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Oct. 21. William Lucas, Esq. The Right Hon. Granville, to be his majeily's chief-juitice of Earl Gower, lord president of the the illands of Grenada and the privy-council. Grenadines, in America.

The dignity of a baronet of the - 25. The Right Hon. Lord kingdom of Great Britain to the William Cavendish Bentinck, several gentlemen under-mentionclerk of the pipe.

ed: Nov. 11. Rev. Dr. Kaye, to be John Guise, of Higham Court, dean of Lincoln.

in the county of Gloucester, Esq. George Payne, to be conful Sir Andrew Snape Hamond, general at Morocco,

Knight, with remainder to Ana 19. Mr. John Lee, to be attor. drew Snape Douglas, Esq. cap . ney general.

tain in his majesty's navy, Mr. James Mansfield, to be Charles Barrow, "of Hygrove, folicitor-general.

in the county of Gloucester, Esq. The Hon. Thomas Erskine, and with remainder to Thomas Craw. Arthur Pigott, Esq. the former ley Boevy, of Flanley Abby, in appointed attorney-general, and the said county, Esq. the latter solicitor-general to his john Morthead, "of Trenant Royal Highness the Prince of Park, in the county of Cornwall, Wales.

Efq. The Hon. Mr. Walpole, ap. The Rev. Richard Rycroft, pointed envoy to the court of Ba- D. D. of Calton, in the county varia.

of York. 20. Lord Visc. Lewisham, John Silvester Smith, of New. lord warden of the Stannaries, and land Park, in the West Riding of steward of the duchy of Cornwall. the county of York, Esq.

- 25. Richard Ackom Harri. John Lombe, of Great Melton, fon, Elg. to be collector of his in the county of Norfolk, Esq. majesty's customs at the port of with remainders severally to his Hull.

brother Edward Hare, of Sall, in Dec. 6. Hon. Capt. George the said county of Norfolk, Esq. Fitzroy, one of the grooms of the and to the heirs male of Vertue, bed-chamber to the prince of wife of Richard Paul Jodrell, of Wales.

Saxlingham, in the same county, 10. The Rev. William Dick- niece of the said John Lombe, Esq. fon, clerk, M. A. to the united Thomas Durrant, of Scottowe, bishopricks of Down and Con- in the county of Norfolk, Esq.

Lucas Pepys, doctor of physic, - 13. Anthony Storer, of Brook-street, Grosvenor-square, be miniiter plenipotentiary to the physician extraordinary to his macourt of Versailles, during the jelty, with remainder to his broabsence of the duke of Man. ther William Weller Pepys, of chester,

Ridley, in the county Palatine 20. The Right Honourable of Chester, Esq. one of the masGeorge, Earl Temple, one of his ters in the high court of chancery. majetty's principal fecretaries of Francis Wood, of Barnsley, in date.

the county of York, Elq. Second


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fon of Francis Wood, late of The Hon. William Pitt, the Barnsley aforesaid, Esq. deceased, office of chancellor and underwith remainder severally to the treasurer of his majesty's excheRev. Henry Wood, of the same quer. place, D. D. eldest son of the said His grace the Duke of RichFrancis Wood, deceased, and to mond, the office of master-general the heirs of the said Francis of his majesty's ordnance. Wood, deceased.

The Right Hon. Richard, Visc. William Fitzherbert, of Tef. Howe, Charles Brett, John Jeffe. fington, in the county of Derby, ries Pratt, and John Leveson Esq. and Thomas Beevor, of He- Gower, Esqrs. Henry Bathurst, thel, in the county of Norfolk, Esq. (commonly called Lord Apf, Erg.

ley), Charles George Percival, - 23. His grace Charles, Duke and James Modyford Haywood, of Rutland, to be keeper of the Efars, to be his majesty's commilprivy seal.

sioners for executing the office of The Right Hon. Francis, Mar- lord high admiral of the kingquis of Carmarthen, and the doms of Great-Britain and IreRight Hon. Thomas, Lord Syd- land. ney, to be his majesty's principal The Right Hon. Henry Dun.. secretary of state.

das, the office of treasurer of his The Right Hon. Edward, Lord majesty's navy, Thurlow, to be lord high chan. William Smith, Esq. the office cellor of Great Britain,

of treasurer and paymaster of his The Duke of Dorset, ambaf. majesty's ordnance. fador to Paris.

G. A. Selwyn, surveyor of Daniel Hailes, Esq. his secre

crown lands. tary.

The Right Hon. Barry YelverLord Salisbury to be lord cham- ton, to be lord chief baron, in berlain.

Ireland. Lloyd Kenyon, Esq. to be at John Fitzgibbon, Esq. to be at. torney-general.

torney-general, in Ireland. Richard Pepper Arden, Esq. to be folicitor-general.

William Pitt, Esq. Lord Graham, John Buller, Esq. Edward SHERIFFS appointed by his James Elliott, Esq. and John Majesty in Council, för 1783, Aubrey, Esq. to be commif. fioners of the treasury.

Berkboire. James Patey, of ReadDuke of Chandos, to be lord- ing, Esq. fteward of the household.

Bedfordshire. John Dilley, of Lord de Ferrars, to be captain Southill, Esq. of the band of gentlemen pen Bucks. David Devisme, of Great fioners.

Miflenden, Esq. The Hon. William Wyndham Cumberland. John Orfeur Yates, Grenville, and Lord Mulgrave, of Skerwith Albev, Lfg. to be joint pay-matters of the Cheshire. Davis Davenport, of forces.

Çapesthorn, Efo.


Cambridge and Huntingdon. Wil. Surrey. Henry Boulton, of Lealiam Vachell, of Hingeston, Esq. therhead, Esq.

Cornwall. Christopher Haw Suflex. John Norton; of Southkins, of Trewithen, Erg.

wick, Esq. Devonshire. Francis Rose Drewe, Warwickshire. John Neale, of of Grange, Esq.

Allesley Park, Esq. Dorset fire. Francis John Browne, Worcestershire. Jonathan Pytts, of Frampton, Esq.

of Kyre, Esq. Derbyshire. Sir Edward Every, of Wiltshire. Thomas Hufrey, of Egginton, Bart.

Fisherton Anger, Esq. Efex. John Godfalve Crosse, of Yorkshire. Sir Robert Darcy Baddow, Esq.

Hildyard, of Winestead, Bart, Gloucestershire. Jofeph Roberts, of Clapton-lane, Esq.

SOUTH WALES. Hertfordshire. Robert Mackay, of Tewin, Efg.

Brecon. Thomas Meredith, of Herefordshire. Tomkyns Dew, Brecon, Esq. of Whitney, Esq.

Carmarthen. John Davies, of Kent. Henry Hawley, of Ley- Trawsinaur, Esq. bourne, Esq.

Cardigan. John Benyon, of Leicestershire. Charles Loraine Duffryn, Esq. Smith, of Enderby, Esq.

Glamorgan. William Kemys, of Lincolnshire. Sir Jenison William Ynysarward, Esq. Gordon, of Branston, Bart.

Pembroke. Thomas Wright, of Monmouthshire. Elisha Biscoe, of Popehill, Esq. Dixton, Esq.

Radnor. Thomas Price, of GlasNorthumberland. William Har- combe, Esq. grave, of Shawden, Esq.

Northamptonshire. Michael Wod NORTH WALE S. hull, of Thenford, Esq.

Norfolk. Sir Martin Browne Anglesey. Morgan Jones, of Folkes, of Hillington, Bart. Skerries, Esq. Nottinghamshire. John Gilbert


Thomas Ashton Cooper, of Thurgaton, Esq. Smith, of Vaenol, Esq.

Oxfordshire. Sir Gregory Page Denbigh. Charles Goodwin, of Turner, of Ambroseden, Bart. Burton, Esq.

Rutlandshire. John Bellars, of Flint. George Prescott, of Ha. Seaton, Esq.

warden, Esq. Shropshire.

Isaac Hawkins Merioneth. Robert Evans, of Browne, of Badger, Esq.

Bodwenni, Efa. Somersetshire. Peter Sherstone, Montgomeryshire. William Humfof Wells, Esq.

freys, of Llwyn, Esq.
Staffordshire. Richard Gildart,
of Norton, Esq.

DE A T HS, 1783.
Suffolk. Robert Trotman, of
Ipswich, Esg.

Hugh Sandilands, brother to Southampton. William Powlett Lord Torphechen, at Madras, in Powlett, of Sombourne, Esq. October lätt.


: Dec. 19,1782. At Strasburgh, her At Lisbon, his eminence Cardiroyal highness the princess Chri- nal don John de Cunha, privytina, aunt to the elector of Saxony, counsellor to his majesty, archand grand abbess of Remiremont. bishop of Evora, and inquisitor

26. Henry Home, Esq. Lord general of the kingdom of Portu. Kaimes, judge in the courts of sef- gal and its dependencies. fion and justiciary:

William, Earl of Delawar. 28. The princess Maria Char Feb. 4. The Right Hon. the lotta Antonietta, of Sardinia, Countess of Aylesbury. spouse of his royal highness prince The Right Hon. the Earl of Antony, of Saxony, of the small- Suffolk, without male issue, and pox.

was succeeded in his titles by CoBaron Van Affeburg, prince bi., lonel Howard, of the guards. Top of Paderbourn, in Germany.. 6. Mrs. Huddleston, wife of

Jan. 3, 1783. Lady Jane Flack, Thomas Huddleston, of Hatton wife of Mr. Flack, attorney, and Garden, Esq. She was the only daughter of the Earl of Wigtown. child of Lady Anne Mackworth,

4. At Madras, the Hon. and niece of the Earl of Abercorn. George Sempill, brother to Lord 8. At Bath, the Hon. John Sempill.

Chichester, Esq. only brother to 9. Rev. Dr. Foley, uncle to the Right Hon. the Earl of DonLord Foley, and dean of Wor- negall. cester.

10. Lady Isabella Monck, fifter 10. Lord George Sutton, uncle to the late Duke of Portland, and to his grace the Duke of Rut aunt to the present Duke of Portland,

land. 11. Admiral John Storr.

23. Lady Hardres, relict of Sir Capt. Charles Fielding, brother. William Hardres, Bart, of Hardres in-law to the Earl of Winchelsea. Courr. 12. Lord Stirling

25. The Right Hon. Dowager 14. The lady of rear-admiral Lady Carysfort, mother of the preFowke.

sent lord. Lady Anne Stuart, relict of John The infant don Giuseppe, their Stuart, of Blair-hall, Esq. and Sicilian majesty's third lon (not daughter of the late Francis, Earl quite two years old.) of Morey.

30. Lady Reeve, reli&t of Sir 16. Lady dowager Vere. Thomas Reeve. 21. Sir George Armytage, Bart.

March 2.

Lady Mary Weft, 25. Sir Jarritt Smyth, Bart. fifter to the Earl of Stamford. Lady Stafford.

Lord George Fitzgerald, broLady Echlin, relict of Sir Ro- ther to the Duke of Leinster. bert Echlin, Bart. fifter to the late 9. Lady Dowager Walpole. Countess of Derby.

16. William Egerton, brother 27: Miss Susannah Howard, to the bishop of Durham. daughter of the earl and Countess 19. Hon. Dr. Frederick Corn. of Carlisle.

wallis, lord archbishop of Canter29. In Scotland, Sir James bury, primate of all England. Clerk, Bart. of Pennycuick. 20. The lady of Sir Robert


Shafto, Esq. daughter and heiress lord chief baron of his majefty's of the late Thomas Duncombe, court of Exchequer in Ireland, Esq. of Duncombe Park, by Lady 23. The right Rev. Dr. Philip Diana Howard, daughter of the Yonge, lord bihop of Norwich. late Earl of Carlisle.

28. Lord Charles Cavendish, 21. The Rev. and Hon. Dr. grand unele to the Duke of De Hervey, uncle to the Earl of vonshire. Bristol.

May 3. Prince Octavius, at Kew 24. His royal highness Charles palace, of inoculation for the Guftavus, youngest son of the king finall-pox, aged four years, two of Sweden.

months, and ten days. The Right Hon. John, Lord 6. The Right Hón. Hen. Lof. Rollo. His lordship is succeeded tus, Earl of Ely, Viscount Loftus, in honours and estate by his eldest of the kingdom of Ireland, and fon James, now Lord Rollo. knight of the order of St. Patrick,

30. The celebrated anatomist, 11. Henry Howarth, Esq. Dr. William Hunter.

16. Sir William Douglas, Bart. At Hanover, aged two years, 20. The Right Hon. Lady For. Prince Frederick Charles Ferdi- tęscue, Viscountess Valentia, wife nand, younger son of his highness of the Right Hon. Arthur, Visa Prince Charles Louis Frederic of count Valentia, in the kingdom of Mecklenburgh Strelitz.

Ireland. April ş. Her serene highness the 23. Rear-admiral Charles WebPrincess Louisa Carolina, margra- ber. vine of Baden Dourlach, and lifier 25. Sir John Gordon, of Into the Landgrave of Heffe Darm- vergordon, Bart. stadt.

26. The Right Hon. Lord Car6. Sir William Guise, Bart. bery, of the kingdom of Ireland. representative for the county of He is succeeded by his only son, Gloucefter.

the Hon. George Evans, E1q. Lord Bruce, at Spa, in Ger 29. His excellency Compte de many.

Hallang, envoy froin his serene 9. Sir John Frederick, Bart. highnels the Elector Palatine and F. R. S. in the 74th year of his Duke of Bavaria, privy-counsellor age.

and chamberlain at both courts ; 10. At Greenwich, in an ad. likewise knight of the illustrious vanced age, Admiral Mann. order of St. George, in the 83d

11. Hon. Mrs. Boícawen, re year of his age, after an embassy of lict of lieutenant-general Gcorge forty-four years: Boscawen.

Lady Anne Greville, filter to 19. At lady Harriot Vernon's, the Earl of Warwick. in Grafton-ftreet, after a linger June 5. Lady Helen Stuart, ing illnefs, Miss Lucy Vernon, lady of Lord Stonefield. her ladyfhip's third daughter. 7. Sir Rowland Hill, of Hawk

20. Sir John Ramsay, Bart. of fone, in the county of Salop, Eart: Banff.

He is succeeded in his title and 21. Mrs. Willes, ielict of the estates by his eldeit son, now Sir late Right Hon. Edward Willes, Richard Hill, Bart:


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