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"Leaving of the appropriation of the last Assembly, unexpended,

$7) 27 “Agreeably to the order of the last Assembly, the Board addressed a circular letter to a number of congregations, requesting a collection to relieve the Contingent Fund from the embarrassment reported in the last annual report of the Board, In consequence of this request, a number of congregations made collections, and transmitted them to the Treasurer of the General Assembly.

“At tbe late sessions of the Legislature of New-Jersey, the application for an act of incorporation was renewed.-An act has passed that body, which act the Board beg leave, herewith, to lay before the Assembly for their consideration.

“The Board have the pleasure to inform the Assembly, that a Scholarship in the Theological Seminary has lately been founded by William Scott, a member of the First Presbyterian Congregation, in Elizabethtown, New-Jersey.

“The principles on which this generous endowment has been made, the Board beg leave to report to the Assembly, in the words of the written communication of Mr. Scott.—The terms on which I found a Scholarship are the following:-I retain in my own hands the right of nominating the scholar as long as I live, and if I leave a widow, she is to have the same right during her life; and after her decease, the right is to be vested, forever, in the session of the First Presbyterian Church, Elizabethtown.'

“The Professors of the Seminary are

“Rev. Archibald Alexander, D.D. Professor of Dis dactic and Polemic Theology.

“Rev. Samuel Miller, D. D. Professor of Ecclesiattical History and Church Government.

“Rev. Charles Hodge, Professor of Oriental and Biblical Literature.

“Nine Scholarships have been founded, viz. 2. The Le Roy Scholarship, Both founded by Mrs. "2. The Banyer Scholarship,

Martha Le Roy,

New-York. "3. The Lenox Scholarship, founded by Robert Len* ox, Esq. New-York.

14. The Whitehead. Scholarship, founded by John Whitehead, Esq. of Burke county, Georgia.

5. The Charleston Female Scholarship, founded by the Congregational and Presbyterian Female Association of Chareston, South Carolina, for assisting in the education of pious youth for the Gospel Ministry. *6.

founded by the first class in the Séminary, in 1819.

"T. The Nephew Scholarship, founded by James Nephew, Esq. of M’Intosh county, Georgia.

“8. The Woodhull Scholarship, founded by Mrs. IJan nah Woodhull, of Brookhaven, Long Island,

9. The Scott Scholarship, founded by Mr. William Scott, of Elizabethtown, New Jersey."

It appears from another part of the minutes of the Assembly of 1823, that funds to a very considerable amount are already secured for the founding of five othr Scholarships. And that funds to a considerable at

mount are secured for the endowing of four Professorships, viz:

One by the Synod of New-York and New-Jersey one by the Synod of Philadelphia--one by the Synod of South-Carolina and Georgia-and one hy individual subscriptions, to be the Professorship of Oriental and Biblical Literature.

The present number of students in the Seminary is 117 of these 12 are from Kentucky.

Nine ministers and four probationers, belonging at present to the Synod of Kentucky, are from the Princeton Seminary; that is, in the short period of eleven years, this Seminary has furnished to the Presbyterian churches in Kentucky nearly a fourth of their minien try. It is also to be added--that two of the natives of Kentucky from this school are settled in Alabama. The result of the whole is that there is not a state in the Union which has a deeper interest in the institution than Kentucky has.

We close this article by merely suggesting the in. quiry, viz:-Whether the time has not arrived when it Theological Seminary, such as that at Princeton, is not demanded, and may not now be established in the west? To assist in determining this inquiry, we would urge some such facts as the following:

1. The school at Princeton may be considered as now beyond the reach of danger with respect to funds. It cannot suffer by the attention of a portion of the Presbyterian body being directed to another quarter. At any rate, the western churches uniting to establish and support a Seminary in the West, would not deprive the

Princeton Seminary of any part of the territory from which its funds and its support have hitherto been derived.

2. It is in the nature of things utterly impossible that a school at such a distance should be able to furnish any thing like the supplies which the increasing wants of the West demand. And,

3. A school located in the West would not only furrish innumerable facilities for the qualifying those among us, who are already looking forward to the min. istry, but it would also multiply to a considerable extent the number of candidates.

As to the means which the Synod of Kentucky alone may command for the establishment of an institution of this kind, they are ample. A proper arrangement and action are all that is necessary to insure success.

No. 21.

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The following may be considered as nearly a correct roll of the Kentucky Synod, -the names standing, as far as can be ascertained, in the order of official seniority, viz.

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Presbytery of Ebenezer. Rev. John Lyle,

Rev. John R. Moreland, Rey. Joseph P. Howe, Rev. John T. Edgar, Rev. James K. Birch, Rev. William L. M'Calla, Rev. John M'Farland, Rev. Andrew Todd.

Presbytery of West Lexington.
Rer. Robert Marshall, Rev. Nathan H. Hall,
Rev. James Blythe,

Rev. Eli Smith,
Rev. Robert Stewart, Rev. John Breckinridge.
Rey. Robert H. Bishop,

Presbytery of Transylvania. Rev. Benjamin Irvine, Rev. Samuel B. Robertson, Rev. Jeremiah Abell, Rev. Thomas Cleland, Rev. Samuel Finley, Rev. Samuel K. Nelson, Rev. John R. Kerr, Rev, James C. Barnes, Rev. John Howe, - , Rev. Jer. Chamberlain,

Presbytery of Muhlenburgh, Rev. Daniel Comfort, Rev. Charles Philips, Rev. - Cushman, Rev. Robert A. Lapsley, Rev. William K. Stewart, Rev. Isaac Bard. Rev. David H. Philips,

Presbytery of Louisville.
Rev. Archibald Cameron, Rev. James Shannon,
Rev. Jarnes Vance, Rev. William Scott,
Rev. Gideon Blackburn, Rev. Henry L. Rice.

Presbytery of Salem, Indiana. Rev. John Todd,

Res. Samuel T. Scott,

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