The New Monthly Magazine and Humorist

Henry Colburn, 1848

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Seite 52 - Now entertain conjecture of a time When creeping murmur and the poring dark Fills the wide vessel of the universe. From camp to camp through the foul womb of night The hum of either army stilly sounds, That the fixed sentinels almost receive The secret whispers of each other's watch...
Seite 413 - Hence loathed Melancholy Of Cerberus and blackest midnight born, In Stygian Cave forlorn 'Mongst horrid shapes, and shrieks, and sights unholy...
Seite 412 - Dwell in some idle brain, And fancies fond with gaudy shapes possess, As thick and numberless As the gay motes that people the sun-beams, Or likest hovering dreams, The fickle pensioners of Morpheus
Seite 98 - And indeed a child of the public he is in all respects ; for while so well able to direct others, how incapable is he frequently found of guiding himself ! His simplicity exposes him to all the insidious approaches of cunning ; his sensibility to the slightest invasions of contempt. Though possessed of fortitude to Stand unmoved the expected bursts of an earthquake, yet of feelings so exquisitely poignant as to agonize under the slightest disappointment.
Seite 301 - Upon a brow more fierce than that, — Sullenly fierce — a mixture dire, Like thunder-clouds, of gloom and fire; In which the Peri's eye could read Dark tales of many a ruthless deed; The ruin'd maid — the shrine profaned — Oaths broken — and the threshold stain'd With blood of guests!
Seite 533 - School, has been very kind to us, and we have no other friend ; but, thank God, I am very calm and composed, and able to do the best that remains to do. Write as religious a letter as possible, but no mention of what is gone and done with. With me "the former things are passed away," and I have something more to do than to feel.
Seite 533 - I will only give you the outlines : - My poor dear, dearest sister, in a fit of insanity, has been the death of her own mother. I was at hand only time enough to snatch the knife out of her grasp. She is at present in a madhouse, from whence I fear she must be moved to an hospital. God has preserved to me my senses : I eat, and drink, and sle.ep, and have my judgement, I believe, very sound.
Seite 15 - Scottish descent, and flourished at the end of the sixth and the beginning of the seventh century, having died in the year of our Lord 606.
Seite 511 - Queen," wrote one who had seen her, " howsoever little of stature, is of spirit and vigour, and seems of more than ordinary resolution. With one frown, divers of us being at Whitehall to see her, being at dinner, and the room somewhat overheated with the fire and company, she drove us all out of the chamber. I suppose none but a Queen could have cast such a scowl.
Seite 411 - Latona's twin-born progenie Which after held the Sun and Moon in fee. But this is got by casting Pearl to Hoggs ; That bawle for freedom in their senceless mood, And still revolt when truth would set them free. Licence they mean when they cry libertie; For who loves that, must first be wise and good ; But from that mark how far they roave we see For all this wast of wealth, and loss of blood.

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