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Seite 240 - I hoped to make a practically perfect screw ; and so important did the problem seem that I immediately set Mr. Schneider, the instrument maker of the University, at work at one. The operation seemed so successful that I immediately designed the remainder of the machine, and have now had the pleasure since Christmas of trying it. The screw is practically perfect, not by accident, but because of the new process for making it ; and I have not yet been able to detect an error so great as one one-hundredthousandth...
Seite 181 - THE HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE. 9th Ed. Cr. 8vo. 7s. 6d. *** Also a Library Edition. Demy 8vo. 14s. THE AMERICAN COMMONWEALTH. 2 vols. Ex. cr. 8vo. 25s. Part I. The National Government. Part II. The State Governments. Part III The Party System. Part IV. Public Opinion. Part V. Illustrations and Reflections.
Seite 241 - The screw is practically perfect and has been tested to ] o fa 0 0 inch without showing error. Neither does it have any appreciable periodic error, and the periodic error due to the mounting and graduated head can be entirely eliminated by a suitable attachment. For showing the production of ghosts by a periodic error, such an error can be introduced to any reasonable amount. Every grating made by the machine is a good one, dividing the 1474 line with ease, but some are better than others.
Seite 172 - That the levying of taxes by the poll is grievous and oppressive, and ought to be prohibited...
Seite 65 - Brief review of the most important changes in the industrial applications of chemistry within the last few years.
Seite 240 - IT is not many years since physicists considered that a spectroscope constructed of a large number of prisms was the best and only instrument for viewing the spectrum where great power was required. These instruments were large and expensive, so that few physicists could possess them.
Seite 52 - June. 2. The candidate must give evidence of a liberal education, such as the diploma of a college of good repute; of decided proclivity...
Seite 240 - ... anywhere in this circle, the image of this source and the different orders of the spectra are all brought to focus on this circle. The word focus is hardly applicable to the case, however, for if the source of light is a point, the light is not brought to a single point on the circle, but is drawn out into a straight line with its length parallel to the axis of the circle. As the object is to see lines in the spectrum only, this fact is of little consequence, provided the slit, which is the source...
Seite 162 - By this leter it appears in what state ye affairs of ye plantation stood at this time. These goods they bought, but they were at deare rates, for they put 40. in ye hundred upon them, for profite and adventure, outward bound; and because of ye vnture of ye paiment homeward, they would have 30.* in ye 100.
Seite 240 - ... of the lines of the spectrum. Furthermore it reduces the spectroscope to its simplest proportions, so that spectroscopes of the highest power may be made at a cost which can place them in the hands of all observers. With one of my new concave gratings I have been able to detect double lines in the spectrum which were never before seen. The laws of the concave grating are very beautiful on account of their simplicity, especially in the case where it will be used most. Draw the radius of curvature...

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