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the Lead, Bells, Debts, Goods, Chattels, cerning all bis Jurisdictions Ecclesiastical Plate, Jewels, Ornaments, Stock and Store, within the Realm, visiting by the King's to the King's use ; and to make sale of the Highness's Supream Authority Ecclesiastical, Goods, Chattels, and other Implements, the People and Clergy of this Deanery ni Plate and Jewels only excepted.

by my trusty Commissary Tiem; The said Commissioners in every lawfully deputed and constitute for this part, such House, to send such of the Religious bave, to the glory of Almighty God, to the Persons that will remain in the same Reli- King's Highness's honour, the publick Weal gion, to some other great House of that Re- of this his Realm, and encrease of Vertue in ligion, by their discretion, with a Letter to a the same, appointed and assigned these InGovernor for the receipt of thein; And the junctions ensuing to be kept and observed, of residue of them that will go to the World, to the Dean, Parsons, l'icars, Curates, and Stisend them to my Lord of Canterbury, and pendaries, resiant or baving cure of Soul, the Lord Chancellor for their Capacities, with or any other Spiritual Administrations within the Letter of the same Commissioners. this Deanery, under the pains hereafter li.

llem ; The said Commissioners to give the mited and appointed. said Persons that will have Capacities, some T he first is; That the Dean, Parsons, reasonable Rewards, according to the dis- Vicars, and other, having cure of Soul any. tance of the place, by their discretions to be where within this Deanery, shall faithfully appointed.

keep and observe, and as far as in them may Item ; The said Commissioners to com- lie, shall cause to be observed and kept of mand the Governour to resort to the Chan- other, all and singular Laws and Statutes of ceilor of the Augmentation for his yearly this Realm, made for the abolishing and exStipend and Pension.

tirpation of the Bishop of Rome's pretensed Item; If there be any House dissolved or and usurped Power and Jurisdiction within given up to the King by their Deed, then this Realm. And for the establishment and the Commissioners shall order themselves in confirmation of the King's Authority and every point and purpose, as the Houses given Jurisdiction of the same, as of the Supream by the King to any other Person in form Head of the Church of England; and shall, aforesaid.

to the utter.most of their Wit, Knowledge, liem; Every of the said Commissioners and Learning, purely, sincerely, and without baving in charge to survey more than one any colour or dissiniulation, declare, maniShire within the Limits of their Commission, fest, and open, for the space of one quarter immediately after they have perused one of a year next ensuing, once every Sunday, Shire, parcel of their Charge, in form afore- and after that at the least-wise twice every said, shall send to the Chancellor of the quarter, in their Sermons and other CollaCourt for the Augmentation of the Revenues tions, that the Bishop of Rome's usurped of the King's Crown, a brief Certificate of all Power and Jurisdiction, having no establishthese Comperts, according to the Instructions ment nor ground by the Law of God, was of aforesaid, what they have done in the Pre- most just causes taken away and abolished; misses, and in every County so surveighed, and therefore they owe unto him no manner then to proceed further to another County; of obedience or subjection; and that the and so as they pass the said Counties to King's Power is witbin his Dominion the make like Certificate, and so forth, till their highest Power and Potentate, under God, to Limits be surveigbed, and there to remain whom all Men within the same Dominions, till they know further of the King's plea- by God's Commandment, owe most loyalty sure.

and obedience, afore and above all other liem; If the said Commissioners have but Powers and Potentatio in Earth, one County in charge, then to certifie the Item; Whereas certain Articles were lately said Cbancellor in form aforesaid, and there devised and put forth by the King's Highto remain till they know further of the King's ness's Authority, and condescended upon by pleasure.

the Prelates and Clergy of this bis Realm in Convocation, whereof part are necessary

to be bolden and believed for our Salvation, VII.-Injunctions given by the Authority of the and the other part do concern and teach cerKing's Highness to the Clergy of this Realm. tain laudable Ceremonies, Rites, and Usages

of the Church, meet and convenient to be (Register, Cranm. fol. 47.]

kept and used for a decent and politick order In the Name of God, Amen. In the Year in the same; the said Dean, Parsons, Vicars, of our Lord God one thousand five hundred and other Curates, shall so open and declare thirty-six, and of the most noble Reign of our in their said Sermons, and other Collations, Sovereign Lord, Henry the Eighth, King of the said Articles unto them that be under England and France, the 28 Year, and the their Cure, that they may plainly know and day of

I Thomas Cromwel discern which of them be necessary to be Knight, Lord Cromwel, Keeper of the Privy. believed and observed for their Salvation, Seal of our said Sovereign Lord the King, and which he not necessary, but only do conand Vicegerent unto the same, for and con- cern the decent and politick order of the said Church : according to such Commandment will desire the same. And thereto that the and Admonition as bath been given unto said Fathers and Mothers, Masters and Gothem heretofore, by Authority of the King's vernors, do bestow their Children and SerHighness in that behalf.

vants, even from their Childhood, either to Moreover, That they shall declare unto all Learning, or some other honest Exercise, such as be under their Cure, the Articles Occupation, or Husbandry: exhorting, counlikewise devised, put forth, and authorized selling, and by all the ways and means they of late, for and concerning the abrogation of may, as well in their said Sermons and Col. certain superfluous Holy-days, according to lations, as otherwise, perswading the said the effect and purport of the same Articles : Fathers, Mothers, Masters, and other Goand perswade their Parishioners to keep and vernors, being under their Cure and Charge, observe the same inviolable, as things honest. diligently to provide and foresee that the ly provided, decreed, and established, by said Youth be in no manner-wise kept or common consent, and publick Authority, for brought up in idleness, lest at any time after. the Weal, Commodity, and Profit of all this wards they be driven, for lack of some Mys. Realm.

tery of Occupation to live by, to fall to beg. Besides this, to the intent that all Super- ging, stealing, or some other unthriftiness; perstition and Hypocrisie, crept into divers forasmuch as we may daily see, through sloth Mons hearts may vanish away, they shall and idleness, divers valiant Men fall, some not set forth or extol any Images, Reliques, to begging, and some to theft and murder; or Miracles, for any superstition or lucre; which after brought to calamity and misery, por allure the People by any inticements to impute a great part thereof to their Friends the pilgrimages of any Saint otherwise tban and Governors, which suffered them to be is permitted in the Articles lately put forth brought up so idely in their Youth ; where if by the Authority of the King's Majesty, and they had been well educated and brought up condescended upon by the Prelates and Cler- in some good Literature, Occupation, or Mys. gy of this his Realm in Convocation : as tery, they should, being Rulers of their own though it were proper or peculiar to that Family, have profited, as well themselves Saint to give this Commodity, or that: seeing as divers other Persons, to the great comall Goodness, Health, and Grace, ought to modity and ornament of the Common-weal. be both asked and looked for only of God, Also, that the said Parsons, Vicars, and as of the very Author of the same, and of other Curats, shall diligently provide that none other, for without him it cannot be the Sacraments and Sacramentals be duly given : But they shall exhort, as well their and reverently ministered in their Parishes; Parishioners as other Pilgrims, that they do and if at any time it hapned them, either in rather apply themselves to the keeping of any of the Cases expressed in the Statutes of God's Commandments, and fulfilling of his this Realm, or of special license given by Works of Charity ; perswading them that the King's Majesty to be absent from their they shall please God more by the true exer- Benefices, they shall leave their Cure, not cising of their bodily Labour, Travail, or oc- to a rude and unlearned Person, but to an cupation, and providing for their Families, honest, well learned, and expert Curate, that than if they went about to the said Pilgrim- may teach the rude and unlearned of their ages ; and that it shall profit more their Cure wholesome Doctrine, and reduce thein Souls bealth, if they do bestow that on the to the right way that do err; and always let Poor and Needy, which they wonld have be- them see, that neither they, nor their Vicars, stowed upon the said Images or Reliques. do seek more their own profit, promotion, or

Also in the same their Sermons, and other advantage, than the profit of the Souls that Collations, the Parsons, Vicars, and other they have under their Care, or the Glory of Curats, aforesaid, shall diligently admonish God. the Fathers and Mothers, Masters and Go. Also, that every Parson, or Proprietary of vernors of Youth, being within their Cure, to any Parish Church within this Realm, shall teach, or cause to be taught, their Children on this side the Feasts of St. Peter ad Vincula and Servants, even from their Infancy, their next coming, provyde a Book of the whole Pater Noster, the Articles of our Faith, and Bible, both in Latin, and also in English, the Ten Commandments, in their Mother and lay the same in the Quire, for every Tongue: And the same so taught, shall cause Man that will to read and look therein, and the said Youth oft to repeat and understand. shall discourage no man from the Reading And to the intent that this may be the more any Part of the Bible, either in Latin or in easily done, the said Curats shall, in their English ; but rather comfort, exhort, and ad. Sermons, deliberately and plainly recite of monish every Man to read the same, as the the said Pater Noster, the Articles of our very word of God, and the Spiritual Food of Faith, and the Ten Commandments, one Man's soul, whereby they may the better Clause or Article one day, and an other an- know the Dutys to God, to their Sovereign other day, till those be taught and learnt by Lord the King, and their Neighbour: ever little ; and shall deliver the same in writing, gently and charitably exhorting that using or shew where printed Books containing the a sober and modest Haviour in the Reading same be to be sold, to them that can read or and Inquisition of the true sense of the same; they do in no wise stiffily or eagerly paired ; and the same so repaired, shall ale contend or strive one with another about the ways keep and maintain in good state. same, but refer the Declaration of those All which and singular Injunctions shall be Places that be in Controversy to the Judg. inviolably observed of the said Dean, Parsons, ment of them that be better Learned. Vicars, Curats, Stipendiaries, and other

Also, the said Dean, Parsons, Vicars, Cu- Clerks and beneficed Men, under the pain rats, and other Priests, shall in no wise, at of suspension and sequestration of the Fruits any unlawful time, nor for any other cause, of their Bevefices, until they bave done their than for their honest necessity, haunt or re- duty according to these Injunctions. sort to any Taverns or Ale-houses ; And after their Dinner and Supper, they shall not give themselves to Drinking or Riot, spending VII.- Cromwel's Letter to Sharton, Bishop of their timeidly, by Day or by Night, at Tables or Sarum, taken from a Copy writ by Morison Cards-playing, or any other unlawful Game;

his Secretary. but at such times as they shall bave such leisure, they sball read or bear somewhat of

[Cotton Libr. Cleop. E. 4.] Holy Scripture, or shall occupy themselves My Lord, after hearty Commendations, I with some other honest Exercise ; and that cannot but both much inarvel that you whom they alway do those things which appertain I have taken as my trusty Friend, should to good congruence and honesty, with profit judg me, as I perceive by your Letters you do, of the Common-weal, having alway in mind, and also be glad that ye so frankly utier your That they ought to excel all others in purity Stomach to me. I would thank you for your of life, and should be examples to all other to plain writing and free monitions, saving that live well and Christianly.

you seem fuller of suspition than it becometh Furthermore; Because the Goods of the a Prelate of your sort to be : and (to say Church are called the goods of the Poor, and that maketh me more sorry) much worse perat these days nothing is less seen than the swaded of me than I thought any of your

ustained with the same; all Learning and Judgment could have been. I Parsons, Vicars, Pensionaries, Prebendaries, took a Matter out of your hands to mine. and other Beneficed Men within the Deane- upon considerations mine Office bind me to ry, not being resident upon their Benefices, do so, what cause bave ye to complain? if I which may dispend yearly 201. or above within had done this, either upon affection, or inthis Deanry,or elsewhere, sball distribute here. tending prejudice to your estimation, you after yearly amongst their poor Parishioners, might have expostulated with me, and yet or other Inhabitants there, in the presence of if ye then bad done it after a gentler sort, I the Church-wardens, or some other honest should both sooner have amended that I did Men of the Parish, the fortieth part of the amiss, and also had better cause to judge Fruits and Revenues of the said Benefices: your writing to me, to be of a friendly beart lest they be worthily noted of Ingratitude; towards me. If ye be offended with my sharp which reserving so many parts to themselves, Leiters, how can your testy words (I bad cannot vouchsafe to impart the fortieth por. almost given them another Name) delight tion thereof amongst the poor People of that me? I required you to use no extremity in Parish, that is so fruitful and profitable unto your Office, durus est hic sermo, ye call it; them.

and when ye have done, ye begin again, even And to the intent that Learned Men may as tho all being said, all were still behind. hereafter spring the more for the execution of If ye bave used none extremity, I am, I enthe Premisses : Every Parson, Vicar, Clerk, sure you, as glad of it as I ought to be : And or beneficed man within this Deanry, having though ye do not, yet upon a complaint my yearly to dispend in Benefices, and other pro- Office bindeth me to succour him that saith motions of the Church, an 1001. shall give he is over-matched, and is compelled to suscompetent exbibition to one Scholar; and for as tain wrong. I was thus informed, and by many hundred pounds more as he may dis. Persons to whom I gave more credit than I pend, to so many Scholars more, shall give intended to do hereafter, if they have abused like exhibition in the University of Oxford or me, as ye would make me believe they have Cambridg, or some Grammar School; which They thus complaining, could I do less than after they have profited in good Learning, grant unto them such Remedies as the King's may be Partners of their Patrons Cure and Highness and his Laws give indifferently to Charge, as well in preaching as otherwise, in all bis Subjects? Might I not also somewhat the execution of their Offices; or may, when gatber, that ye proceeded the sorer against need shall be, otherwise profit the Common- the Reader, Roger London, wher I bad seen Wealth with their Counsel and Wisdom. how much you desired the preferment of your

Also, that all Parsons, Vicars, and Clerks, Servant to that Revenue? My Lord, you having Churches, Chappels, or Mansions bad showed yourself of much more patience, within this Deanry, shall bestow yearly here. I will not say of much more prudence, if ye after upon the same Mansions, or Chancels had contented your self with their lawful of their Churches being in decay, the fifth Appeal, and my lawful Injunctions; and rapart of their Benefices till they be fully re- ther have written somewhat fully to instruct us in this Matter, tian thus to desire to con- things when I know them ; if ye had taken que: me by shrewd words, to vanquish me even then but half the pains to send up such by sharp threp of Scripture, which as I know things against him as ye now send, neither to use travel, so I trust to God as great a you should bave bad cause, no nor occasion Clerk as ye be, is done already. Thus out thus easily to divine of my good or evil will toof their place, it becometh me not, neither wards you, nor I have been cumbered with this vet I am wont to vaunt my self of well-doing, answer. My Lord, I pray you, while I am your i hoow who worketh all that is well wrought Friend, take me to be so; for if I were not, by me, and whereas he is the whole Doer, I or if I knew any cause why I ought not, I intend not to offer him this wrong, to labour, would not be afraid to show you what had ali. and I to take the thanks ; yet as I do not cease enated my mind from you; so you should well to give thanks, that it hath pleased his Good. perceive ihat my displeasure should last no ness to use me as an Instrument, and to longer than there were cause. I pass over work somewhat by me, so I trust I am as your Nemo laditur nisi a seipso, I pray with ready to serve bim in my Calling, to my little you this first part, Our Lord hure picy upon power, as ye are prest to write worse of me me; the other part is not in my Prayers, than ye ought to think. My Prayer is, that That God should turn my heart, for he is my God give me no longer life, than I shall be Judge, I may err in my doings for want of glad to use mine Office in ædificutionem, and knowledge, but I willingly bear no misdoers, pot in destructionem, as ye bear me in band ( I willingly hurt none whom honesty and the do. God, ye say, will judg such using of King's Laws do not refuse. Undo not you Authority, meaning flatly, that I do abuse your self, I intend nothing less than to work such Power as bath pleased God and the you any displeasure. If hitherto I have King's Highness to set me in ; God, I say, showed you any pleasure, I am glad of it: [ will judg such Judges as ye are, and charge showed it to your Qualities and not to you ; also such thoughts as ye misuse : ye do not if they tarry with you, my good-will cannot so well as I would ye should do, if ye so depart from you, except your Praver be think of me as your Letters make me think heard, that is, My Heart be turnerl. l assure ye do. The Crime that ye charge me withal, you I am right glad ye are in the place yo is greater than I may or ought to bear, un- are in, and will do wbat shall lie in me to truer, I trust, than they that would sainest, aid you in your Office, to maintain your Reshall be able to prove. It is a strange thing, putation, to give you credit among your you say, that I neither would write, nor send Flock, and elsewbere; as long as I shall see you word by mouth, what ye should do with you faithful to your Duty according to your the Popish Monks of Abington ; and that the Calling. I will not become your good Lord, Abbot of Redding could get streight-way my as your desire is, I am and have been your Letters to inhibit your just doings : That was Friend, and take you to be mine; cast out not my mind which I wrote, I did not intend vain suspition, let rash Judgment rule Men to lett your just doings, but rather to require of less wit and discretion ; wilfulness beyou to du justly; neither I was swift in grant- cometh all Men better than a Bishop, which ing my Letters to him, albeit I am much should always teach us to lack gladly our readier to help him that complains of wrong, own Will, because you may not have your than

further on him that desireth own Will. Here is Christus paup. ficit et punishment of a Person whom I am not sure ditat, cum Dominus dedit et Dominus abstulit, hath offended. I made you no answer, a to what purpose ? Sit nomen Domini benedice strange thing! my Lord, I thought ye had tum, can never lack his place, it becometh better known my Business, than for such a alwise in season; or else as great a Divine Matter to esteem me not your Friend ; you as ye are, I would say, it were not the best might have belter judged that I was too Placed here, except ye wist better, you had much cumbered with other Affairs, that those rather lose all than any part of your will. I which sued for the Abbot, could better espy pray you teach Patience better in your their time than you could. Some Man will Deeds, or else speak as little of it as ye can. think it rather utter displeasure conceived My Lord, you might bave provoked another before, than that ye have any urgent occa- in my place, that would have used less pasion bere to misjudg my mind towards you. tience with you, finding so little in you; As concerning your Manor you must use your but I can take your Writings, and this Heat Privileges as things lent unto you, so long as off your Stomach, even as well as I can, I ye shall occupy them well, that is, according trust, beware of Flatterers. As for the Abbot to the mind and pleasure of them that gave of Redding, and his Monk, if I find them as you them. I took neither the Monk's Cause, ye say they are, I will order them as I shall nor any other, into my hands to be a bearer think good; ye shall do well to do your of any such whom their upright dealings is Duty, if you so do, ye have no cause to misnot able to bear. No, you know I think, trust my Friendship; if ye do not, I must that I love such readers of Scripture as little tell it you, and that somewhat after the as ye do: would God Men of your sort were plainest sort, To take a Cause out of your as diligent to see that in all their Dioceses hands into mine, I do hut mine Office, you good were made, as I am glad to rensove meddle further than your Office will bear you

thus roughly to handle me for using mine. If sua progenie conjuge, cum qua publice in ye do so no more, I let pass all that is past, facie Ecclesiæ Matrimonium contraxerat, et and offer ye such kindness as ye shall law. per plures annos continuaverat, ac ex qua, fully desire at my hands. Thus fare you dicto constante Matrimonio, prolem pluries well.

susceperat ; nulla legitima subsistente causa, et contra Ecclesiæ prohibitionem dimissa,

cum quadam Anna Bolena, Muliere Anglica, IX.-The Sentence given out by Pope Paul the dicta Catharina adhuc vivente, de facto Mathird, against King Henry.

trimonium contraxerat, ad deteriora prosiDamnatio et Excommunicatio Henrici 8. Regis liens, quasdam leges ceu generales ConstituAngliæ, ejusque Fautorum et Complicum, cum

tiones edere non erubuit, per quas subditos aliarum pænarum udjectione.

suos ad quosdam hæreticos et schismaticos Paulus Episcopus Servus Servorum Dei ad per

Articulos tenendus, inter quos et hoc erat

quod Romanus Pontifex Caput Ecclesiæ, et petuam rei memoriam.

Christi Vicarius non erat, et quod ipse in [Cherubini Bullarium, Tom. 2. p. 704.] Anglica Ecclesia supremum Caput existebal,

Ejus qui immobilis permanens sua provi- sub gravibus etiam mortis pænis cogebat. Et dentia ordine mirabili dat cuncta moveri, dis- his non contentus, Diabolo sacrilegii crimen ponente clementia, vices, licet immeriti ge- suadente, quamplures Prælatos, etiam Episrentes in terris, et in sede justitiæ constituti, copos, aliasq; personas Ecclesiasticas, etiam juxta prophetæ quoque Hieremiæ vaticinium Regulares, necnon Sæculares, sibi ut hæretico dicentis : Ecce te constitui super gentes et et schismatico adhærere, ac Articulos predicRegna, ut evellas et destruas, ædifices, plan- tos Sanctorum Patrum decretis et Sacrorum tes, præcipuum super omnes Reges Universæ Conciliorum Statutis, imo etiam ipsi EvangeTerræ cunctosq; populos obtinentes princi- licæ veritati contrarios, tanquam tales alios patum : ac illum qui pius et misericors est, et damnatos approbare, et sequi nolentes, et invindictam ei qui illam prævenit paratam tem- trepide recusantes, capi et carceribus manperat, nec quos impænitentes videt severa cipari. Hisq; similiter non contentus. maultione castigat, quin prius comminetur, in la malis accumulando, bonæ memoria Jo. assidue autem peccantes et in peccatis perse- H. S. Vitalis Presbyt. Cardinal. Roffen. quem verantes, cum excessus misericordiæ fines ob fidei constantiam et vitæ Sanctimoniam ad prætereunt, ut saltem metu pænæ ad cor re- Cardinalatus dignitatem promoveramus, cum verti cogantur, justitiæ vires exercet, imitan- dictis hæresibus et erroribus consentire nollet, tes; ex incumbenti nobis Apostolicæ sollici- horenda immanitate et detestanda sævitia, tudinis studio per-urgemur, ut cunctarum per- publice miserabili supplicio tradi et decollari sonarum nostræ curæ cælitus commissarum mandaverat, et fecerat, Excommunicationis, salubri statui solertius intendamus, ac errori- et Anathematis, aliasq; gravissimas sentenbus et scandalis, quæ Hostis antiqui versutia tias censuras, et pænas in literis et constituimminere conspicimus, propensius obviemus, tionibus recolendæ mem. Bonifacii VIII. excessusq; et enormia ac scandalosa crimina Honorii III. Roman. Pontificum prædeces. congrua severitate coerceamus, et juxta Apos- sorum nostrorum desuper editis contentas, et tolum inobedientiam ovium promptius ulcis- alias in tales a jure latas damnabiliter incur. cendo, illorum perpetratores debita correcti- rendo, ac Regno Angliæ, et dominiis quæ one sic compescamus, quod eos Dei iram pro- tenebat, necnon regalis fastigii celsitudine ac vocasse pæniteat, et ex hoc aliis exemplum præfati tituli prærogativa, et honore se incautelæ salutaris accedat.

dignum reddendo. Sane cum superioribus diebus nobis relatum 2. Nos licet ex eo, quod prout non ignofuisset, quod Henricus Angliæ Rex, licet tem- rabamus, idem Henricus Rex certis censuris pore Pontificatus fæl. record. Leonis Papæ X. Ecclesiasticis, quibus a piæ memoriæ ClePrædecessoris nostri diversorum hæreticorum mente Papa VII. etiam prædecessore nostro, Errores, sæpe ab Apostolica Sede et Sacris postquam humanissimis literis et paternis exConciliis præteritis temporibus damnatos, et hortationibus, multisq; nunciis et mediis, novissime nostra ætate per perditionis alum- primo et postremo etiam judicialiter, ut prænum Martinum Lutherum suscitatos et inno- fatam Annam a se dimitteret, et ad prædicvatos, zelo Catholicæ Fidei, et erga dictam tæ Catharinæ suæ veræ Conjugis consortium Sedem devotionis fervore inductus, non minus rediret, frustra munitus fuerat, innodatus exdocte quam pie, per quendam librum per eum titerat, Pharaonis duritiam imitando, per desuper compositum, et eidem Leoni Præde- longum tempus in clavium contemptum insorcessori ut eum examinaret et approbaret ob. duerat, et insordescebat, quod ad cor rediret, latum, confutasset, ob quod ad eodem Leone vix sperare posse videremus, ob paternam taPrædecessore ultra dicti libri, cum magna men Charitatem, qua in minoribus constituti ipsius Henrici Regis laude et commendatione, donec in obedientia, et reverentia Sedis præ. approbationem, titulum Defensoris Fidei re- dictæ permansit, eum prosecuti fueramus, utq; portaverit, a recta Fide et Apostolico tramite clarius videre possemus, an clamor qui ad nos devians, ac propriæ salutis, famæ, et honoris delatus fuerat, (quem certe etiam ipsius Henimmemor, postquam Charissima in Christo rici Regis respectu falsum esse desideramus) Filia nostra Catharina Angliæ Regina illustri verus esset, statuimus ab ulteriori contra ip

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