Law Chronicle: A Monthly Journal, Band 1

T. F. A. Day., 1855

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Seite 313 - every will shall be construed, with reference to the real estate and the personal estate comprised in it, to speak and take effect as if it had been executed immediately before the death of the testator, unless a contrary intention shall appear by the will.
Seite 148 - of goods, or any other documents used in the ordinary course of business, as proof of the possession or control of goods, or authorising or purporting to authorise, either by endorsement or by delivery, the possessor of such documents to transfer or receive goods thereby represented. The
Seite 324 - 5, no action shall be maintained, whereby to charge any person upon any promise made after full age to pay any debt contracted during infancy, or upon any ratification after full age of any promise or simple contract, unless such promise or ratification be by some writing, signed by the party to be charged therewith. The above
Seite 135 - 3, s. 7, all declarations or creations of trusts or confidences of any lands, tenements, or hereditaments, must be manifested and proved by some writing signed by the party who is by law .enabled to declare such trust, or by his last will in writing, or else they
Seite 424 - & 4 Will. 4, c. 42, s. 28, upon all debts or sums certain payable at a certain time or otherwise, the jury, on the trial of any issue, or any inquisition of damages, may, if they shall think fit, allow interest to the creditor at a rate not exceeding the current rate of interest,
Seite 170 - be allowed to impeach the credit of his own witness by general evidence of bad character ; but he may, in case the witness shall, in the opinion of the judge, prove adverse, contradict him by other evidence, or, by leave of the judge, prove that he has made at other times a. statement inconsistent with
Seite 366 - c. 106, s. 125 (which enacts that, " if any bankrupt at the time he becomes bankrupt shall, by the consent and permission of the true owner thereof, have in his possession, order, or disposition any goods or chattels whereof he was reputed owner, or whereof he had taken upon him the
Seite 121 - truly to be made, we bind ourselves, and every of us, for the whole, our heirs, executors, and administrators, firmly by these presents, sealed with our seals. Dated, &c." The condition of this obligation is such
Seite 375 - estate, or to the agent of such mortgagor or person, in writing, signed by the mortgagee or the person claiming through him ; and in such case no such suit shall be brought, but within twenty years next after the time at which such acknowledgment, or the last of such acknowledgments, if more than one, was given.
Seite 282 - by the testator, or by some other person in his presence and by his direction ; and such signature must be made or acknowledged (2 Law Stud. Mag. NS 299), by the testator, in the presence of two or more

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