Then follows a List of some small Debts owing King, but let me have a lawful Trial, and let to and by the said Monastery.

not my sworn Enemies sit as my Accusers and Then follows a List of the Livings in their Gift.

Their Cift Judges; yea, let me receive an open Trial,

for my Truth shall fear no open shame; then Com. Glocest. Four Parsonages and 10 sball you see, either mine innocency cleared,

Vicarages. your suspicion and Conscience satisfied, the Com. Wigorn. Two Parsonages and 2 jgnominy and slander of the World stopped,


or my guilt openly declared. So that what. Com. Warwic.

Two Parsonages. soever God or you may determine of me, Com. Will. Bristol. Five Parsonages and 1

your Grace may be freed from an open cenVicarage.

sure: and mine Offence being so lawfully Com. Wilts.

proved, your Grace is at liberty, both before Com. Oxon. One Pars, and 2 Vicar,

God and Man, not only to execute worthy Com. Dors. Four Pars, and 2 Vicar.

punishment on me as an unlawful Wife, but Com. Sommers. Three Pars.

to follow your Affection, already settled, on Com. Devon.

1 Vicar. that Party, for whose sake I am now as I am, Com. Cornub.

2 Vicar.

whose Name I could some good while since Com. Glamorg. ?

5 Vicar.

have pointed unto: your Grace being not igand Morgan. 1

norant of my suspicion tberein, In all 21 Parsonages and 27 Vicarages. But if you have already determined of me,

and that not only my Death, but an infamous

slander must bring you the enjoying of your IV.-Queen Ann Bolcun's last letter to desired happiness; then I desire of God, that King Henry.

he will pardon your great sin therein, and

likewise mine Enemies. the Instruments (Cotton Libr. Otho. C. 10.]

thereof; and that he will not call you to a SIR,

strict account for your un princely and cruel Your Grace's displeasure, and my Impri- usage of me, at his General Judgment Seat, sonment, are things so strange unto me, as where both you and my self must shortly apwhat to write, or what to excuse, I am alto. pear, and in whose Judgment I doubt not gether ignorant. Whereas you send unto me (whatsoever the World may think of me) mine (willing to confess a Truth, and to obtain Innocence shall be openly known and suffiyour favour) by such an one whom you know ciently cleared. to be mine ancient professed Enemy. I no My last and only request shall be. That my sooner received this Message by him, than I self may only bear the burihen of your Grace's rightly conceived your meaning; and if, as displeasure, and that it may not touch the you say, confessing a Truth indeed may pro- innocent Souis of those poor Gentlemen, who cure my safety, I shall with all willingness (as I understand) are likewise in strait Imand duty perform your Command.

prisonment for my sake. If ever I have found But let not your Grace ever imagine that favour in your sight, if ever the Name of Ann your poor Wife will ever be brought to ac- Boleyn bath been pleasing in your ears, then krowledg a Fault, where not so much as a let me obtain this request; and I will so leave thought thereof proceeded. And to speak a to trouble your Grace any further, with mine Truth, never Prince bad Wife more loyal in earnest Prayers to the Trinity to have your all duty, and in all true affection, than you Grace in his good keeping, and to direct you have ever found in Ann Boleyn, with which in all your actions. From my doleful Prison Name and Place I could willingly have con- in the lower this 6th of May. tented my self, if God, and your Grace's Your Most Loyal and ever Faithful Wifs. pleasure had been so pleased. Neither did

Aux BouEY N.

V.The Judgment of the Convocation concern- perverted to a most contrary and most wicking General-Councils. Published by the ed end and effect; that is to say, to fulfil and L. Herhert from the Original. satisfy the wicked affections of Men's Ambi.

tion and Malice ; or, lest they might prevail As concerning General-Councils, like as for any other colour, or bring forth any other we (taught by long experience) do perfectly effect than their most vertuous and laudable know that there never was, nor is, any thing countenance doth outwardly to the World devised, invented, or instituted by our Fore- shew or pretend.” And first of all we think Fathers, more expedient or more necessary that they ought principally to consider wbo for the establishment of our faith, for the bath the Authority to call together a General extirpation of Heresies, and the abolishing of Council. Secondly, Whether the Causes alSects and Scbisms: and finally, for the re- ledged be so weighty and so urgent, thai neducing of Christ's People unto one perfect cessarily they require a General Council nor unity and concord in bis Religion, than by can otherwise be remedied. Thirdly, Who the having of General Councils. So that the ought to be Judges in the General Council. same be lawfully had and congregated in Spi- Fourthly, What order of proceeding is to be ritu Sancto, and be also conform and agree. observed in the same, and how the Opinions able, as well concerning the surety and indife or Judgments of the Fathers are to be conferency of the Places, as all other Points sulted or asked. Fifthly, What Doctrines reqnisite and necessary for the same, unto are to be allowed or defended, with diverse that wbolesome and godly Institution and other things wbich in General Councils ought usage, for the which they were at first de- of reason and equity to be observed. And as vised and used in the Primitive Church. unto the first Point, We think that neither Even so on the other side, taught by like ex- the Bishop of Rome, nor any one Prince, of perience, we esteem, repute, and judg, That what estate, degree, or preheminence soever there is, ne can be any thing in the World he be, may by his own Authority, call, inmore pestilent and pernicious to the Com- dite, or gummon any General Council witbmon-weal of Christendom, or whereby the out the express consent, assent, and agreeTruth of God's Word bath in times past, or ment of the residue of Christian Princes, and hereafter may he sooner defaced or subvert. especially such as bave within their own ed, or whereof bath and may ensue more Realms and Seigniories, Imperium merum, contention, more discord and other devilish that is to say, of such as have the whole, effects, than wben such General Councils intire, and supream Government and Authobave or shall be assembled, not christianly rity over all their Subjects, without knownor charitably, but for and upon private ma ledging or recognizing of any other supream lice and ambition, or other worldly and carnal Power or Authority. And this to be true, Respects, and Considerations, according to we be induced to think, by many and sundry, the saying of Gregory Nazianzenus, in his as well examples as great Reasons and AuEpistle to one Procopius, wherein he writeth thority. The which, forasmuch as it should this sentence following; Sic sentio, si verum be over-long and tedious to express bere parscribendum est, ommes Conventus Episcoporum ticularly, we have thought good to omit the trigiendos esse, quia nullius Synodi finem vidi same for this present. And in witness that bomum, neque habentem magis solutionem malo- this is our plain and determinate Sentence, rum, quam incrementum : Num cupiditates con. Opinion, and Judgment, toucbing the Pretentionum, et gloriu (sed ne putes me oriosum misses, we the Prelates and Clergy underista scribentein) vinicunt rationem. That is to written, being congregate together in the say; “ I think this, if I should write truly, Convocation of the Province of Canterbury, That all General Councils be to be eschewed, and representing the whole Clergy of the for I never saw that they produced any good same, have to these Presents subscribed our End or Effect, nor that any Provision or Re- Names the 20th of July, in the Year of our medy, but rather increase of Mischiefs pro- Lord, 1536. 28. Hen. 8. ceeded of them. For the desire of maintenance of Men's Opinions aud ambition of

Signed by Glory (but reckon not what I write this of

Thomas Cromwel, Thomas Cantuamalice) hath always in them overcomed rea

riensis, Johannes London, with son” Wherefore we think that Christian

13 Bishops, and of Abbots, PriPrinces, especially and above all things,

ors, Arch-Deacons, Deans, Procought and must, with all their wills, power,

tors, Clerks, and other Minisand diligence, foresee and provide ; Ne Sanc

ters 49. tissima hac in parle majorum Instituta, ad improbissimos umbitionis aut mulitiæ effectus er- There were then but 17 Bishops in the Province plendos, diversissimo suo fine et sceleratissimo of Canterbury, and Rochester being vacant, of pervertantur : Neve ud alium prætratuin possint the other 16, 14 did sign this. valere, et longe diversum effectum orbi producere quam Sunctissima rei fucies præ se ferat. Tha: is to say, “ Lest the most noble wholesome Institutions of our Elders in this behalf he

VI.- Instructions for the King's Commissioners, last past; and what debts the House doth

for a new survey, and an Inventory to be owe, and to what Person; and what Debts mude of all the Demesnes, Lands, Goods, and be owing to them, and by whom. Chattels apportaining to uny House of Reli liem; After, to cause the Covent, or gion of Yonks, Cannons, und Nuns within Conimon-Seal, the Plate, Jewels, and ready their Commission, according to the Articles Mony, to be put in safe keeping, and the rehereofier following. The numher of which sidue of the Particulars specified in the InHouses in erery County limited in their ventory, to be left in the keeping of the GoCommission, being annered to the said Com- vernor, or some other lead-Otticer, without mission. An Original.

wasting or consumption of the same, unless [Ex MSS. Nob. D. G. Pierpoint]

it be for necessary expence of the House.

Item ; That they command the Governor, HENRY R.

or other receiver of the same House, to reFirst; After the Division made, one Au- ceive no Reuts of their Farms until they ditor, one particular Receiver, one Clerk of know further of the King's pleasure, except the Register of the last l'isitation, with three such Rents as must needs be had for their other discreet Persons to be named by the necessary Food or Sustenance, or for payment King in every County where any such Houses of their Servants Wages. be ; after their repair to such House, shall Item ; To survey discreetly the Demesnes declare to the Governour, and Religious per- of the same House ; that is to say, such as sons of the same, the Statute of Dissolution, have not been commonly used to be letten the Commission, and the cause and purpose out, and to certifie the clear yearly value of their repair for that time.

thereof. Item ; That after the Declaration made, Item ; To examine the true yearly value the said Commissioners shall swear the Go- of all the Farms of the same House, deductvernors of the Houses, or such other the ing thereof Rents reserved, Pensions and Officers of the same House, or other, as ye Portions paied out of the same, Synodals, shall think can best declare the state and and proxies; Bailiffs, Receivers, Siewards, plight of the same, to make declaration and and Auditors Fees, and the Names of them answer to the Articles there under-written. to whom they be paied and due, and to none

liem; Of what Order, Rule, or Religion, other. the same House is, and whether it be a Cellitem ; What Leases hath been made to or not; and if it be a Cell, then the Commis. any Farmer, of the Farms pertaining to the sioners to deliver to the Governors of the same House; and what Rent they reserved, House a Privy Seal, and also to injoin him, and to whoin, and for how many years, and in the King's Name, under a great pain, to a Copy of the Indenture if they can get it, or appear without delay before the Chancellor else the Counter-pane. of the Augmentations of the Revenues of the Item ; To search and enquire what Woods. King's Crown and the Council; and in the Parks, Forests, Commons, or other Profit bemean time not to meddle with the same Cell, longing to any of the Possessions of the same till the King's pleasure be further known. Houses, the Number of the Acres, the Age

Item; What number of Persons of Reli- and Value, as pear as they can. gion be in the same, and the conversation of Item ; What Grants, Bargains, Sales, their lives, and how many of them be Priests, Gifts, Alienations, Leases of any Lands, Teand how many of them will go to other nements, Woods, or Offices, hath been made Houses of that Religion; or how many will by any the said Governors, of any of the said take Capacities ; and how many Servants or Houses, within one Year next before the 4th Hinds the same House keepeth commonly, day of February last past, and of what things. and what other Persons have their living in or to what value, and to whom, and for what the same House.

estate. Item ; To survey the quantity or value of Item ; If there be any House of the Reli. the Lead and Bells of the same House, as giou aforesaid omitted and not certified in near as they can, with the ruin, decay, state, the Exchequer, then the said Commissioners and plight of the same.

to survey the same, and to make Certificate Jiem; Incontinently to call for the Co- accordingly. vent-Seal, with all Writings and Charters. ltem ; That they straitly command every Evidences and Muniments concerning any of Governor of every such House limited in the Possessions to be delivered to them, and their Commission, to Sow and Till their put the same in sure keeping, and to take a Grounds as they have done before, till the just Inventory betwixt them and the Gover. King's pleasure be further known. nour, or other Head-Officer, by Indenture, of Item; If there be any Honse given by the the Ornaments, Plate, Jewels, Chattels, King to any Person, in any of the said seveready Mony, Stuff of Houshold, Coin, as ral Limits of the said Commission, the Names well signed as not signed, Stock and Store in whereof shall be declared to the said Com. the Farmer's hands, and the value thereof, missioners, Then the said Commissioners as Dear as they can, which were aj pertaining shall immediately take the Covent from the to the same Houses the first day of March Governor, and take an Inventory indented of

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