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Page Epigram on Mrs. Tofts, a handsome Woman

with a fine Voice, but very Covetous
and Proud

ib. Epigram, on the Introduction of Barber's name on Butler's Monument

- 305

EPITAPHS. 1. On Charles, Earl of Dorset

306 II. On Sir William Trumball

307 III. On the Hon. Simon Harcourt

ib. IV. On James Craggs, Esq.

308 V. Intended for Mr. Rowe

ib. Variation of do.

309 VI. On Mrs. Corbet, who died of a Cancer in her Breast

ib. VII. On the Monument of the Hon. Ro

bert Digby, and of his Sister Mary 310 VIII. On Sir Godfrey Kneller

311 IX. On General Henry Withers

ib. X. On Mr. Elijah Fenton,

312 XI. On Mr. Gay

ib. XII. Intended for Sir Isaac Newton

313 XIII. On Dr. Francis Atterbury, Bishop of

Rochester, who died in exile at Paris, ib. XIV, On Edmund, Duke of Buckingham 314 XV. For one who would not be buried in Westminster-Abbey

315 XVI. Another on the same

ib. XVII. Losd Coningsby's Epitaph


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