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Doctors, at White's, i. 203.
Douglas, iv. 394.

Eusden, Laurence, Poet-Laureate, i. 104.
Eliza Haywood, ii. 157, &c.

FLECKNO, Richard, ii. 2.
Faustus, Dr. iii. 233.
Fleetwood, iv. 326.
Free-masons, iv. 576.
French Cooks, iv. 553.

Gild'on, Charles, i. 296.
Goode, Barn. iii. 153.
Goths, iii. 90.
Gazetteers, i. 215. ii. 314.
Gregorians and Gormogons, iv. 575.

HOLLAND, Philemon, i. 154.
Hearne, Thomas, iii. 185.
Horneck, Philip, iii. 152.
Haywood, Eliza, ii. 157, &c.
Howard, Edward, i. 297.
Henley, John, the Orator, ii. 2, 425. ii. 199, &c.
Huns, üi. 90,
Heywood, John, i. 98.
Harpsfield, i. 153.
Hays, iv. 560.

John, King, i. 252.


E, srcependant, paint

, 333 2.1: , chief, or saint.

529 liv'ry flings

res particolord wings:
3. e costs a thousand dyes

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es warble round,
x with empty sound.

c of Fame they hear,
::-1:53. g in their ear.
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LE Is to ridicule !
Ker se sou a fool.

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> stank to an urn:
Vem ka, he loads,
Em 2. moeces into toads.

2. Hd
- of the vine.
... De zece?
23* 1 Bayonne!

2 strain,
W zu saute Hars's stain. 160

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Knight lifts the bead; for what are crowds undan
To three essential partridges in oze?
Gone ev'ry blush, and siiem as reprcach,
Contending princes mount them in the concl.

Next bidding all draw near of bender Katea,
The Queen confers her zrties and degree

bb Her children first of more durmust C SOTT, Who study Shakespeare 2: the lom od Cour, Impale a glow-worm, or vertl proiek, Shine in the dignty of I. R. 5. Some, deep Free-masone, jori ir siccia Tere, Worthy to fill Pythagoras's prade: Some botanists, or florisis a: ime iz.. Or issue members of an amua feat. or past the meanest unregarded. De Eose a Gregorian, one a Gurmuşu... The last, not least in honor of 2D, is and Cam made Docions of new. Then, blessing all, Go, chiarel o mas car b practice now from theory tepun..

SB: 1

my commands are east, shor., za : Sons! be proud, be sióst, 2016 be qui.. ard my prerogatise, acri m' throne:

snod confirms each privilege your OWL. cap and switch be sacred to ins Grace, 583 h staff and pumps the Marquas izzo: tie 12e; stage to stage the licens's Eari mat tam, with his fellow-charioteer, the Sus ;

REMARES. ved with the utmos: margbrence Frane gossom equedle 51 DEISUDE DA SE

wa; In the princes of the viood u. 11400

James, I. iv. 176.
Jacob, Giles, iij. 149.
Jansen, a gamester, iv. 326.

KNIGHT, Robert, iv. 561.
Kuster, iv. 237,

LINTOT, Bernard, i. 40. ii. 53,
Law, William, ii. 413,
Log, King, i, line ylt,

Moore, James, ii, 50, &c.
Morris, Bezaleel, ii. 126. jii, 168,
Mist, Nathaniel, i, 208.
Milbourn, Luke, ii, 349,
Mahomet, iii. 97.
Mears, William, ij. 125. iii. 28,
Mottaux, Peter, ii. 412.
Monks, iii. 52.
Mandeville, ii. 414,'
Morgan, ibid.
Montalto, iv. 105.
Mummius, an antiquary, iv. 371.

Newcastle, Duchess of, i. 111,
Nonjuror, i. 253.

OGILBY, John, i. 141, 328.
Oldmixon, John, ii. 283.
Ozell, John, i. 285.

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Ostrogoths, iii. 93.
Omar the Caliph, iii. 79.
Owls, i. 271, 290. iii. 54.

-Athenian, iv. 362.
Osborne, bookseller, ii. 167.
-Mother, ii. 312.

PRYNN, William, i. 103.
Philips, Ambrose, i. 105. iii. 326.
Paridell, iv. 341.

QUARLES, Francis, i. 140.
Querno, Camilo, ii. 15.

RALPH, James, i. 216. ii. 165.
Roome, Edward, iii. 152.
Ripley, Tho. iii. 327.
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Roper, Abel, ii. 149.
Rich, iii. 261.

SETTLE, Elkanah, i. 90. 146. iii. 37.
Smedley, Jonathan, ii. 291, &c.
Shadwell, Thomas, i. 240. iii. 22.
Scholiasts, iv. 232.
Silenus, iv. 492.
Sooterkins, i. 126.

TATE, i. 105, 238.
Theobald, or Tibbald, i. 133, 286.

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