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October 4, 1897.

Caldwell Yeaman, temporary Chairman, and Lucius W. Hoyt, temporary Secretary, were in their chairs.

The following members of the association were present: G. C. Bartels, James H. Blood, Hugh Butler, Henry C. Charpiot, Westbrook S. Decker, John H. Denison, A. J. Fowler, Charles E. Gast, Thomas H. Hood, Lucius W. Hoyt, Orland S. Isbell, Edward L. Jackson, George C. Manly, Edward C. Mason, William L. Murfree, A. E. Pattison, Henry T. Rogers, Platt Rogers, Edward T. Taylor, E. T. Wells and Caldwell Yeaman.

The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: Hugh Butler, President; Charles E. Gast, First Vice President; Charles Cavender, Second Vice President, and Lucius W. Hoyt, Secretary and Treasurer.

The special committee appointed to consider the advis ability of incorporating the association reported favorably and recommended articles, which were presented. The committee also recommended that the Executive Committee of the Bar Association from time to time constitute the Board of Trustees. The report of the committee was adopted.

Upon motion a vote of thanks was extended to Stenographers William A. Jones and Charles W. Reitler for their services in taking the proceedings of the meeting of September 9, 1897;

and to The Brown Palace Hotel Company for the use of the ordinary for this meeting and the previous meeting.

President Butler appointed the following committees for the ensuing year:

Committee on Admissions-Westbrook S. Decker, Joel F. Vaile, A. C. Phelps, Henry W. Hobson, A. J. Fowler, James H. Blood, Morton S. Bailey, S. A. Giffin and Edward C. Mason.

Committee on Grievances-Platt Rogers, Edward L. Johnson, E. T. Wells, Caldwell Yeaman, Tyson S. Dines, Henry C. Charpiot, Charles E. Gast, J. C. Gunter and Joseph H. Maupin.

Committee on Law Reform-Edward L. Johnson, Charles E. Gast, E. T. Wells, J. C. Helm, Charles J. Hughes, Jr., Platt Rogers and A. E. Pattison.

Committee on Legal Education-W. C. Kingsley, A. T. Gunnell, William L. Murfree, Robert J. Pitkin and Harry N. Haynes.

Committee on Legal Biography-Caldwell Yeaman, Lewis B. France, A. H. DeFrance, A. J. Rising and R. S. Morrison.

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December 29, 1897, 8 p. m.

The meeting was called to order with Hugh Butler, Presi dent, and Lucius W. Hoyt, Secretary, in their chairs.

Westbrook S. Decker, chairman of the Committee on Admissions, reported that the committee had acted favorably upon the applications of the following:

Julius B. Bissell, Denver; Lucius M. Cuthbert, Denver; Harry C. Davis, Denver; Clyde C. Dawson, Cañon City; A. L. Doud, Denver; Sylvester S. Downer, Boulder; Frank E. Gove, Denver; Moses Hallett, Denver; Thos. H. Hardcastle, Denver; Otis S. Johnson, Colorado Springs; Horace G. Lunt, Colorado Springs; Henry F. May, Denver; John C. Murray, Denver; Harper M. Orahood, Denver; Albert A. Reed, Boulder; Halsted L. Ritter, Denver; Henry M. Teller, Central City; Willard Teller, Denver; Charles I. Thomson, Denver; H. C. Van Schaack, Denver; William B. Vates, Pueblo; Elmer E. Whitted, Denver, and C. S. Wilson, Colorado Springs.

The Secretary announced that he had received a letter from Mr. H. C. Van Schaack withdrawing his application.

The applications of the others recommended by the Committee on Admissions were balloted upon and were duly elected.

A committee of the Denver Bar Association, headed by Charles D. Hayt, appeared and asked a conference with a com

mittee from this association in reference to the death of Justice Gilbert B. Reed. It was moved and carried that a committee of four be appointed to confer with them. The chair appointed on the committee Platt Rogers, A. J. Rising, A. C. Phelps and James H. Blood. A recess was taken to enable the committees to confer. Upon the meeting being called to order after the recess, Mr. Rogers reported that the joint committees had selected a committee of three, consisting of Charles D. Hayt, Clinton Reed and Platt Rogers to prepare and present to the various courts resolutions upon the death of Judge Reed; that the committee would request the courts to adjourn on the 30th in honor of the deceased, and would make arrangements regarding attendance at his funeral. Upon motion, the report of the committee was adopted.

Mr. Platt Rogers, chairman of the Committee on Grievances, then made some remarks regarding some reports of misconduct of members of the bar, and the policy of the association regarding the matter, and the procedure regarding disbarment proceedings. Remarks were made regarding the matter by Lucius W. Hoyt, Edward L. Johnson and A. C. Phelps.

Mr. Phelps and Mr. Hoyt then called the attention of the association to the necessity of greater care in the consideration by the Committee on Admissions of applications and care on the part of the members in indorsing applications for admission; it being suggested that each member of the association indorsing applications should write to the Committee on Admissions a personal letter, stating what they knew of the applicant. Upon motion the meeting adjourned.









Wednesday, July 6, 1898.

The meeting was called to order in the ball room of Broadmoor Casino with President Hugh Butler and Secretary Lucius W. Hoyt in their chairs.

The reading of the records of the previous meetings was dispensed with.

President Butler then delivered his annual address.
(See the appendix.)

The Committee on Admissions recommended for admission to membership the following:

Robert W. Bonynge, Denver; R. M. Crane, Denver; Joshua Grozier, Denver; Charles W. Haines, Colorado Springs; F. T. Henry, Denver; James W. McCreery, Greeley; S. G. McMullin, Grand Junction; Charles A. Merriman, Alamosa; Hubert L. Shattuck, Denver; Edward S. Worrell, Jr., Denver,

And upon a ballot being taken they were declared elected to membership.

Justice W. H. Gabbert then delivered an address.
(See the appendix.)

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