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Oct. 6. Lord Viscount Valen Alexander Chalmers, to be

tia, to Miss Cavendish, commissary clerk of the commif. daughter to the Right fariot of Murray, vacant by the Hon. Sir Henry Ca- resignation of Mr. William Dunvendish, Bart.

bar. Nov. 1. The Rev. Mr. O'Beirne, 8. The order of the Bath

secretary to the first lord conferred upon the Right Hon.
of the Treasury, to George Augustus Eliott, general
Miss Stuart, only fur- of his majesty's forces, and go-
viving child of the Hon. vernor of Gibraltar.
Colonel Francis Stuart, Same day lieutenant-general C.
brother to the Earl of Grey was invested with the order

of the Bath. Dec, 3. William Bellingham, - 10. John Storr, Esq. of

Esq. to Miss Fanny Halston, in the county of York,
Cholmondeley, young-

to be rear-admiral of the red.
est daughter to the - 11. Lieutenant-general Sir
Hon. Robert Cholmon, Charles Grey, knight of the Bath,

to be general and commander in 16. By special licence, Tho- chief of his majesty's forces in

mas Boothby Parkyns, North-America, in the room of
Esq. eldest son of Sir Sir Guy Carleton, knight of the
Thomas Parkyns, Bart. Bath.
to Miss James, only - 12. Lady Elizabeth Walde.
daughter of the late Sir grave, daughter of the Earl of
William James, Bart. Waldegrave, appointed lady of

the bed-chamber to the princess

royal. Principal PROMOTIONS in the - 22. Hon. Charles Howard,

Year 1783, from the London Ga- commonly called Earl of Surry, zette, &c.

to be lord-lieutenant of the West

Riding in the county of York, Dec. 28, 1782. Vice-admiral and of the city of York and counSir Peter Parker.- John Whalle ty of the same. Gardiner;-and James Graham, - 28. Richard Viscount Howe, Esqrs. to be Baronets of Great Admiral Hugh Pigot, Charles Britain.

Brett, and Richard Hopkins, Jan.4, 1783. Rev. John Hume, Esqrs. John Jefferies Pratt, John to be dean of Derry, in Ireland, Aubrey, Esq. and John Leveson void by the resignation of the Gower, were appointed commifRev. Mr. Edward Emily.

fioners of the Admiralty. Dr. Scott to the office of regi

Feb. I.

The Rev. St. Andrew ster of the court of faculties, St. John, M. A. uncle to Lord

The Countess of Pembroke, to St. John, to the deanry of Worbe one of the ladies of her ma. cester, vice Dr. Foley, deceased. jesty's bed-chamber, in the room 10. The Marquis of Carof the Countess of Hertford, de. marthen to be ambasador extraceased,

ordinary to his Christian majefty; [P] 3


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and Wlliam Fawkener, Esq. to be the title of Baron Rawdon, of his lord ship's secretary,

Rawdon, in the county of York. 14. Duke of Rutland was The dignity of a baron of the appointed steward of his majesty's kingdom of Great-Britain to the household.

Right Hon. Thomas Townshend, - 20. The Hon.William Skef- by the title of Baron Sydney, of fington, to be equerry to her ma Chiselhurst, in the county of Kent. jesty, in the room of the Hon. The dignity of a baronet of the John Welt, now Earl Delawar. kingdom of Great-Britain, to the

22, The Hon. John Trevor, Rev. Mark Sykes, D. D. of Sledto be envoy extraordinary to the mire, in the county of York, king of Sardinia; and Lord Gal. The like dignity to lieutenant. way, envoy extraordinary to the general John Dalling, of Burwoad, Elector Palatine, and minister to in the county of Surry. the diet at Ratisbon.

William Jones, Esq. to be one Alexander Murray, Esq. to be of the judges of his majesty's fa. one of the lords of session in North preme court of judicature, at Fort Britain.

William, in Bengal, in the room Elay Campbell, Efq. advocate, of Ştephen Cæsar Le Maistre, Esq. to be his majesty's folicitor-ge. decealed, neral in Scotland.

- 5. His grace the Duke of Marchı. Edward Mathew, Esq. Buccleugh, elected governor, and major - general of his majetty's the Right Hon. Lord Elliock, deforces, to be captain-general and puty-governor, of the royal bank governor in chief in and over the of Scotland. island of Grenada, and such of 8. The Earl of Arran to be the islands, commonly called the a knight of St. Patrick, vice Earl Grenadines, to the southward of of Antrim, declined. the island of Carriacou, includ. Edward Fanning, Esq. to be ing that island, and lying be- lieutenant-governor of the protween the same and Grenada. vince of Nova Scotia, vice Sir

Edmund Lincoln, Esq. to be Andrew Snape Hamond. captain-general and governor in The Hon. Mr. Willoughby, chief in and over the island of St. fon of Lord Middleton, to be coVincent, Bequia, and such other lonel of the Nortingham militia, the islands, commonly called the in the room of the late Lord George Grenadines, as lie to the north- Sutton. ward of the island of Carriacou, - 12. Lord Mountstuart was in America,

appointed ambassador extraordi. John Orde, Esq. to be captain- nary and plenipotentiary to the general and governor in chief in court of Spain. and over the island of Dominica Robert Lifton, Esq. to be his and its dependencies, in Ame- secretary. rica.

14. Edwin · Francis Stan 4. The dignity of a baron of hope, Esq. gentleman ufher of the the kingdom of Great Britain to privy.chamber, to be one of her the Hon. Francis Rawdon, (com, majofty's equerries, in the room of monly called Lord Rawdon) by the Hon. John Welt,

16. The

- 16. The honour of knight. Right Hon. William Ponsonby, hood on Alexander Munro, Esq. Lord Viscount Duncannon, the kis majefty's consul at Madrid. Hon. John Townshend, Sir John

His Royal Highness Prince Ed- Lindsay, knight of the Bath, Wil ward, to be senior knight compa.. liam Jolliffe and Whitrhed Keene, nion of the illuitrious order of St. Esąrs. to be commissioners for exe. Patrick.

cuting the office of high admiral - 23. Major Bernard, of the of the kingdoms of Great Britain 20th dragoons, to be master of the and Ireland. jewel office, in the room of the late The Right Hon. Edmund Burke, Col. William Egerton.

to be receiver and paymaster-geneLord Sydney, to be governor of ral of the forces. the Charter-house, in the room of - 9. The Right Hon. Charles the late Archbishop of Canter. Greville, to be treasurer of his mabury.

jetty's household. April 2. Dr. Moore was trans The Right Hon. Alexander lated from the fee of Bangor to the Lord Loughborough, lord chief archbifhoprick of Canterbury. justice of his majesty's court of

The Right Hon. Charles Towns- Common Pleas, Sir William Hen. hend, to be treasurer of his ma. ry Ashhurst, one of the justices jesty's navy:

of his majesty's court of King'sThe Right Hon. David, Vif. Bench, and Sir Beaumont Hocount Stormont, to be lord pref- tham, one of the barons of his dent of his majesty's moft ho- majesty's court of Exchequer, to nourable privy council.

be lords commissioners for the car. The Right Hon. Frederick, tody of the great seal. Earl of Carlisle, privy seal.

His grace the Duke of Man. The Right Hon. Lord North, chefter, to be ambassador extraorand the Right Hon. Charles James dinary and plenipotentiary to the Fox, to be principal secretaries of most Christian king. ftate.

The Earl of Shannon, the Right His

s grace William Henry, Duke Hon. Charles Spencer, commonly of Portland, the Right Hon. John called Lord Charles Spencer, and Cavendish, the Right Hon. Charles the Right Hon. William Eden, to Howard, Frederick Montagu, Esq. be vice-treasuerers of the kingdom and Sir Grey Cooper, Bart. to be of Ireland. commissioners of the treasury. - 11. George Maddison, Esq.

The Right Hon. Lord John to be his majesty's secretary of Cavendish, to be chancellor and embassy to the moft Chrhtian under-treasurer of the Exchequer. king.

- 4. John Montagu, Esq. vice The Right Hon. Lord Foley, admiral of the red, to be the port, and the Right Hon. Henry Fre. admiral at Portsmouth.

deric Carteret, to be poftmasters. The Right Hon. William general. Eden, to be of his majesty's most -12. The Earl of Dartmouth, honourable privy council.

lord steward of his majesty's houseAdmiral Lord Viscount Kep- hold. pel, Admiral Hugh Pigot, the

The Earl of Ilertford- to he [P]


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lord chamberlain of his majesty's 6. James Wallace, Esq. to household.

be attorney-general. The Earl of Cholmondeley to The Earl of Leven to be his be captain of the yeomen of the majesty's high commissioner to the guards.

general assembly of the church of Lord Viscount Townshend to ' Scotland. be master-general of the ordnance. - 14. The Right Hon. George

Henry Strachey, Esq. to be Harry, Earl of Stamford, to be keeper of his majesty's stores, ord- lord-lieutenant of the county of nance, and ammunition of war. Chester, and of the city of Chester

William Adam, Esq. to be trea and county of the fame. surer and paymaster of his majesty's - 17. Dr. Lewis Bagot, Bishop ordnance.

of Bristol, to be bishop of NorThe Right Hon. Richard Fitz- wich. patrick, his majesty's secretary at The Earl of Sandwich, to be

ranger and keeper of St. James's 14..

- St. John, Esq. of Park, and of Hyde Park. Lincoln-inn, barrister at law, to The Earl of Jersey to be capbe under secretary to Lord North. tain of his majesty's band of pen.

The Right Hon. George James, fioners. Earl of Cholmondeley, the Right The Lord Viscount HinchinHon. Richard Fitzpatrick, and broke, to be master of his majesty's the Right Hon. Frederick Mon- buck-hounds. tagu, were sworn of the privy James Heseltine, Esq. to be his council.

majesty's procurator. 15. Earl Fitzwilliam to be 22. Counsellor Erskine to be cuftos rotulorum for the foke or li- king's council. berty of Peterbcrough, in Nor 23. A. Pigot to be a king's thamptonshire.

council. John Lee, Esq. to be solicitor June 14. Dr. Wilson, to be general.

bithop of Bristol. 20. Sir Willoughby Ashton - 15. Rev. Cyril Jackson to to be uhher of the black rod in be dean of the cathedral church Ireland, under the Earl of Nor- of Christ in the university of thington.

Oxford. And, Rev. Thomas 29. John Courtney, Esq. Shafto to be canon of the same master surveyor of the ordnance. church, in the room of Mr. Jack

Humphry Minchin, Esq. clerk son. of the ordnance,

16. The Right Hon. Lord The Bishop of Worcester to bę Viscount Keppel, first lord of the clerk of the closet to his majesty. Admiralty, was unanimously cho

Dr. Warren to be Bishop of sen master, and Sir William James, Bangor.

Barț. deputy master of the TriMay 3. The Right Hon. Ro. nity-house. bert, Earl of Northington, lieu - 17. Dr. Smallwell, to be tenant general and general gover- bishop of St. David's. nor of his majesty's kingdom of - 26. Thomas Davenport, Esq, Ireland,

was called to the degree of fere



jeant at law. As was also Nah The Hon. and Rev. George Grosse, Esq.

Hamilton, M. A. to be a pre- 27. Serjeant Davenport was bend of his majesty's free chapel knighted by his majesty.

of St. George in the castle of July 4. Capt. John Collins, in Windfor, void by the death of the the navy, was knighted,

Rev. Dr. John James Majendie. Aug. 15. The Hon. Henry Lr

Sept. 20. Letters patent passed skine, (brother of the Earl of Bu- the great seal, granting John, chan, to the office of lord advo. Lord Sheffield, the title of Baron cate of Scotland, in the room of Sheffield of Roscommon, in the Henry Dundas, Esq.

county of Roscommon, with reHenry Mathias, Esq. the offices mainders severally to his daughor places of prothonotary and ters. clerk of the crown in the coun The like dignity of baron of ties of Carmarthen, Pembroke, the said kingdom of Ireland to and Cardigan, and the town of the following gentlemen : Haverfordwest, and borough of Arthur Pomroy, of Newbury, Carmarthen.

in the county of Kildare, Esq. - 19. Alleyne Fitzherbert, Baron Harberton of Carbery, in Esq. to be his majesty's envoy ex- the said county traordinary and minister plenipo Robert Clements, Esq. Baron tentiary to the court of Peters. Leitrim of Manor Hamilton, in burgh.

the county of Leitrim. — 22. Thomas Page, Esq. of Francis Mathew, Erg. Baron the artillery, had the honour of Landaff of Thomastown, in the knighthood conferred on him. county of Tipperary. And

- 26. George Ogle, Esq. and William Tonson, Esq. Baron Rithe honourable Thomas Pelham, versdale, of Rathcormuck, in the to be of his majesty's most hon- county of Cork. ourable privy council in the king The dignity of a baroness of the dom of Ireland.

said kingdom to Mrs. Christian :28. The Earl of Derby to Hely Hutchinson. wife of the be chancellor of the duchy and Right Hon. John Hely Hutchin. county Palatine of Lancaster, vicefon, by the title of Baroness Do. Lord Ashburton.

nogmore of Knocklofty, in the - 30. John Randolph, bache. county of Tipperary. lor of divinity, to be regius pro The dignity of a baron of the feffor of divinity in the university faid kingdom to fir John Hussey of Oxford, with the place and Delaval, bart, by the title of Badignity of a canon of the cathe ron Delaval of Redford, in the dral church of Christ in the said county of Tipperary. university, void by the death of To John Pennington, Esq. the the Rev. Dr. Benjamin Wheeler. title of Baron Muncaster; with

T'he Hon. and Rev. Edward remainder to his brother Lieute. Seymour Conway, M. A. to be a nant Col. Lowther Pennington. canon of the said cathedral church, To Richard Pennant, Elq. the void by the death of the Rev. title of Baron Penrhyn, in the Dr. Benjamin Kennicott,

county of Lowth.

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