A Key to the Secret Vault: A Solution of Man's Origin; the Philosophy of His Present Condition; and His Future Destiny


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Seite 9 - The rounded world is fair to see, Nine times folded in mystery: Though baffled seers cannot impart The secret of its laboring heart, Throb thine with Nature's throbbing breast, And all is clear from east to west.
Seite 47 - Yet are thy skies as blue, thy crags as wild; Sweet are thy groves, and verdant are thy fields, Thine olive ripe as when Minerva smiled, And still his...
Seite 7 - From harmony, from heavenly harmony This universal frame began ; When Nature underneath a heap Of jarring atoms lay, And could not heave her head, The tuneful voice was heard from high, Arise, ye more than dead.
Seite 14 - O rich and various Man ! thou palace of sight and sound, carrying in thy senses the morning and the night and the unfathomable galaxy ; in thy brain, the geometry of the City of God ; in thy heart, the bower of love and the realms of right and wrong.
Seite 61 - In the first rank,' says he, * of the grand family of the true sons of God we must place Jesus. Jesus had no visions ; God does not speak to him from without ; God is in him ; he feels that he is with God, and he draws from his heart what he says of his Father. He lives in the bosom of God by uninterrupted communication ; he does not see him, but he understands him without need of thunder and the burning bush like Moses, of a revealing tempest like Job, of an oracle like the old Greek sages, of a...
Seite 6 - and I will explain the formation of a world ; but give me matter only, and I cannot explain the formation of a caterpillar.
Seite 25 - I can command the lightning, and am dust ! A monarch and a slave ; a worm a god...
Seite 23 - Ideas go booming through the world louder than cannon. Thoughts are mightier than armies. Principles have achieved more victories than horsemen or chariots.
Seite 61 - We have here his last utterance. thy death than during thy passage here below, thou shalt become the corner-stone of humanity so entirely, that to tear thy name from this world would be to rend it to its foundations. Between thee and God there will be no longer any distinction. Complete conqueror of death, take possession of thy kingdom; whither shall follow thee, by the royal road which thou hast traced, ages of worshipers.
Seite 45 - Grecian scenery presents the peculiar charm of an intimate association of land and sea, of shores adorned with vegetation, or picturesquely girt round by rocks gleaming in the light of aerial tints, and of an ocean beautiful in the play of the ever-changing brightness of its deep-toned moving waves.

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