Julius Caesar

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FLAVIUS.Hence! home, you idle creatures, get you home.Is this a holiday? What, know you not, Being mechanical, you ought not walkUpon a labouring day without the signOf your profession? Speak, what trade art thou?CARPENTER.Why, sir, a carpenter.MARULLUS.Where is thy leather apron and thy rule?What dost thou with thy best apparel on?You, sir, what trade are you?COBBLER.Truly, sir, in respect of a fine workman, I am but, as you would say, a cobbler.MARULLUS.But what trade art thou? Answer me directly.COBBLER.A trade, sir, that I hope I may use with a safe conscience, which is indeed, sir, a mender of badsoles.MARULLUS.What trade, thou knave? Thou naughty knave, what trade?COBBLER.Nay, I beseech you, sir, be not out with me; yet, if you be out, sir, I can mend you.MARULLUS.What mean'st thou by that? Mend me, thou saucy fellow!COBBLER.Why, sir, cobble you.FLAVIUS.Thou art a cobbler, art thou?COBBLER.Truly, sir, all that I live by is with the awl; I meddle with no tradesman's matters, nor women'smatters, but withal I am indeed, sir, a surgeon to old shoes: when they are in great danger, I recoverthem. As proper men as ever trod upon neat's leather have gone upon my handiwork

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