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Letter from Howel Harris-Whitefield's Tabernacle-Moravian
Debts-Peter Bohler-Zinzendorf charged with Falsehood-Fana-
tical Fopperies-Letters of Defence- Moravianism at Bedford—
Marshalsea Prison-Scenes of Suffering-Benjamin Franklin-
Electricity-Wesley's Electrifying Machines-Advice to Preachers
-Incidents-Rev. John Gillies-Alnwick-First Methodist Quar-
terly Meeting at Newcastle-Conference at Leeds-Original Letter
to Whitefield-Minutes of Conference-Methodism at Leicester--
Methodism in Isle of Wight-Rioting at Bristol-Wesley Ill-

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Whitefield in Long Acre-"History of Modern Enthusiasm"-
Another hostile Publication-Letter to Joseph Cownley-Methodist
Soldiers at Canterbury - Dr. Dodd - Christian Perfection —
Threatened Invasion of the French-Methodist Volunteers -
Wesley, and Bristol Election-Visit to Howel Harris-Wesley in
Ireland-The Palatines-Methodism at Lisburn-Conference at
Bristol-Methodists becoming Dissenters—“The Mitre"-Letters
on Separation from the Church-C. Wesley, and his Northern
Mission-Original Letter-Proposal to Ordain Preachers-Further
Correspondence on Separation from the Church-Debt Incurred-
Forbidden Marriages-Wesley on the French Language-Hutchin-
sonianism-Wesley criticises "Theron and Aspasio "-Fletcher
Ordained-Fletcher on Methodist Sacraments - Publications-
Baptismal Regeneration — Jacob Behmen William Law, a


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Great National Excitement-Prayer-Meetings at Lady Huntingdon's
-Methodist Clergymen-Rev. Thomas Jones-Norwich Method-
ism-Journey to the North-Methodism at Stockport-Methodism
in Sunderland-A Fisherwoman at Newcastle-Trances at Everton
Letter from Berridge - Conference in London Norwich

Methodists-Rev. Thomas Goodday-Rev. Richard Conyers,

LL.D. Rev. Walter Shirley - Ecclesiastical Dress - French

Prisoners Methodism at Bedford-Wesley, on the Work at

Everton-First Lovefeast for the whole Society-Savage On-

slaught by Rev. John Downes-Wesley's Publications-Suicides--

"Advices with respect to Health"-Christian Perfection.


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Letter to Lloyd's Evening Post- Wesley on the Wing-Wesley
and John Newton-Strange Incident in Ireland-General Cavignac
-Methodism in Ireland-Wesley mobbed at Carrick upon Shannon


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Wesley the only Clerical Itinerant-Letters in London Chronicle-
Fanatical Methodists-Wesley's Friends desert him— Rev. J
Fletcher-Rev. W. Romaine-" Farther Thoughts on Christian
Perfection ”— Advice to the Sanctified — Distress in London—
"Society for the Reformation of Manners"-A "Pious Fraud”—
Scottish Ladies-Methodism in Edinburgh, Dunbar, Barnard-
castle, etc.-Letter from Dr. Conyers-" A kind of Gentleman "-
Matthew Mayer-Conference Minutes, between 1753 and 1763—
Howel Harris at Conference of 1763-Welsh Jumpers-Danger of

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