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(Where the place is not mentioned, Calcutta is to be understood.]



MARRIAGES. 6. At Cawnpore, Lieut. V. Eyre, Artillery, to Emily, only daughter of the late Col. Sir James Mouat, Bart. Bengal Engineers.

16. Mr. J. Theophilus Plomer, to Miss Caroline Phillips. 18. Mr. H. T. Mansell, to Miss Sophia Caroline French.

At Poona, C. A. 8. 'Tracy, Esq. of the Bombay C. S., to Eliza Ann Creckitt, daughter of the late Major, Tyler, Royal Artillery.

23. At Cannanore, C. D. C. O'Brien, Esq. 11. M. 48th Regt., to Emma Elizabeth, second daughter of the late Col. E. W. Snow, C. B.

At Benares, Mr. W. Bryant, to Miss Catherine Maria Morgan. 30... At ditto, George Poyntz Ricketts, Esq. Ist Regt. Bengal Light Cavalry, to Isabella Victoria, youngest daughter of the late P. Begbie, Esq. Ост.

5. Mr. J. Ridley, Janior, to Miss Ann Elizabeth Sealy.

7. At Dinapore, Lient. J. G. Gerrard, European Regt., to Mary Ann, second daughter of Captain M. A. Bunbury, 40th Regt. N. I.

9. Mr. R. H. Scott, to Miss Theresa Keating. 10. H. A. Poulson, Esq. of Nundunpore Factory, Nuddeah, to Miss S. A. Dunn.

13. At Poonah, H. Hebbert, Esq. A. C. C. S., to Marian, youngest daughter of T. Abbott Green, Esq. 19. Mr. Sweedland, to Miss Hester Steel Templeton.

Lieut. W. P. K. Browne, H. M. 49th Regt., to Miss Eliza Gibbons.

At Madras, E. Chamier, Esq. Bombay C. S., to Frances, eldest daughter of the late R. Sewell, Esq. of Oak End Lodge, Bucks. 21. Mr. G. W. Bartlett, to Miss Mary Bateman.

At Sylhet, Ensign W. J. Bennett, B. European Regt., to Sarah, fourth daughter of Mr. G. Inglis. 22.

At Ahmednaggur, C. S. Stewart, 4th Regt. N. I., to Elizabeth Anne, youngest daughter of Col. R. A. Willis, of this Establishment.

23. Mr. R. J. Rose, to Miss Anne Clarke.

25. At Serampore, A. D. Johnson, Esq. of Bhangulpore, to Amelia, daughter of the late Francis and Sister of H. L. V. Derozio, of Calcutta.

20. Mr. J. Cordoza, to Miss Matilda De Gracia.

28. C. R. Hogg, Esq. of the European Regt. eldest son of Col. Hogg, Bombay Establishment, to Helen, third daughter of the late Col. Cotgrave, Madras Engineers.

Edwin Chs. Cotgrave, Esq. 20th Regt. N. I. second son of the late Col. Cotgrave, Madras Engineers, to Anna Maria, third daughter of the late C. Hooke, Esq. of Brighton.

30. Mr. J. Dunsmere, to Miss Mary Ann Thomson. 3). At Mazagon, Bombay, Lieut. F. Bristow, H. M. 6th Warwickshire Regt., to Miss C. Pollexfen.

At St. George's Cburch, A. Venour, Esq. Superintending Surgeon, to Apne, daughter of W. Laing, Esq. Collector of Customs. Nov.

6. Mr. J. Roach, to Miss Marian Naries. SEPT.

3. At Moulmein, the lady of Lient. Tallan, H. M. 41st Regt., of a daughter.

At Rajcote, the lady of Captain D. Shaw, 20th Regt. N. I. of a son.
9. At Bareilly, the lady of Captain Wake, 44th Regt. N. I. of a daughter.

At Almorah, the lady of Captain Buttanshaw, of a daughter; still born. 11. At Ahmednugger, the lady of Captain

J. Swainson, of a daughter. 13. At Bombay, the lady of J. S. Unwin, Esq. of a daughter.

The lady of Lieut. Harris, 7th Regt. of a son.

At Dinapore, the lady of Lieut. McGeorge, 7th Regt. N. I. of a daughter. 15. At Seetapore, the lady of Asst. Surgeon J. Dalrymple, of a son. 19. The lady of Captain G. Hogarth, of H. M. 26th Foot, of a still-born child. 20. Mrs. M. A. D'Silva, of a son. 21. At Bogwangolah, Mrs. Thomas Rose, of a daughter. 22. At Nagercoil, the wife of Rev. W. Miller, of a son.

At Dhurumherpore, the lady of M. J. Lemarchand, Esq. of a daughter. 24. At Jounpore, the lady of G. F. Brown, Esq. C. S. of a daughter. 25. Mrs. M. E. Ross, wife of Mr. T. Ross, H. C. Marine, of a daughter.

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26. The lady of N. J. Halbed, Esq. C. S. of a son.

At Ottacamund, Neilgherries, the lady of E. E. Elliot, Esq. C. S. of a son. 29. The lady of A. Muller, Esq. of a son.

At Burdwan, the lady of the Hon'ble Robert Forbes, of a daughter.

At Cawnpore, the lady of Capt. R. Roberts, Horse Artillery, of a daughter. 30. At Rampore Bauleah, the lady of J. Lowis, Esq. C. S. of a daughter. At Mirzapore,

the lady of Colin Lindsay, Esq. C. S. of a daughter.

1. At Mirzapore, the lady of Captain A. Spend, 74th Regt. N. I. of a son.
2. The lady of the late Captain J. Vincent, of H. M. 16th Lancers, of a daughter.
3. The lady of J. Tytler, Esq. of a daughter,

Mrs. Hutchins, of a daughter.

At Beerbhoom, the lady of F. Millet, Esq. C. S. of a daughter.
4. The lady of the late Captain W. J. Crawley, of a son.
5. At Berhampore, the lady of G. W. Battyes, Esq. C. S of a son.
6. The lady of Lieut. J. H. Law, 39th Regt. of a son.
7. At Benares, the lady of W. H. Valpy, Esq. C. S. of a daughter.

The lady of J. Dongal, Esq. of a daughter.
At Cawnpore, the lady of Lieut. Farmer, 21st N. I. of a still-born son.

Mr. H. Babopau, Jun. of a daughter.
9. At Futtehgur, Mrs. M. S. Hennessy, of a son.
11. At Lucknow, the lady of Lieut. W. B. Holmes, 12th Regt. N. I. of a danghter.
13. The lady of Liegt. W. Martin, 52nd Regt. N. I. of a daughter.

At Lucknow, the lady of Lieut. W. J. Macvitie, of Artillery, of a daughter. 15. At Agra, the lady of R. G. Hughes, Esq. H. M. 13th Light Infantry, of a daughter.

The wife of Ensign J. T. Wilcox, 49th Regt. N. I. of a daughter.
17. The wife of Mr. T. Bartlett, H.C. Marine, of a daughter.
19. Mrs. Kenyon, of a daughter.

Mrs. J. Paul, of a daughter.
24. Mrs. C. W. Lewis, of a son.

At Madras, the lady of W. H. Hart, Esq. of a son.
26. The lady of R. Walker, Esq. C. S. of a son.
27. At Agra, the lady of Capt. Aitchinson, 28th Regt. of a daughter.
1. At Dinapore, the lady of Lieut. Geo. Powell Thomas, 64th Regt. of a son.

At Ottar, Tirhoot, the lady of W. H. Sterndale, Esq. of a son.
3. The lady of Lieut. Lamb, 51st Regt. N. I. of a son.
4. Mrs. Geo. Clarke, of a daughter.
7. The lady of J. H. Stocqueler, Esq. of a son.

At Allyghur, Mrs. C. O'Connor, of a daughter,
14. The lady of Geo. Gough, Esq. of a son.
15. Mrs. S. L. Webb, of a daughter.

At Allyghur, Mrs. C. S. Tetly, of a son.

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DEATHS. 7. At Kirkee, J. Brady, Esq. Surgeon, Queen's Royals. 14. At Futtehpore, Edward Smyth, Esq. c. S. aged 25 years. 15. At Cawnpore, Edward Smyth, aged 22 years, 3 months, and 12 days.

At Allahanad, William, the infant son of Mr. W. Johnson, aged 9 months.

At Cawnpore, Lieut. -Col. W. W. Davis, 3rd Regt. N. I. 18. Mrs. Elizabeth Ann, wife of Mr. James Ambrose, Ship-builder, aged 28 years. 19. Mr. W. Johnson, of the Ship Gulnare, aged 30 years. 20. Simon, son of Mr. S. Girling, H. C. Marine, aged 3 years, 9 months and 22 days. 21. Miss Émily Harriet Raban, danghter of Mr. J. Rabau, aged 14 years. 22. Mr. Stephen Reid, aged 27 years.

Eliza Margaret, daughter of Lieut. A. Mercer, 70th N. I. aged 2 years, 8 months. 23. Mr. William Thornton, aged 23 years. 24. At Cawnpore, the infant son of Lieut.-Col. 'T. Maddock, aged 11 months. 25. At Lucknow, Captain J. D. Herbert, 9th Regt. N. I.

C. Wellington, son of Mr. W. Ewin, Branch Pilot, aged 11 months and 21 days.

Mr. Mathew Samuel, aged 40 years. 26. The infant danghter of Mr. and Mrs. Ross.

Alice, daughter of W. H. Urquhart, Esq. aged 1 year, Il months, and 16 days. 27. Captain Edgar Edwards,

commander of the Brig Jean, aged 36 years.
Mr. Philip Lemondine, Branch Pilot, aged 49 years.
At Chinsurah, James Luckyn, the son of Mr. Betts, aged 13 years.

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28. Catherine, the infant daughter of Capt. H. Thompson, aged 1 year and 23 days

The Lady of Lieut. Col. Tickell, C. B., of the Bengal Engineers, aged 44 years. 29. Mrs. Rose Simon, aged 54 years.

Mrs. M. E. Ross, wife of Mr. T. Ross, aged 23 years, 8 months, and 15 days. 30. Mr. Peter Augier, Armonrer, aged 77 years.

Master Lewis Mendes, aged 3 years, 6 months, and 29 days. Ост. 1. Mr. A. L. Pew, of the Ship Cordelia, aged 30 years.

At Diamond Harbour, John D. Scott, Esq. Surgeon of the Ship Asia. 2. Charlotte, the lady of Captain Warner, Executive Officer, 4th division. 5. Albertina Cooper, relict of the late Mr. C. Cooper, Merchant, aged 62 years.

Mrs. Jane Ferris, aged 46 years, 3 months, and 12 days.

Mons. C. S. Vosso, aged 47 years. 6. Miss E. R. Andrews, daughter of the late Mr. T. Andrews, aged 14 years.

At Jessore, R. B. Francis, Esq. Assistant Surgeon, aged 35 years.

Mary Ann Lidquick: 8. At Mirzapore, in child-bed, Margaret, the beloved wife of Colin Lindsay, Esq. C. S. aged 20 years.

9. At Mossooree, William, the son of Lient.-Col. Anderson, 62nd N. I. aged 2 years and 11 months. 10. Mrs. Ann Mills, widow of the late Captain J. Mills, aged 65 years. 11. Captain James R. Oliver, late of the H. C. Naval Service, aged 50 years.

Mr. H. Wakefield, aged 25 years.

Walter Nisbet, Esq. C. S. aged 43 years. 14. Mrs. Catherine Clarke, aged 20 years, 2 months, and 10 days.

A. Jewell, Esq. aged 64 years.

At Cawnpore, Mr. J. Melhuish, Chemist and Druggist, aged 38 years. 15. Mr. Sub-Conductor M. Mathews, of the Department of Public Works. 16. Mr. D. Evans, ship Cornwall, aged 30 years.

At Chunar, Sarah Martha, wife of the Rev. R. Eteson, Assistant Chaplain. 18. At Howrah, Captain R. A. Humphrey, of the country service, aged 56 years.

At Dinagepore, J. F. Ellerton, Esq. C. S. aged 37 years.

Eliza, the wife of Mr. D. Williamson. 19. At Mussoorie Matilda, Eliza, infant daughter of W. Conolly, Esq. C. S. 20. At Nusserabad, Major N. S. Webb, commanding 2nd Battalion of Artillery.

J. Keymer, son of the late J. Keymer, Branch Pilot, aged 19 21. Mary, the wife of Mr. G. M. Anderson, aged 28 years, 11 months, and 3 days.

Mrs. T. S. Palmer, the lady of W. P. Palmer, Esq. C. S. aged 26 years. 23. T. Harton, Esq. late Company's Agent at Kedgeree, aged 56 years.

At Hansi, William, the son of Lieut-Col. Skinner, aged 17 years and 11 months. 24. Emily Vane, infant daughter of S. Lightfoot, Esq 69th N. I. aged 2 years. 26. Ann, the infant daughter of the late Captain J. Vincent, H. M. 16th Lancers.

Miss Grace Matilda Burrows, aged 10 years, 10 months, and 19 days. 27. Mr. T. Bryant, late Engineer, H. C. Ship Ganges, 26 years. 28. J. M. Heritage, Esq. Branch Pilot, aged 40 years, 9 months, and 20 days.

Miss Louisa Cornelius, aged 17 years, 1 month, and 21 days. 29. At Bombay, E. C. Tndor, Esq. Bengal Merchant, aged 33 years.

On Board the Pilot Vessel Guide, W. W. McComeah, Esq. aged 34 years. Nov. 1. Mr. S. Ludlow, aged 32 years.

Master Williain Bruce, aged 7 years, 4 months, and 23 days. 2. Miss Eliza Bennett, aged 32 years.

The beloved wife of James Bluett.
Mrs. Catherine Murray, aged 50 years.
Mrs. Sophia Biddle, wife of Captain S. Biddle, aged 50 years.

Miss Eliza Palmer, 22 years. 3. Vellario, the eldest son of Mr. J. Vallente, aged 16 years, 6 months, and 9 days.

A. Myers, son of Mr. R. A. Myers, aged 1 year, 5 months, and 10 days. 4. F. Lindstedt, Esq. Proprietor of the Calcutta Academy, aged 42 years.

Mr. W. Lingham, Midshipman of the Ship Asia, aged 17 years. 5. Mr. J. W. Swaine, Assistant at the General Department, aged 29 years. 6. Thomas, son of Captain T. Robinson, ship Intrepid of Hall, aged 14 years.

Mr. G N. Hoburn, of the Ship Cordelia, aged 30 years. 7. T. M. Gale, Esq. Head Assistant, Marine Pay Office, aged 40 years. 8. At Allipore, G. F. Collins, Esq. C. S. 11. James Robertson, Esq. Assistant to Messrs. Jamieson and Co. aged 34 years. 15. C. Lumsden, the infant son of R. M. Ronald, Esq. aged 1 year and 2 months. 16. Geo. Chester, Esq. C. S. aged 52 years.


Shipping Intelligence,

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ARRIVALS. Seps 26. Mary Aun Webb, W. Viner, from Liverpool 1st June.

Brougham, (Bark,) J. B. Viles, from Isle of France 21st August, and Ceylon (date not mentioned).

Passengers- Mrs. Barrow, Miss Morton, Miss Dunn, Miss Barrow, 3 Misses
Meigs, 2 Misses Poor, 3 Misses Winslow, Miss Spanlding, Miss Woodward, Rev. Mr.
Winslow, and 2 Masters Barrow.
27. Kyle, (Bark,) T. Fletcher, from London 29th May and Madras 15th September.

Passenger from London-Miss King. From Madras, Mr. J. Cameron.
Hebe, (Schooner,) A. Nicoll, from Moulmein 10th August.

Fattle Curreem, (Arab,) Moosa, from Bombay 15th do. 28. Cornwall,

from London 6th June. Asia, J. Biddle, from Portsmouth 22nd May, Madeira 6th June, and Madras 22nd September.

Lord Castlereagb, T. Tonks, from Bombay 9th September.

Sanderson, (Bark,) A. D. Sage, from Newcastle 5th, Downs 6th, and Ply. mouth 21st April.

29. Tauje, R. Richards, from Bombay 25th August.
30. Edward, R. Heaviside, from Penang 5th September.

Passengers--Mrs. Bristow, Mrs. Heaviside, and Mr. Eleazer, Armenian.

Sir Archibald Campbell, (Brig,) C. Robertson, from Masulipatam 14th and Coringa 24th September.

From Masulipalam-Mr. P. J. Philips, and Master Charles Hall. Ост.

4. Donna Carmelita, (Bark,) Gray, from Mauritias the 1st September, Ennore the 27th ditto, and Madras (date not mentioned).

7. Irma, (F.) H. Bernard, from Havre de Grace 21st June.
9. William Gray, (Amr.) H. H. Greene, from Boston 15th June.

Dorchester, J. Čavrick, from Newcastle 7th April and Cape of Good Hope 28th July. 10. Ann, (Bark,) Esadossa, from Bombay 12th September. 11. Jumna, S. Pinder, from Liverpool 21st Jane.

Intrepid, T. Robinson, from Liverpool 21st March, Rio de Janeiro (date not men. tioned), and Bombay 16th September.

Hamonshaw, (Arab,) Syed, from Muscat 10th September.
Duke of Lancaster, Hargraves, from London 19th June.

From Liverpool-Mr. A. Livingston, Assistant Surgeon, Mr. W. Church, A. F. Hamilton, Esq., Mrs. Stewart, and Miss Lamb.

Nancy, (F.) from Bordeaux 21st June.

Passengers-L. A Davidson, Esq. Merchant, with 2 daughters and 2 sons, R. Peters, Esq., A. Lamaroux, Esq. G. Perovelle, Esq. C. Kers, Esq. and C. Murphy, Esq. Merchants.

12. General Gascoyne, J. Fisher, from Epnore 25th September, Vizagapatam 3rd October, and Madras (no date). 13. Star, (Amr,) M. Griffing, from Philadelphia 29th May and Madeira 13th Joly.

From Philadelphia-Mrs. Lowrie and Mrs. Reed, Rev. J. C. Lowrie and Wil. liam Reed, Mr. C. Huffnagle, M. D., Mr. T. N. Richards, and Mr. T. Ryan.

Cashmere Merchant, (Bark,) T. W. Tingate, from Point Pedro 1st October.

Passengers-H. L. Dick, Esq. C. S. and Mr. W. Jordan. 17. Duke of Buccleugh, A. Henning, from London, 20th June, Portsmouth 28th do. and Madras 8th October.

Passengers-Lieut.-Col. P. Le Fevre, B. E., Mrs. Le Fevre; Lieut. Col. R. B. Jenkins, J. Atkinson, Esq. Surgeon, B. E., Mrs. Atkinson, Mr. F. Atkinson, Miss Julia Atkinson, Master J. Atkinson, F. Bathie, Esq. Mrs. Barnes, Mr. C. Barnes, Mr. Geo. Barnes, Misses Ellen Barnes, E. Goodeve, and Anna Kellet, Captain J. Witherspoon, B. E., Lient. H. Clark, ditto, C. Chapman, A. H. Hessing, and F. Green, Esqs. Ensign Shadforth, H. M. 57th Regiment.

Fergusson, A. Young, from London 7th June and Madras 6th October.

Passengers from London-Mrs. Col. Lindsay, Mrs. Cheek, Miss Cheek, Miss Tbomason, Miss Hutchinson, Master G. N. Cheek, Captain Forbes, 61st B. N. I. Mr.

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Bance, Engineer Cadet, Mr. Thullier, Artillery ditto, Mr. Cheek and Mr. Mackie. From Madras-Mr. J. C. Owen, Master Pilot. 17 Morning Star, (Bark,) W. Linton, from Bordeaux 16th June.

Resource, (Ditto,) C. C. Clark, from Persian Gulph 22nd August and Bombay 22nd September.

Passengers-Syed Hussen and Syed Abdullah, Merchants, Mr. Gregory, Armenian ditto. 19. Asia, Stead, from Sydney 3rd Angust and Madras 6th October.

From Sydney-Mrs. Brand, Captain Brand, and Ensign Wallace, H. M. 16th Regiment, Dr. Galloway, Surgeon, and Mr. J. Marshall, Merchant.

Samdanny, Daverger, from Bombay 12th September.
Fattle Moin, Abdull, from Muscat Ist September.

Nassar, Amber Beenee Salem Benama, from Mocha 1st August and Bombay 13th September.

20. Hyacinth, (A, M. S.) J. P. Blackwood, from London and Madras (date not mentiond).

21. Royal Saxon, R. Renner, from Liverpool 26th May, Colombo (date not mentioned), and Madras 10th October.

Thetis, (Bark,) W. Boothby, from Madras 4th Oct. 23. Futteh Eslam, (Arab,) Nacoda, from Bombay 17th September and Allepee Ist October.

30. Westmoreland, (Bark,) J. Brigstock, from Sydney 9th July and Singapore 20th September 31. Unicorn, (Amr.) J. Conant, from Boston 20th June.

Water Witch, (Bark,) A. Henderson, from China 1st September and Singapore 26th September.

From China-Mr. R. Nicol, Mariner. From Singapore-T. E. M. Turton, Esq. and Mr. Christopher Ord.

Dalla Merchant, (Bark,) R. Theodore, from Rangoon 4th October and Chedaba 20th October.

From Rangoon-Messrs. Jacob Gasper aud Johanness, Armenian Merchants.
Thistle, (Schooner,) A. D'Vines, fron Rangoon 12th September.


26. Margaret, W. Johns, for London.
28. Coorrier de Bourbon, (F.) P. Luring, for Bourbon.

Young Rover, (Schooner,) G. Baker, for Madras.

1. Drongan, J. MacKenzie, for Madras.
3. Lowjee Family, Johnston, for Bombay.

Lady MacNaghten, Faith, for Madras.

Mary, Schooner,) Daniels, for Moulmein. 5. David Barclay, (Bark,) T. Fewson, for Madras.

Princess Victoria, J. Hart, and Prince George, W.J. Creed, for London. 6. Mount Vernon, (Amr.) M. Whitney, for Boston.

Collingwood, Brig,) G. Riley, for Mauritius.
Protector, T. Buttanshaw, for Madras.

Ruby, T. Hill, for Madras.
7. Joanna, (Brig,) R. Paterson, for Greenock.
8. Spartan, J. Webb, for Madras.
14. Fanny, (Bark,) R. Edwards, for Madras.
18. Harriet, (Brig,) Roys, for Penang.
19. Gulnare, J. Bully, for Liverpool.

Elizabeth, R. W. Blenkinsopp, for Bombay; 20. Lady Kennaway, L. W. Moncrief, for London.

Passengers per Lady Kennaway for London-Mrs. Ripley and 2 children; Mrs. Bamfield and 2 children, P. M. Wynch, Esq. C. S., Captain Ripley, Lieut. Bamfield, N. I. Lients. Colley, Dwyer, and Rouse, Assistant Surgeon Clarke, two European Female Servants and one native servant. 2). Pearl, J. Saunders, for Mauritius.

Skimmer, (Schooner.) J. Randle, for Singapore and China. 26. Argyle, A. McDonald, for Madras. 30. Edward, R. Heaviside, for Mauritius.

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