The Manuscripts of the Duke of Roxburghe: Sir H. H. Campbell, Bart.; the Earl of Strathmore; and the Countess Dowager of Seafield ...


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Seite 279 - EIGHTH REPORT, WITH APPENDIX AND INDEX. PART I. Contents : — List of collections examined, 1869-1880. ENGLAND. House of Lords ; Duke of Marlborough; Magdalen College, Oxford ; Royal College of Physicians ; Queen Anne's Bounty Office ; Corporations of Chester, Leicester, &c.
Seite 281 - Hulton, RW Ketton, GA Aitken, PV Smith, Esqs. ; Bishop of -Ely ; Cathedrals of Ely, Gloucester, Lincoln, and Peterborough ; Corporations of Gloucester, Higham Ferrers, and Newark; Southwell Minster; Lincoln District Registry.
Seite 279 - Contents : — ENGLAND. House of Lords ; Oxford and Cambridge Colleges ; Lambeth Palace ; Black Book of the Archdeacon of Canterbury ; Bridport, Wallingford, and other Corporations ; Lord Lecoufield, Sir Reginald Graham, Sir Henry Ingilby, &c.
Seite 279 - ENGLAND. House of Lords, Earl of Leicester ; C. Pole Gell, Alfred Morrison, Esqs., &c. SCOTLAND. Lord Elphinstone, HC Maxwell Stuart, Esq., &c. IRELAND. Duke of Leinster, Marquis of Drogheda, &c. DITTO. PART III. APPENDIX AND INDEX ----- Contents: — * Mrs.
Seite 282 - ER Wodehouse, MP, J. Dovaston, Esqs., Sir TB Lennard, Bart., Rev. WD Macray, and Earl of Dartmouth (Supplementary Report). [C.6810] 2 4 1892 (5.) APPENDIX AND INDEX. House cf Lords, 1690-1691 „ [C.6822] 2 4 1893 (6.) APPENDIX AND INDEX.
Seite 279 - ENGLAND. House of Lords; Oxford and Cambridge Colleges; Lambeth Palace; Black Book of the Archdeacon of Canterbury ; Bridport, Wallingford, and other Corporations; Lord Leconfield, Sir Reginald Graham, Sir Henry Ingilby, &c. SCOTLAND. Duke of Argyll, Earl of Moray, &c. IRELAND. Marquis of Ormonde. DITTO. PART II. INDEX SEVENTH REPORT, WITH APPENDIX. PART I. Contents : — House of Lords ; County of Somerset; Earl of Egmont, Sir Frederick Graham, Sir Harry Verney, &c. DITTO. PART II.
Seite 282 - Report). 11 [C.6822] 2 4 1893 (6.) APPENDIX AND INDEX. Sir W. Fitzherbert, Bart. The Delaval Family, of Seaton Delaval ; The [C.7166] 1 4 Earl of Ancaster ; and General 1893 (7.) APPENDIX AND INDEX.
Seite 280 - Lord Stafford ; Sir NW Throckmorton; Sir PT Mainwaring, Lord Muncaster, MP, Capt. JF Bagot, Earl of Kilmorey, Earl of Powis, and others, the Corporations of Kendal, Wenlock, Bridgnorth, Eye, Plymouth, and the County of Essex ; and Stonyhurst College.
Seite 35 - Successoribus canonice intrantibus, non ero in consilio aut consensu, vel facto, ut vitam perdant, aut membrum, seu capiantur...
Seite 196 - ... rather furnish arguments for enforcing the necessity of a speedy union between the two nations : which is a notion that I am sorry to find has so little prevalency in the present parliament of Scotland, and I hope your lordship will not be offended with me if I take the freedom to be of opinion they may possibly be sorry for it too, when the opportunity is out of their reach. I had not time to write so fully upon this subject by the last...