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drought, and make fat your bones, and ye shall be like a watered garden. Lo, I will be as the dew unto you, and you shall grow as the lily, and cast forth your roots as Lebanon; and your branches shall spread, and your beauty shall be as the olive tree;b you shall still bring forth fruit in old age, you shall be fat and flourishing.c*

11. His sovereignty, to be, as it were, com

manded by us.

My sovereignty shall be commanded by you.d You shall be my favorites, men of power to prevail with me. All mine attributes shall be at the command of your prayers. 12. His all-sufficiency, to be the lot of our


In short, mine all-sufficiency shall be the lot of your inheritance. My fulness is your trea

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* We understand this passage as referring to those worshippers who were constant in their attendance in the courts of the tabernacle, as if they had been trees there planted—these the psalmist considers as flourishing in faith and hope, and bringing forth the fruits of righteous, Boss to old age, like the olive,

sure;my house is your home. You may come as freely to my store, as to your own cupboard ;c you may have your hand as freely in my treasures, as in your own purses.

You cannot ask too much, you cannot look for too much, from me. I will give you comforts, or be myself to you instead of all comforts.e You shall have children, or I will be better to you than ten children;' you shall have riches, or I will be more to you than all riches.

You shall have friends, if best for you; or else I will be your comforter in your solitude;your counsellor in

your distress. If you leave father or mother, or houses, or lands, for my sake, you shall have a hundred-fold in me, even in this time.j When your enemies shall remove your comforts, it shall be but as letting the cistern run, and opening my fountain; or putting out the candles, and letting in the sun. The swelling of the waters shall raise higher the ark of your comfort. I will be the staff of bread to you, your life and the strength of your days.. I will be a house and home to you; you shall dwell with me; yea, dwell in me, and I in you. I will stand and fall with you. I will repair your

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losses, and relieve your needs. Can you burn out the lamp of heaven, or lave out the boundless ocean with your hands? Why, the sun shall be dark, and the sea be dry, before the Father of lights, the Fountain of mercies shall be exhausted. Behold, though the world hath been spending upon the stock of my mercy, ever since I created man upon the earth, yet it runs with full stream; still my sun doth diffuse its rays, and disburse its light, and yet shines as bright as ever; much more can I dispense of my goodness, and fill my creatures brimful and running over, and yet have never the less in myself: and till this all-sufficiency be spent, you shall never be undone. I am the God of Abraham, and of Isaac, and of Jacob;b and whatever I was to them, I will be to you.

Are you in want? You know whither to go: I am ever at home; you shall not go away empty from my door. Never distract yourselves with cares and fears, but make known your requests by prayer and supplication unto me; I will help when all do fail. When friends fail

, and heart fails,e when your eye-strings and your heartstrings crack, when your acquaintance leaves you, and your soul leaves you, my bosom shall be open to you; I will lock up your dust, I will receive your souls.

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13. His infiniteness, to be the extent of our inherit


And mine infiniteness shall be the extent of your inheritance. Can you, by searching, find out God? Can you find out the Almighty to perfection ? It is as high as heaven; what can you do ? Deeper than hell; what can you know ?a This height incomprehensible, this deep unfathomable, shall be all yours, for ever yours.

I am your inheritance, which no line can measure, no arithmetic can value, no surveyor can describe.b

Lift up now your eyes to the ancient mountains, and to the everlasting hills; all that you can see is yours. But your short sight cannot ken the moiety of what I give you; and when you see and know most, you are no less than infinitely short of the discovery of your own riches.d

II. In all his personal relations. Yea, further, I will be yours in all my perBonal relations.

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First. God the Father, to be a Father to us.

I am the everlasting Father, and I will be a Father to you. I take you for my sons and daughters. Behold I receive you, not as servants, but as sons, to abide in my house for ever. Whatever love or care children may look for from their father, that may you expect from me;d and much more, as I am wiser, and greater, and better than any earthly parents. If earthly fathers will give good things to their children, much more will I give to you.e If such cannot forget their children, much less will I forget you. What would my children have? Your father's heart, and your father's house; your


your father's ear; your father's bread, and your father's rod ;--all these shall be yours.

father's care,

1. He promiseth his fatherly affection. You shall have my fatherly affection. My heart I share among you, my tenderest love I bestow upon you.h

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