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modations at, and of reasonable transportation to and from, the place of meeting; shall order the disbursement of the funds of the association, audit the accounts, and have such other powers as may be conferred on them by these By-Laws or by a vote of the association.

Sec. 32. The Committee on Admissions shall consist of nine members. All applications for membership shall be referred to this committee. They shall report to the association the names of such persons as they deem suitable for membership, and shall seek to bring in all the lawyers of the state fitted to become members. What occurs at the meetings of this committee shall be considered confidential, except such matters as shall be publicly reported to the association. Any ten members may appeal, in writing, to the association from the failure or refusal of this committee to report favorably any application for membership. Sec. 33. The Committee on Grievances shall consist of nine members. They shall hear all complaints preferred by one member against another for misconduct in his relations to the profession or to this association, provided the same be in writing, particularly stating the matters complained of, and signed by the complainant. They may also hear any specific complaints made by any member, affecting the interest of the profession, the practice of law or the administration of justice; and may report thereon to the association, with such recommendations as they deem advisable. No report shall be made adversely to any member until after notice to him, with full opportunity to defend and to meet his accusers and witnesses face to face. The adverse action of this committee must be approved by a vote of not less than two-thirds of the members present and voting. It shall also be the duty of this committee to institute and carry forward all measures necessary for the maintenance of a high standard of professional integrity and honor, by opposing the admission to the bar of incompetent, dishonest and immoral persons, and by instituting proceedings for the expulsion from the bar of members thereof, guilty of improper, immoral or dishonest conduct. What occurs at the meetings of this committee shall be considered confidential, excepting such matters as shall be publicly reported to the association.

Sec. 34. The Committee on Law Reform shall consist of seven members. They shall consider and report to the association such amendments of the law as they shall deem beneficial,

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oppose such as they shall deem injurious, observe the practical working of the judicial system of the state, and recommend from time to time such action as they shall deem best.

Sec. 35. The Committee on Legal Education shall consist of five members. They shall report from time to time such changes as they shall deem it expedient to make in the system of legal education and of admission to the practice of law in the state.

Sec. 36. The Committee on Legal Biography shall consist of five members. They shall provide for the preservation, among the records of the association, of such facts relating to the history of the profession as may be of interest, and of suitable memorials of the lives and characters of deceased members of the association.

Sec. 37. All standing committees and vacancies therein shall be filled by appointment of the President, he designating the chairman, to serve until the expiration of the next annual meeting and the appointment of their successors. They shall make rules for their government, keep minutes of their proceedings, and make annual reports to the association. They may provide, by rule, that formal matters requiring attention between meetings may be voted on by letter, and that a failure of any member to attend three successive meetings shall cause his membership in the committee to become vacant. The rules adopted by one committee shall govern the succeeding committees until altered.

Sec. 38. Such other committees may be appointed or elected from time to time as shall be deemed expedient; but, except by a vote of the association, no matter shall be referred to a special committee which is within the province of any of the standing committees.

Sec. 39. A majority of any committee shall constitute a quorum. In case of necessity, the annual report of the standing committees may be prepared and adopted by less than a quorum (the necessity therefor being shown, however, by the report).


Sec. 40. The current year of the association shall commence on the first day of July, and the annual dues shall be payable on that date. Active members shall pay five dollars per year. The admission fee shall be five dollars, and shall include the first

year's dues. Honorary members shall pay no admission fee or dues. Active members who become non-resident of Colorado shall thereafter pay no dues.

Sec. 41. The Treasurer shall, after diligently seeking to collect the same, and with notice to the member of this By-Law, report to the Executive Committee the names of all members who are one year in arrears for their dues, and that committee may, by rule or direct vote on that report, declare that, by reason thereof such persons have ceased to be members of the association.


Sec. 42. Any member may be suspended or expelled for misconduct in matters connected with the association, or in his personal or professional relations, after conviction thereof by the Committee on Grievances, and the approval of such conviction by this association.

Sec. 43. Conviction of any member for crime shall at once work a forfeiture of membership in the association, which for feiture shall continue until such conviction be set aside or reversed; but if it shall afterwards be made to appear that such member was wrongfully convicted, he may be reëlected to membership upon recommendation of the Committee on Admissions.

Sec. 44. If any member is disbarred from practice in the Supreme Court, such disbarment shall work a forfeiture of his membership, until the disbarment be set aside or reversed. Reinstatement to practice shall not reinstate to membership, unless by a vote of the association upon recommendation of the Committee on Admissions.

Sec. 45. A member's interest in the property of the association shall cease with his membership.

Sec. 46.


Amendments may be made to these By-Laws only at an annual meeting, and by a vote of two-thirds of the members present; and no amendment shall be considered (except by unanimous consent of those present) unless a copy of the same shall have been sent to the Secretary, and notice of the intention to offer the same shall have been included in the call for the annual meeting.

Mr. Morrison moved that the By-Laws as read be adopted, subject only to such specific amendments as may be made thereto at this meeting.

Which motion was duly seconded and carried.

On motion of Mr. Hugh Butler, duly seconded, section 1, article I., of the By-Laws, was amended by striking out the word "State" between the words "Colorado" and "Bar."

On motion of Mr. Toll, duly seconded, section 43, article VIII., of the By-Laws, was stricken out.

On motion of Mr. Vaile, section 4, article II., was amended as follows: The word "majority" was stricken out and the words "two-thirds" inserted in lieu thereof and the words "by ballot" were inserted between the words "vote" and "of."

On motion of Mr. Platt Rogers, duly seconded, section 19, article V., was amended by substituting the words "Colorado Springs" in place of "Denver."

On motion of Mr. Manly, duly seconded, section 17, article IV., was amended by inserting the words "by ballot" between the words "elected" and "at."

Mr. Burns moved that the meeting do now proceed with the nomination and election of officers as provided by the ByLaws. Which motion was duly seconded and carried.

On motion of Mr. Fleming, duly seconded, the vote whereby the last motion was carried was reconsidered.

Mr. Fleming: I move that when this meeting adjourns, it adjourn until Monday, October 4, 1897, at 2 p. m., at this place, and at that meeting the officers of the association be elected.

Which motion was duly seconded and carried.

Mr. Jerome: I move that the committee who signed the call, Messrs. Johnson, Butler and Hoyt, together with the chairman of this meeting, be appointed a committee on incorporation, and report on October 4 as to the advisability of incorporating this association.

Which motion was duly seconded and carried.

Mr. Phelps: I move that the Secretary of this meeting be directed to notify all signers of this call, of this adjourned meeting, and request them to pay their dues and be prepared to be members of the association at that date, and that the tem

porary Secretary be, for the time being, authorized to act as Treasurer, to accept payments and to give receipts for dues. Which motion was duly seconded and carried.

Thereupon, on motion, the meeting adjourned until October 4, 1897, at 2 p. m. LUCIUS W. HOYT,


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