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tendered his resignation of both of his offices. He was requested by the new attorney general to withdraw his resignation, but declined to do so, and subsequently devoted himself to the practice of law in the city of Denver, where he rapidly secured a large clientage. For some years prior to his death he was chief counsel for the Union Pacific, Denver & Gulf Railway Company.

Mr. Hobson intuitively grasped the fundamental principles of law. Possessed of a pre-eminently legal mind, gifted with a keen perception, he experienced but little difficulty in mastering the most difficult and abstruse cases. In the practice of law he made no studied efforts to influence the court and jury by concealing law or fact. By nature straightforward and direct, he conceived it to be the duty of a lawyer to aid the jury to elicit facts, and the court by plainly and logically applying the prin ciples of law which he believed should govern the particular case. He abhorred all trickery and resort to technicalities. His success as an advocate as well as a man of affairs was largely due to his manifest honesty and sincerity of purpose. He was genial and generous with his adversaries, neither bitter nor vindictive. His contests in the courts were characterized with fairness, dignity and courage.

Mr. Hobson was essentially a man of action, self-reliant and forceful. His marvelous capacity for work enabled him to accomplish many things during his comparatively short life. He was cut off at a time of life when many lawyers who have attained distinction are but at the threshold of their life's best work. His grasp of legal principles and his ability to utilize them in practical affairs created a demand for his services in large enterprises. These qualities led to his employment as chief counsel in the reorganization of the Union Pacific, Denver & Gulf Railway, and the successful reorganization of that system was due to his efforts and skill more than to those of any other man.

As a lawyer he was able, conscientious and fearless. As a citizen he was upright, generous and public-spirited. As a friend he was loyal, sympathetic and genial. He was a devoted husband and father, unswerving in his fidelity to his domestic duties

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