Selections from the Ḳur-án, with an interwoven comm; tr., arranged, and illustr. by notes, chiefly from Sale's ed.: to which is prefixed an intr., taken from Sale's prelim. discourse, with corrections and additions: by E.W. Lane

Edward William Lane

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Seite 262 - Jesus the son of Mary, the apostle of GOD ; yet they slew him not, neither crucified him, but he was represented by one in his likeness ; and verily they who disagreed concerning him were in a doubt as to this matter, and had no sure knowledge thereof, but followed only an uncertain opinion. They did not really kill him ; but GOD took him up unto himself: and GOD is mighty and wise.
Seite 281 - Foundation for true interpreting, when he learned from it that, " in every nation, he that feareth God and worketh righteousness, is accepted with Him.
Seite 122 - God answered, Verily I know that which ye know not; and he taught Adam the names of all things, and then proposed them to the angels, and said, Declare unto me the names of these things if ye say truth.
Seite 240 - And when she saw it, she imagined it to be a great water; and she discovered her legs, by lifting up her robe to pass through it. Whereupon Solomon said unto her, Verily this is a palace evenly floored with glass.
Seite 231 - He had a carpet of green silk on which his throne was placed, being of a prodigious length and breadth, and sufficient for all his forces to stand upon, the men placing themselves on his right hand, and the spirits on his left ; and that when all were in order, the wind, at his command, took up the carpet, and transported it, with all that were upon it, wherever he pleased ; the army of birds at the same time flying over their heads, and forminga kind of canopy to shade them from the sun.
Seite 271 - We believe in God, and that which hath been sent down unto us, and that which hath been sent down unto Abraham, and Ishmael, and Isaac, and Jacob, and the tribes, and that which was delivered unto Moses and Jesus, and that which was delivered unto the prophets from their Lord : we make no distinction between any of them...
Seite 98 - PRAISE be to God, the Lord of all creatures, the most merciful, the king of the day of judgment. Thee do we worship, and of thee do we beg assistance. Direct us in the right way, in the way of those to whom thou hast been gracious ; not of those against whom thou art incensed, nor of those who go astray...
Seite 120 - Of which ten were given to Adam, fifty to Seth, thirty to Edris or Enoch, ten to Abraham; and the other four, being the Pentateuch, the Psalms, the Gospel, and the...
Seite 266 - Unto Him belongeth whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is in the earth.
Seite 258 - ... olives, on the second honey, on the third butter, on the fourth cheese, and on the fifth dried flesh. They add, that Jesus, at the request of the apostles, showed them another miracle, by restoring the fish to life...

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