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The banquet was served in the ordinary of the Brown Palace hotel at 8:15 p. m. of Thursday. Mr. John H. Denison presided as toastmaster.

The menu card was in the following form:

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BE IT REMEMBERED, That John Doe, who as well for him

sell as for every one else whose bus iness it is not, doth prose

cute, cometh before the said above named august and distinguished

Association in annual session Assembled, to hear and determine

divers trespasses and grievous misconduct of its members, in his

proper person, and give th the said Association here to understand

that for a long time, to-wit, so long that the memory of man runneth not to the contrary, he, the said John Doe, has made it his bus iness to intermeddle with the affairs of divers other persons of no concern to him; that in the pursuit of said business, it has

come to the knowledge of said informant that during the past year,

to-wit: since the 7th day of July, in the year of our Lord one

thousand eight hundred and ninety-nine, not regarding the rules of

good sense, good health, good humor and good fellowship, the members

of said, The Colorado Bar Assoolation, did by day and by night toil

and labor as strenuously and assiduously as the demands of their

client or clients, as the case may be, from time to time



and did continuously tax their ingenuity in devis ing the seductive

jolly for application to their client or clients aforesaid; and did

for compensation other than and beyond the customary honorarium,

when obtainable by force of arms

or otherwise, engage with one

another in lowly wrangles

and disputes concerning matters equally

beyond the knowledge of either disputant, and did by divers other

reprehensible and insidious practices, waste the intellectual fecundity and wear the brain matter of the said, the flower of the Colorado bar, against the rules of good conduct in such case made

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and provided;

WHEREUPON, the said John Doe prayeth the advice of said

Association in the premises, and also that said members may come here into this assemblage to answer concerning the premises.

[blocks in formation]
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