Under temptation, by the author of 'Ursula's love story'.


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Seite 304 - These concluding volumes of Mr. Dixon's ' History of two Queens ' will be perused with keen interest by thousands of readers. Whilst no less valuable to the student, they will be far more enthralling to the general reader than the earlier half of the history. Every page of what may be termed Anne Boleyn's story affords a happy illustration of the author's vivid and picturesque style. The work should be found in every library.
Seite 306 - All the civilized world— English, Continental, and American — takes an interest in the Tower of London. The Tower is the stage upon which has been enacted some of the grandest dramas and saddest tragedies in our national annals. If, in imagination, we take our stand on those time-worn walls, and let century after century...
Seite 302 - ST. JOHN. 2 vols. crown 8vo. With Portrait of Lord Dufferin. 21s. " Mr. St. John has given us in these pages a record of all that was seen and done in a very successful visit. His book is instructive, and it should be interesting to the general reader.
Seite 305 - This life of Moscheles will be a valuable book of reference for the musical historian, for the contents extend over a period of threescore years, commencing with 1794, and ending at 1870. We need scarcely state that all the portions of Moscheles...
Seite 303 - ... &c. 2 vols. crown 8vo. 21s. " This work contains a large and varied amount of information. It is impossible to give any idea of the wealth of anecdote and epigram in its pages, and for anything like a proper appreciation of its value we must refer our readers to the book itself."— John Bull.

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