A Tour Through the South of England, Wales, and Part of Ireland, Made During the Summer of 1791

Printed at the Minerva Press ... for R. Edwards, 1793 - 403 Seiten

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Seite 27 - As many days as in one year there be, So many windows in this church we see; As many marble pillars here appear As there are hours throughout the fleeting year; As many gates as moons one year does view — Strange tale to tell! yet not more strange than true.
Seite 287 - I pafled by fix precipices, which I believe were very formidable, but as I was near the brink, and the wind very high, I did not venture to examine too narrowly. On the fummit, which is a plain about fix yards in circumference, the air...
Seite 156 - Ruffet lawns, and fallows gray, Where the nibbling flocks do ftray; Mountains on whofe barren breaft The lab'ring clouds do often reft; Meadows trim with daifies pied, Shallow brooks, and rivers wide. Towers and battlements it fees Bofom'd high in tufted trees...
Seite 230 - ML. and is famous for the brave defence made by its garrison in favour of Charles I. The natural cavern called the Wogan lies immediately under the chapel, and opens with a wide mouth toward the sea, Pembroke gives the title of Earl to the senior branch of the Herbert family — Earls of Pembroke and Montgomery.
Seite 381 - ... evil hour the unhappy prieft ordered it to be cut down. The people of Stratford, who had been taught to venerate every thing which had belonged to the immortal...
Seite 382 - In the same letter, with equal politeness, they assured him, that they shotfld be no less pleased if he would oblige them with his own picture, to be placed near to that of his favourite author in perpetual remembrance of both.
Seite 383 - Jubilee lafted three days; during which time entertainments of oratorios, concerts, pageants, fire-works, &c. were prefented to a very brilliant and numerous company, aflembled from all parts of the kingdom.
Seite 226 - Why you never will hear of me more : What then, all's a hazard, come don't be so soft, Perhaps I may laughing come back, For, d'ye see, there's a cherub sits smiling aloft, To keep watch for the life of poor Jack.
Seite 62 - And in sweet madness robb'd it of itself; But such a sacred, and home-felt delight, Such sober certainty of waking bliss I never heard till now.
Seite 345 - ... number of times. Few people of rank at prefent honor the fountain with their prefence. A crowned head in the laft age dignified the place with a vifit. The prince who loft three kingdoms for a mafs, payed his...

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