The History of England: The history of England: middle ages. In five volumes

Longman, Orme, Brown and Green, and Longman, 1839

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Seite 511 - Jockey of Norfolk, be not too bold, For Dickon thy master is bought and sold.
Seite 486 - ... privily fenced, his hand ever on his dagger, his countenance and manner like one always ready to strike again. He took ill rest at nights, lay long waking and musing ; sore wearied with care and watch, he rather slumbered than slept.
Seite 121 - Contenta Novi Testamenti scenice expressa et actitata olim per monachos sive fratres mendicantes : vulgo dicitur hie liber Ludus Coventria3, si?e Ludus Corporis Christi : scribitur metris Anglicanis.
Seite 8 - Nativity, the Adoration of the Magi, the Massacre of the Innocents, the Crucifixion, and the Last Judgment. In the Nativity our Lady is no longer the Roman matron of Niccola's conception, but a graceful mother, young in years, and bending with the weakness of childbirth. Her attitude, exquisite by the suggestion of tenderness and delicacy, is one that often reappears...
Seite 53 - Why should I die, having so much riches ? If the whole realm would save my life, I am able either by policy to get it, or by riches to buy it.
Seite 529 - Richard, like a gentleman; and, as a faithful subject to his prince, he absented not himself from his master: but, as he faithfully lived under him, so he manfully died with him.
Seite 423 - And therewith she kissed him, and blessed him, turned her back and wept, and went her way, leaving the child weeping as fast.
Seite 186 - The king's reply was as bold as the demand. "Rather than they shall have any lord here with me at this time," he replied, "I shall this day for their sake and in this quarrel myself live and die.
Seite 43 - ... your grace's realm. These eyes have seen most evident and manifest marks of their wickedness. Your grace's subjects pine away even unto the death, their colour fadeth, their flesh rotteth, their speech is benumbed, their senses are bereft. Wherefore, your poor subjects' most humble petition unto your highness is, that the laws touching such malefactors may be put in due execution.
Seite 71 - And last of all, as heartily and as lovingly as ever father blessed his child on earth, I give you the blessing of our Lord and of me, which of his infinite mercy increase you in all virtue and good living ; and that your blood may by his grace from kindred to kindred, multiply in this earth to his...

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