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May 25, 1899-E. E. Whitted..
June 7, 1899-Tyson S. Dines.
June 28, 1899-Edward C. Mason.
July 1, 1899-Lucius W. Hoyt.
July 3, 1899-George C. Manly.
July 4, 1899--R. S. Morrison.

July 5, 1899-Ralph Talbot.

Miscellaneous receipts

Nov. 30, 1898-Hugh Butler, sale of picture plate..
Feb. 21, 1899-Statute Law Book Co., 5 copies of pro-


Bowen-Merrill Co., 1 copy of proceedings. Feb. 23, 1899-Exchange on two checks received prior to July 6, 1898, but omitted from last re















meeting Check book..


July 13, 1898-Broadmoor Hotel and Casino on account

of banquet....

$ 240.00

Rooms for D. J. Brewer and H. C. Caldwell 11.50 July 23, 1898-Broadmoor Hotel and Casino, balance for


Aug. 1, 1898-Merchants' Publishing Co., printing.
Aug. 18, 1898-1,000 stamped envelopes..

Aug. 30, 1898-J. H. House, stenographic work at annual

Exchange on Leadville.







Nov. 19, 1898-150 5-cent stamps for printed reports.
Nov. 23, 1898-Smith-Brooks Printing Co., printing 600


reports of proceedings.


250 envelopes .


Nov. 30, 1898 Williamson-Haffner Engraving Co., plate

for President Butler's picture.


Jan. 6, 1899-Smith-Brooks Printing Co.....
Mar. 16, 1899-Returned to rejected candidates for ad-


mission .


[blocks in formation]

May 18, 1899-Smith-Brooks Printing Co., printing......
May 18, 1899-Lucius W. Hoyt, expenses to Colorado
Springs to arrange for annual meeting..


8 65

June 12, 1899-Elizabeth Smith, typewriting..


June 16, 1899-Lucius W. Hoyt, miscellaneous expenditures during the year.....


July 1, 1899-Smith-Brooks Printing Co., printing.
July 5, 1899-Lucius W. Hoyt, expenses to Colorado
Springs, June 11, 1899, to arrange for
annual meeting....



[blocks in formation]

It was moved and carried that the report of the Treasurer be approved.

The President:

The next order of business is the report of standing committees. We have already had a report from the Committee on Admissions. Is there any report from the Committee on Grievances?

The Secretary presented the report.

(For the report see the Appendix.)

The report of the Committee on Law Reform being called for, Edward L. Johnson, chairman of the committee, said:

Mr. President, your address of yesterday cut away most of the ground from under our feet in the very full enumeration and consideration of the different acts passed at the last session of the legislature, some of which are of interest to lawyers particularly, and others to the general public. There were a couple of points, however, upon which you did not touch and which occupy some space in our report. With your permission, I will read so much of the report as has not already been given to the association. One regards the proposed change in the mining law, and the other the work of the commissioners for uniformity in state legislation.

Harry N. Haynes:

There is one or more members of this association, Mr. President, who did not have the pleasure of listening to your address yesterday afternoon, and probably would like the pleasure of hearing the remainder of the report of this committee. I understood the chairman of the committee to say that he did not read all of his report because a portion of the subjects were covered by the President in his annual address. It appears to me it would be wise to have the balance of the report read before being acted upon.

Edward L. Johnson:

Mr. President, I, perhaps, not expecting any question by any member of the association, have spoken more liberally of what our report contained than I should, and while we did have a sketch, or outline, of the acts passed by the legislature, it is very much more embryonic than was the well developed statement of our President. I hope Mr. Haynes will kindly await the publication of the proceedings of the meeting.

(For the report see the Appendix.)

The report of the Committee on Legal Education was next called for.

Hugh Butler:

The Committee on Legal Education have no written report to make. I can report verbally, however, that we had two or three meetings. We discussed the question pretty fully in regard to the steps to be undertaken by the association in respect to the preliminary education for beginning the study of law. Mr. Murfree was present at our meetings and took a great deal of interest in our discussion, and prepared a letter to present to the various superintendents of high schools, making inquiries for suggestions in respect to the course of study. I expected Mr. Murfree here this morning, and presumed he would make this report. I would say, simply, that we are making progress, and the present committee expect to do some good work during the coming year.

The President:

The written report of this committee, when filed with the Secretary, will be incorporated in the printed proceedings of the meeting.

Lucius W. Hoyt:

Mr. Chairman, I have been interested for some time in this matter of admission to the bar and legal education, and it occurred to me some time ago that there was a lack of information among the members of the association and members of the bar regarding the requirements of other states, a knowledge of which would guide us, perhaps, in our consideration of this matter in the future. I, therefore, as Secretary of the association, prepared a circular letter, asking fifteen or twenty questions regarding this matter, and sent a copy of it to the secretary of each state bar association and to the clerk of the supreme appellate court of each state. I received a large number of answers to this inquiry, and, I think, from all of the states except two. I tabulated them, and, while I do not wish to present it to the association, it occurs to me that it might be well to print it in the Proceedings for future reference. It seems to me that it is valuable information and ought to be preserved.

A. T. Gunnell:

Mr. President, I move that it be printed in the proceedings of the meeting.

This motion, being duly seconded by Harry N. Haynes, was carried.

(For tabulated statement see the Appendix.)

The report of the Committee on Legal Biography being called for, Caldwell Yeaman presented and read the following report.

(For report see the Appendix.)

There being no special committees or unfinished business, the nomination of officers came next.

Henry A. Dubbs:

Mr. Chairman, it has been suggested by some of the members of the association that the work of the association might be carried forward more satisfactorily and its purposes best subserved by appointing a committee to suggest nominees for these offices. I think the suggestion is a very proper one. I move that the chair appoint a committee of five to consider and suggest to the association nominees for the various offices.

This motion being duly seconded and carried, the chair appointed Messrs. Dubbs, Henry T. Rogers, Butler, Lunt and Haynes upon this committee.

The President:

The committee may retire and consider the matter. In the meantime we will remain in session. The Secretary has a dispatch here, I believe, from the secretary of the State Bar Association of Illinois.

The Secretary then read the following dispatch:

"Chicago, July 7, 1899.

"To Colorado Bar Association, Colorado Springs:

"The Illinois State Bar Association, in its twenty-third annual meeting assembled, at Chicago Beach Hotel, sends greeting to the Colorado Bar Association, convened in its second annual meeting at Colorado Springs.

"J. H. MATHENY, Secretary."

It was moved and seconded that the Secretary be instructed to prepare and forward a suitable reply.

A recess was thereupon taken until the Committee on Nominations shall be able to report.

The meeting having been called to order, the following report was made by the committee:

Henry A. Dubbs:

The committee begs to report that in considering the names that should be presented to the association at this time it was thought desirable and advisable to have some discussion in the committee as to the policy of making nominations and as to how far nominations should govern in subsequent years. The committee wishes it understood that it is the judg ment of the committee that the nominations made in any one year should have effect only so far as the officers elected that year are concerned. With this idea, the committee begs to report that in its judgment the nominations to be made at this time are as follows:

For President of the Association-Caldwell Yeaman, of Denver.


For First Vice-President-Julius C. Gunter, of Trinidad.
For Second Vice President-Sylvester S. Downer, of Boul-

For Secretary and Treasurer-Lucius W. Hoyt, of Denver.

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