A New Philosophy of Matter: Showing the Identity of All the Impnderables and the Influence which Electricity Exerts Over Matter in Producing All Chemical Changes and All Motion

author, 1843 - 216 Seiten

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Seite 156 - The rivers, lakes and ocean, all stood still, And nothing stirred within their silent depths. Ships, sailorless, lay rotting on the sea, And their masts fell down piecemeal: as they dropped They slept on the abyss, without a surge ; The waves were dead; the tides were in their grave; The moon, their mistress, had expired before; The winds were withered in the stagnant air, And the clouds perished: Darkness had no need Of aid from them — she was the universe.
Seite 123 - Fibrine and albumen, the chief ingredients of blood, contain, in all, seven chemical elements, among which nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulphur are found. They contain also the earth of bones. The serum retains in solution sea salt and other salts of potash and soda, in which the acids are carbonic, phosphoric, and sulphuric acids. The globules of the blood contain fibrine and albumen, along with a red coloring matter, in which iron is a constant element.
Seite 137 - I HAD a dream, which was not all a dream. The bright sun was extinguished; and the stars Did wander, darkling, in the eternal space, Rayless and pathless, and the icy earth Swung blind and blackening in the moonless air.
Seite 123 - The second principal ingredient of the blood is contained in the serum, and gives to this liquid all the properties of the white of eggs, with which it is identical. When heated, it coagulates into a white elastic mass, and the coagulating substance is called albumen.
Seite 137 - God had •determined to bring upon the earth at once, " the windows of heaven were opened, and the fountains of the great deep broken up.
Seite 73 - On moving the second rod from the hip to the heel, the knee being previously bent, the leg was thrown out with such violence as nearly to overturn one of the assistants, who in vain attempted to prevent its extension.
Seite 146 - ... produced by passing electric discharges through the phosphorus. Some phosphori, as apatite and chlorophane, do not shine until they are gently heated ; and yet, if exposed to a red heat, they lose the property so entirely, that exposure to solar light does not restore it.
Seite 62 - The indications are nvich more delicate when the needle is rendered astatic, that is, when its directive property is destroyed by the proximity of another needle of equal magnetic intensity, fixed parallel to it, and in a reversed position, each needle having its north pole adjacent to the south pole of the other : in this state, the needles, neutralizing each other, are unaffected by the magnetism of the earth, while they are still subject to the influence of galvanism. If, as in...
Seite 53 - Professor was struck, there arose a sort of steam or vapor, which entirely benumbed him, and made him sink down upon the ground, so that he could not remember even to have heard the clap of thunder, which was very loud.
Seite 107 - The explosion is far more violent when pure oxygen is used instead of atmospheric air, particularly when the gases are mixed together in the ratio of one measure of oxygen to two of hydrogen. Oxygen and hydrogen gases cannot combine at ordinary temperatures, and may, therefore, be kept in a state of mixture without even gradual combination taking place between them. Hydrogen may be set on fire, when in contact with air or oxygen gas, by flame, by a solid body heated to bright redness, and by the...

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