A School History of France

Maynard, Merrill & Company, 1897 - 371 Seiten

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Seite 348 - Wellbeloved Pompadourisms: yet behold it was always coming; behold it has come, suddenly, unlocked for by any man! The harvest of long centuries was ripening and whitening so rapidly of late; and now it is grown white, and is reaped rapidly, as it were, in one day. Reaped, in this Reign of Terror; and carried home, to Hades and the Pit! — Unhappy Sons of Adam: it is ever so; and never do they know it, nor will they know it. With cheerfully...
Seite 160 - ... inhabitants were obliged to suffer. Churches, palaces, and the houses of private persons were plundered without distinction. No age, or character, or sex, was exempt from injury. Cardinals, nobles, priests, matrons, virgins, were all the prey of soldiers, and at the mercy of men deaf to the voice of humanity. Nor did these outrages cease, as is usual in towns which are carried by assault, when the first fury of the storm was over; the Imperialists kept possession of Rome several months; and,...
Seite 166 - Measured by substantial value, the loss of Calais was a gain. English princes were never again to lay claim to the crown of France, and the possession of a fortress on French soil was a perpetual irritation. But Calais was called the "brightest jewel in the English crown." A jewel it was, useless, costly, but dearly prized. Over the gate of Calais had once stood the insolent inscription: — "Then shall the Frenchmen Calais win, When iron and lead like cork shall swim:" and the Frenchmen had won...
Seite 123 - And Tressart, secretary to King Henry VI., said sorrowfully, on returning from the place of execution, " We are all lost; we have burned a saint.
Seite 44 - Raoul in 923, gave proofs of a valor both discreet and effectual. The Carlovingians did not, as the Merovingians did, end in monkish retirement or shameful inactivity : even the last of them, and the only one termed sluggard, Louis V., was getting ready, when he died, for an expedition in Spain against the Saracens. The truth is that, mediocre or undecided or addle-pated as they may have been, they all succumbed, internally and externally, without initiating and without resisting, to the course of...
Seite 160 - It is impossible to describe, or even to imagine, the misery and horror of that scene which followed. Whatever a city taken by storm can dread from military rage, unrestrained by discipline ; whatever excesses the ferocity of the Germans, the avarice of the Spaniards, or the licentiousness of the Italians could commit, these the wretched inhabitants were obliged to suffer.
Seite 108 - It was a most melancholy business ; for all ranks, ages, and sexes cast themselves on their knees before the Prince, begging for mercy ; but he was so inflamed with passion and revenge that he listened to none, but all were put to the sword wherever they could be found, even those who were not guilty : for I know not why the poor were not spared, who could not have had any part in this treason ; but they suffered for it, and indeed more than those who had been the leaders in the treachery.
Seite 243 - ... habiliments. We often read of the vain followers of the court being brought to ruin by their extravagance in dress. The marechal de Bassompierre owns in his memoirs that he had once a coat trimmed with pearls, that cost nine hundred pounds. The following is a description of a fine gentleman's dress in the beginning of the seventeenth century:—" He was clothed in silver tissue, his shoes were white, as also his stockings. His cloak was black, bordered with rich embroidery, and lined with cloth...
Seite 55 - In the name of God, St. Michael and St. George, I make thee knight.
Seite 108 - English immediately entered the town. Then were to be seen pillagers active in mischief. It was a melancholy business ; all ranks, ages, and sexes cast themselves on their knees before the prince for mercy ; but he was so inflamed with passion and revenge, that he listened to none of them : all were put to the sword wherever they could be found.

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