Über die Lais, Sequenzen und Leiche: ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der rhythmischen Formen und Singweisen der Volkslieder und der volksmässigen Kirchen- und Kunstlieder im Mittelalter

C.F. Winter, 1841 - 514 Seiten

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Seite 267 - Cantabanqui upon benches and barrels heads, where they have none other audience then boys or countrey fellowes that passe by them in the streete, or else by blind harpers or such like taverne minstrels that give a fit of mirth for a groat...
Seite 50 - Coment dan Guirun fu supris, Pur l'amur de la dame ocis Que il sur tute rien ama, E coment li cuns puis dona Le cuer Guirun a sa moillier...
Seite 159 - Guest, in modern days, does rhyme the justice to say, that ' it marks and defines the accent, and thereby strengthens and supports the rhythm. Its advantages have been felt so strongly, that no people have ever adopted an accentual rhythm without also adopting rhyme.
Seite 43 - HUGUES DE LINCOLN. Recueil de ballades anglo-normandes et écossaises, relatives au meurtre de cet enfant commis par les Juifs en MCCLV, publié avec une introduction et des notes par Franc.
Seite 254 - I see in song in sedgeyng tale Of Erceldoun and of Kendale, Non tham says as thai tham wroght, And in ther sayng it semes noght. . That may thou here in Sir Tristrem ; Ouer gestes it hes the steem, Ouer all that is or was, If men it sayd as made Thomas, Bot I here it no man so say, That of som copple som is away.
Seite 309 - Saint-Benoit-sur-Loire , dont le nom est inconnu, composèrent des mystères latins sur les principaux événemens de la vie de saint Nicolas. Ces pièces étaient représentées dans les églises, au milieu des offices divins ; elles sont écrites en vers rimes , dont la latinité semble calquée sur le langage vulgaire: c'est du roman mis en bas latin, tel qu'on le parlait alors dans les cloîtres. Le miracle composé par...
Seite 257 - He fund a knight under a tre ; Upon a cloth of gold he lay ; Byfor him sat a ful fayr may : A lady sat with tham in fere ; The maiden red, that thai might here, A real romance in that place. — The original of this title, which is an uncommon one, I take to have been this.
Seite 153 - Gaelic, to which is prefixed a Compendium of Gaelic Grammar. Compiled and published under the Direction of the Highland Society of Scotland. 2 vols.
Seite 451 - SONG AGAINST THE KING OF ALMAIGNE. [MS. Harl. No. 2253, fol. 58 v°, of the reign of Edw. II.] Sitteth alle stille ant herkneth to me: The Kyn of Alemaigne, bi mi leaute, Thritti thousent pound askede he For te make the pees in the countre, ant so he dude more. Richard, thah thou be ever trichard, trichen shalt thou never more.
Seite 448 - ... on which it was composed. Several nobles are here joined together, who afterwards took different sides. THE SONG OF THE BARONS. [A roll of parchment, of the 13th cent, in a private...

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