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6. His omnisciency, as our overseer.

Mine omnisciency shall be your overseer. Mine eyes shall be ever open, observing your wants, to relieve them, and your wrongs, to avenge them. Mine ears shall be ever open, to hear the prayers of my poor, the cries of mine oppressed, the clamors, the calumnies, and reproaches of your enemies.b . Surely I have seen your affliction, and known your sorrows: and shall not God avenge his own elect? I will avenge them speedily. I see the secret plots and designs of your enemies against you,' and will disannul their counsels ;e I see your secret integrity, and the uprightness of your heart towards me, while the carnal and censorious world condemns you as hypocrites. Your secret prayers, fasts, and tears, which the world knoweth not of–1 observe them, and I record them. Your secret care to please me, your secret pains with your own hearts, your secret selfsearching and self-denial,--I see them all; and your Father, which seeth in secret, shall reward them openly.

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7. His wisdom, as our counsellor. My wisdom shall be your counsellor. If any want wisdom, let him ask of me, and it shall be given him. I will be your deliverer. When you are in darkness, I will be a light to you, I will make your way plain before you. You are but short-sighted, but I will be eyes to you." I will watch over you, to bring upon you all the good I have promised,e and to keep off all the evil you fear; or to turn it into good. You shall have your food in its season, and your phy ic in its season; mercies, afflictions, all suitable and in their season.&

I will outwit your enemies, and make their oracles to speak but folly. The old serpent shall not deceive you, I will acquaint you with his devices. The deceitful hearts you fear, shall not undo you; I will discover their wiles.

I know how to deliver the godly out of tempo tation, and to reserve the unjust to the day of judgment to be punished.j Trust in me with all your hearts, and lean not to your own understanding ;k I am God that performeth all things for you. I will forfeit the reputation of my wisdom, if I make you not to acknowledge, when you see the end of the Lord," (though at

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present you wonder, and reach not the meaning of my proceedings,a) that all my works are in weight, and in number, and in time, and in or. der; if I force you not to cry out, “ Manifold are thy works; in wisdom hast thou made them


8. His justice, as our avenger and rewarder.

My justice shall be your avenger and reward. er.d Fear not to approach; fury is not in me.e My justice is not only appeased towards you, but engaged for you. I am so fully satisfied in the sacrifice of my Beloved, that justice itself, that was as a flaming sword drawn against you, doth now greatly befriend you; and that which was an amazing, confounding terror, shall now become your relief and consolation.& Under all your oppressions, here shall your refuge be. Let me know your grievances, my justice shall right your wrongs, and reward your services. You may conclude upon your pardon, conclude upon your crowns, conclude upon reparation for all your injuries; and all from the sweet consideration of my justice ;j the thought of which, to others, is as the horrors of the shadow of death.

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If you sin, despair not; remember, I am just to forgive you. If you are at any pains or cost for me, do not count it lost, for I am not unrighteous to forget you. I am the Righteous Judge, that have laid up for you, and will set on you, the crown of righteousness. Are you reviled, per secuted, defamed? Forget not that I am righteous to render tribulation to them that trouble you; and to you that are troubled, rest with me. Though all your services and sufferings deserve not the least good at my hands, yet as I have freely passed my promise to reward them, so I will as justly keep it.

9. His omnipresence, as company for us. Mine omnipresence shall be company for you. Surely I will be with you, to bless you.b No bolts, no bars, nor bonds, nor banishment, shall remove you from me, nor keep my presence and the influences of heaven from you. I am always with you :d in your darkest nights, in your deepest dangers, I am at hand with you, a very present help in the time of trouble.e 'I am not a God afar off, or asleep, or in a journey, when you need my counsel, mine ear, or aid. I am always nigh unto them that fear me.f

No Patmos, no prison shall hinder the pre

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Senco of my grace from you. My presence shall lighten the darkcst dungeon where you can be thrust.b

10. His holiness, as a fountain of grace to us. My holiness shall be a fountain of grace to you. I am the God of hope, the God of love,e the God of patience, the Author and Finisher of faith, the God of all grace ;h and I will give grace to you. My design is to make you partakers of my holiness.j

I will be a constant spring of spiritual life to you. The water that I shall give you, shall be in you as a well of water, springing up into ever. lasting life. The seed of life that I shall put in you, shall be so fed, and cherished, and maintained by my power, that it shall be immortal.! The unction that you shall receive from the Holy One, shall abide in you, and teach you all things necessary for you; and, as it hath taught you, you shall abide in him.m Keep, but the pipes open, and ply the means which I have prescribed, and you shall flourish in the courts of your God. Yea, I will satisfy your soul in

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