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seals of their respective offices.

The lady of Lord AlgerOn this message the seals were

non Percy, of a daughsent to Buckingham-house by Mr. Frazer and Mr. Nepean, the two 15. The lady of Sir Henry under secretaries. A similar mef

Hunlock, of a daughter. fage was about the same time sent 18. Lady of C. A. Pelham, to the commisioners of the great

Esq. of a daughter. feal.

29. The lady of the Right Late the evening before the

Hon. Lord Macdonald, Duke of Portland and Mr. Fox

of a son. communicated to his majesty dis 30. On Monday last, at his patches from Holland.

house in ArlingtonHis majesty went to the

street, the Countess of 24th. House of Peers, and gave

Carlisle, of a daughter. the royal aflent to the following Feb. 13. The lady of the Hon. bills : the malt bill-land-tax bill

Mr. Fortescue, of a son - Eaft-India payment bill-Ame.

and heir. rican trade bill-Irisk postage bill 17. The lady of the Hon. - Splitnerberg's naturalization

Keith Stewart, of a fon. bill — Tournay's naturalization

Her serene highness the bill. Borrowitowness canal bill

Princess Frederica of and some road bills.

Wirtemberg was fafely Died.At Newmarket, Mrs.

delivered of a daughter. Moore, wife of Mr. Moore, 24. The lady of John Wilchurch-clerk, who had been many

mot, Esq. eldest son of years mistress of the free-school.

the Right Hon. Sir EardHer death was occasioned by a

ley Wilmot, of a fon. bite from a cat. She had a day 27. Mrs. Stuart, daughter or two preceding her death all the

of Lord Camden, was symptoms of feline madness.

brought to bed at his lordship's house in New

Burlington-street, of a BIRTHS for the year 1783.


The lady of the Hon. Jan. 2. Lady of W. Drake, jun.

Mr. Nevill, of a daughEsq. M. P. for Amer.

ter. sham, of a daughter. March 4. The lady of Sir Robert 6. At feven in the morning,

Hutchinson, of twins, at the Countess of Artois

their house in Portman. was happily brought to

square. bed of a princess, whom 10. The lady of Sir John the king has named

Thorold, Bart.was fafely Mademoiselle d'Angou

delivered of a daughter. leme.

13. Of a daughter, the lady 10. The Right Hon. Lady

of the Right Hon. Lord Elizabeth Cavendish was

Hawke. fafely delivered of a fon 15. Of a fon and heir, the and heir.

lady of Sir John Shaw,


Bart, at his house in 14. Lady of the Hon. Mr.
George-ftreet, Hanover-

Walpole, of a son and square.

heir. 16. The lady of Sir Watkin

Her grace the Duchess Williams Wynne, Bart.

of Leinster was safely was fafely delivered of a

delivered of a fon. fon.

25. Her Serene Highness the 23. ArchduchessMaria Ame

Duchess of Courland, lia, fister of the grand

of a princess. duke, and wife of the

Sir Cecil Bishop's lady, Prince of Parma, of a

of a son and heir. prince.

July 3. Her Royal Highness the 24. Countess of Tanker.

Princess Royal of Prusville, of a daughter.

fia, of a prince. Countess of Cavan, of

The Right- Hon. the a son.

Countess Mexborough, April 10. The lady of Lord Paget,

of a son. of a daughter.

6. Lady of Viscount Dur12. Lady Elizabeth Yorke,

cannon, of a son. of a daughter, at the 10. The lady of the Hon. house of Philip Yorke,

Henry Erkine, of a Esq. in Park-ftreet.

fon. 14. Lady of Sir Thomas

12. Her grace the Dutchess Miller, Bart. of a son.

of Devonshire 16. The lady of Sir Row

brought to bed of a land Hill, of a son.

daughter. May 6. The Countess of Percy 14. The lady of the Right was safely delivered of a

Hon. Lord Chewton, of daughter.

a daughter. 7. Lady Cadogan, of a 18. The Queen of Naples, fon.

of a dead princess. Countess of Balcarras, of 30. The Countess of Lin. a son.

coln, of a daughter. June 1. Duchess of Rutland, of Aug. 4. The lady of the Bishop a son.

of Gloucester, of a 8. The lady of Sir Alex

daughter. ander Purves, Bart. of a 5. The lady of Sir James daughter.

Grant, Bart. of CanRight Hon. Lady Rod

nongate, Edinburgh, of ney, of a son. 12. Countess Dowager of 7. Her Majesty was fafely Granord, of a son.

delivered of a princess, Lady Walpole, of a

at her lodge at Winddaughter.

for. Lady of Baron Nolken, 27. The Right Hon. Lady of a fon.

Boston, of a fon.


a fon.

Vol. XXVI.




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28. The Right Hon. Lady

of Berners-street, of a Caflestewart, of

Lady Harrington, of a

MARRIAGES in the Year 1783. Sept. 6. The Right Hon. Lady

Viscountefs Lewisham Dec. 16, At New York, Sir Ja. was safely delivered of 1782. cob Wheate, Bart. coma daughter.

mander of his majesty's 9. Her Imperial Highness

thip Cerberus, to Miss the grand Dutchess of

Maria Shaw, of that Rullia, of a princess,

city. named Alexandria-Pau. 26. Capt. Macleod, of the lina.

royal artillery, to the II. Her Grace the Dutchess

Right Hon. Lady Ameof Athol, of a son.

lia Kerr. 18. Lady Perrot, of a son. Jan. 3, Lord Viscount Palmer. 21. The Countess of Rothes, 1783. fton, member of parlialady of Dr, Lucas Pe.

ment for Hastings, to pys, was safely delivered

Miss Mea. of a fon.

po. Rev. Auriol Drummond, 27. 'The lady of Rich. Ald.

son of the late Archworth Neville, Esq.

bishop of York, and ne. M. P. for Reading, of

phew to the Earl of a son and beir.

Kinnoul, to Miss De 29. The grand Dutchess of

Visme, daughter of the Tuscany, of a prince.

late William De Visme, Oct. 1. The lady of Sir George

Cockburn, of a daugh 14.

Lord Viscount Deer

hurst, to Miss Pitches, so. Lady of the Bishop of

daughter to Sir AbraLincoln, of a daughter.

ham Pitches. 14. Countess of Roseberry,

John William Egerton, of a son.

lieutenant-colonel of 15. Lady of Sir John Tay

the 2 3d dragoons, M.P. lor, of.a fon,

for Brackley, and son 18. Lady Grantham, of a

of the Bishop of Dur. fon.

ħam, to Mils Haynes, 22. The Countess of Gal

only daughter of Sa. loway, of a fon, being

muel Haynes, Esq. her fifteenth child.

30. Hon. Mr.Grimston, broNov. 13. Lady of G. Noel Ed

ther to Lord Viscount wards, Esq. of a son.

Grimston, to Miss SQ22. The lady of George

phia Hoare, coheiress Drummond, Esq. of

of the fate Richard son and heir.

Hoare, Esq.of Bofham, Dec. 8, The Hon. Mrs. Fane,




: in

Sir John Freke, Bart. at

daughter of the Bishop Saunder's Court,

of St. Afaph. Ireland, to the Hon. 21. By a special licence, the Lady Catherine Gore.

Right Hon. John-RiFeb. 15. Hon. Thomas Onslow's

chard, Earl Delawarr, to Mrs: Duncombe, re

to Miss Lyell, only liet of the late Thomas

daughter of Henry LyDuncombe, Esq.

ell, Esq. Lady Arabella Crosbie, 28. Sir David Carnegie, sister to the Earl of

Bart. of Southesk, to Glandore,toWard,

Miss Elliot, daughter Esq. of the kingdom of

of Andrew Elliot, Esq. Ireland, brother to Lord

late lieutenant-gover-, Ward.

for of New York. Sir Nathaniel Duken. May 1. Sir Henry Gough, Bart. field, Bart. of Cheshire,

to Miss Carpenter, to Miss Ward, fister to

daughter of General John Ward, Esq. of


William Walter Yea, 20. P. C. Crespigny, Esq.

Esq. eldest son of Sir M. P. for Aldborough,

William Yea, Bart. to in the county of Suf

Miss Newman, daughfolk, to Miss Scott, only

ter of Francis Newman, daughter of the late R.

Esq. of Cadbury-house, Scott, Esq. of Betton,

Somersetshire. near Shrewsbury.

6. By special licence, WilMarchg. By special licence, the

lias Beckford, Esq. to the Hon. George Rich.

Lady Margaret Gorard St. John, to Miss

don, daughter to the Char. Collins, daughter

Earl of Aboine. of the Rev. Mr. Col. 12. Lady Frances Scott, fifa lins, of Winchester.

ter to the Duke of Buc13. By special licence, Wil

cleugh, to

Deuliam Manners, Esq. fon

glas, Esq. of Douglasof the Rev. Mr. Man.

castle Scotland. ners, to Miss Which 16. Sir Hugh Dalrymple, cott, the only daughter

lieutenant-colonel of of Sir Richard Which

the 68th regiment, to cott, Bart. of Ara

Miss Frances Leighton, wardby.

youngest daughter of 20. Richard Bagot, Esq.

the late General Leighbrother of Lord Bagot,

ton. to the Hon. Miss Fran 20. James King, Esq.youngces Howard, daughter

eft son of Gilbert King, of Lady Andover.

Esq. of Charles-Town, April 8. By a special licence,

in the county of Ror. Sir William Jones, to

common, to the Hon. Miss Shipley, eldest

Miss Creighton, eldeft [P] 2


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daughter to Lord Vif Aug. 7. Morton Eden, Esq. his count Erne.

majesty's envoy extra25: John Aubrey, Esq. of

ordinary at the court of Dorton, Bucks, to Miss

Saxony, to Miss ElizaCarter, of Chilton, in

beth Henley, youngest the fame county,

fifter to the Earl of Nor. June 5. Sir John Jervis, knight

thington. of the Bath, to Miss 9. The Right Hon. the Parker, daughter of the

Earl of Eglintown, to Right Hon. Sir Thomas

Miss Twisden, daugh. Parker.

ter of the late Sir Wil. 22. The Right Hon. Sir Jo

liam Twisden, 'Bart. feph Yorke, knight of 12. Sir George Armytage, the Bath, to the Dowa

Bart.of Kirklees, York. ger Baroness de Boet.

Thire, to Miss Har. zelaer, relict of the late

board, eldest daughter Baron de Boetzelaer,

of Sir Harboard Har. formerly first noble of

board, Bart.of Gunton, the province of Hol.

in Norfolk. land.

18. Richard Colt Hoare, Esq. 24. Sir George Allanson

eldest son of Richard Winn, Bart. to Mifs

Hoare, Esq. of Barn Blennerhaslet.

Elms, to the Hon. Miss 29. Captain Sir William

Lyttelton, eldeft daughChaloner Burnaby, of

ter of Lord Westcote, of the navy,and of Brough

Hagley Park, in Worton, Oxfordshire,

cestershire. Bart. to Miss Eliza

The Rev. Edward Beck. beth Molineux, second

ingham Benson, to the daughter of Crisp Mo.

Right Hon. Lady Franlineux, of Garboldi .

ces Alicia Sandys, fister sham, Norfolk, Esq.

of the Earl of TankerJuly 10. The Right Hon. the

ville. Earl of Chatham, to the Sept. 16. The Hon. George Dal. Hon. Miss Townshend,

rymple, brother to the daughter of Lord Sid.

Earl of Stair, to Miss ney.

Harland, eldest surviv20. By a special licence, the

ing daughter of AdEarl of Denbigh, to

miral Sir Robert Har. Lady Halfard, widow

land. of the late Sir Charles 24. Sir Robert Wilmot, Bart. Halfard, Bart.

of Osmafton, in the 29. Hon. Grenville Anson

county of Derby, to Chetwynd, third son of

the Hon. Mrs. Byron, Lord Viscount Chet.

daughter of the Hon. wynd, to MissStapylton,

Admiral Byron. 30. Sir Thomas Gage, Bart.

Sir Thomas Wallace, to to Mifs Maria Fergus.

Miss Gordon.


OA. 6.

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