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A Bard's Epitaph, 297.

Fingal, 206.
A Better Answer, 13.

First Epistle of the Second Book
Absence, 234.

of Horace, 64.
A Cradle Hymn, 21.

For Christmas-Day, 139.
A Cradle Song, 322.

For Easter-Day, 141.
Address to the Unco Guid, 298.
A Descriptive Poem, 202.

Grongar Hill, 92.
Ae Fond Kiss, 311.
A Hymn Concluding the Seasons, Highland Mary, 312.

Holy Thursday, 323, 335.
A Hymn of Contentment. 85. Hymn to Adversity, 181.
A Hymn to the Pillory, 7.
A Little Boy Lost, 336.

In Temptation, 142.
A Man's a Man for A' That, 314. Introduction to Songs of Inno-
An Essay on Criticism, 23.

cence, 320.
An Essay on Man, 42.

Is There for Honest Poverty, 314.
An Essay on Virtue, 121.
An Excellente Balade of Charitie, Jerusalem, 342.

John Anderson, My Jo, 300.
A Night Piece on Death, 83.
A Nocturnal Reverie, 75.

Last May a Braw Wooer, 315.
An Ode: from Alfred, a Masque, London, 338.

Love of Fame, 114.
A Red, Red Rose, 301.
A Song of Liberty, 333.

Mary Morison, 277,
A Song to David, 210.

Milton, 340.
Auguries of Innocence, 339.

Moral Essays, 53.
Auld Lang Syne, 302.

My Own Epitaph, 81.
Auld Robin Gray, 229.
Autumn, 104.

Night Thoughts, 117.
A Vision of Life in Death, 256.

Ode on a Distant Prospect of
Conrade, 128.

Eton College, 178.
Conversation, 258.

Ode on the Pleasure Arising from

Vicissitude, 196.
Divine Ode, 10.

Ode on the Poetical Character,
Dover Cliffs, 276.

Duncan Gray, 311.

Ode on the Popular Superstitions

of the Highlands, 168.
Elegy Written in a Country Ode to Evening, 161.
Churchyard, 183.

Ode Written in the Beginning of
Epilogue to the Satires, 70.

the Year 1746, 160.
Epistle to a Young Friend, 295. Of the Characters of Women, 53.
Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot, 57. O God, Our Help in Ages Past,
Epistle to J. Lapraik, 286.

Evening, 276.

On Another's Sorrow, 325.

On Ridicule, 148.
On the Death of Mr. Addison, 82.
On the Receipt of My Mother's

Picture. 269
On Women. 114.
O, Synge Untoe Mie Roundelaie,

0. Wert Thou in the Cauld Blast,


Prologue to Gustavus Vasa, 128.

Retaliation, 224.
Rock of Ages, 235.
Rule, Britannia, 109.
Rural Sports, 76.

Scots, Wha Hae, 313.
Song: Fresh from the Dewy Hill,

Songs from Ælla, 238.
Sonnet to the River Lodon, 178.
Sonnet Written at Stonehenge,

Sonnet Written in Dugdale's Mo-

nasticon, 177.
Spring, 101.
Summer, 100.
Sursum, 123.
Sweet Afton, 303.
Sweet William's Farewell to

Black-Eyed Susan, 80.

The Dying Hadrian to His Soul,

The Enthusiast, 150.
The Enthusiast; or, The Lover of

Nature, 155.
The Fable of the Bees (The

Grumbling Hive), 14.
The Fatal Sisters, 194.
The Flowers of the Forest, 204.
The Fly, 334.
The French Revolution, 331.
The Garden of Love, 336.
The Gentle Shepherd, 87.
The Ghost, 205.
The Goldfinches, 201.
The Grave, 146.
The Grave of King Arthur, 176.
The Grumbling Hive, 14.
The Happy Savage, 121.
The Happy Trio, 303.
The Hazard of Loving the Crea-

tures, 18.
The Holy Fair, 277.
The Lamb, 321.
The Land o' the Leal, 346.
The Library, 247.
The Little Black Boy, 322.
The Lovely Lass of Inverness,

The Minstrel, 226.
The New Morality, 344.
The Passions, 164.
The Pleasures of Imagination,

The Pleasures of Melancholy, 174.
The Power of Harmony, 159.
The Progress of Man, 343.
The Progress of Poesy, 187.
The Rape of the Lock, 32.
The Rosciad, 205.
The Schoolboy, 337.
The Schoolmistress, 130.
The Seasons, 97.
The Shepherd's Week, 76.
The Shrubbery, 259.
The Songs of Selma, 208.
The Spleen, 129.
The Task, 260.
The Tiger, 335.
The Traveller, 212.
The True-Born Englishman, 6.
The Vanity of Human Wishes,

The Village, 248.
The Vision, 81.

Table Talk, 257.
Tam o' Shanter, 305.
The Bard, 190.
The Beasts' Confession, 133.
The Boddynge Flourettes Bloshes

atte the Lyghţe, 238.
The Book of Thel, 326.
The Botanic Garden, 317.
The Campaign, 9.
The Castaway, 274.
The Castle of Indolence, 110.
The Chase, 123.
The Choice, 1.
The Cotter's Saturday Night, 287.
The Country Justice, 234.
The Daft Days, 232.
The Day of Judgment, 19.
The Deserted Village, 214.
The Desolation of America, 244.
The Divine Image, 324.
The Dunciad, 71.

There's Nae Luck About the

House, 230.
To a Child of Quality, Five Years

Old, 11.
To a Lady, 12.
To a Louse, 284.
To a Mountain Daisy, 293.
To a Mouse, 292.
To a Young Lady, 259.
To Mary, 272.
To Mary in Heaven, 304.
To Miss Charlotte Pulteney, 91.
To the Deists, 342.
To the Muses, 320.
To the Nightingale, 74. .
To Winter, 319.

Translation of the Iliad, 40.
Trivia, 79.
Tullochgorum, 236.

Universal Beauty, 125.

Verses on the Death of Dr. Swift,

Verses on the Prospect of Plant-

ing Arts and Learning in Amer-
ica, 96.

Winter, 97.
Wrestling Jacob, 143.
Written at an Inn at Henley, 132.


Ae fond kiss, and then we sever, 311.
Ah! what a weary race my feet have run, 178.
All in a garden, on a currant bush, 201.
All in the Downs the fleet was moored, 80.
And are ye sure the news is true, 230.
And did those feet in ancient time, 340.
As once-if not with light regard. 162.
A spacious hive, well stocked with bees, 14.
As some lone miser, visiting his store. 212.
Aumont went out, and stood in the hollow porch, 331.
Awake, Æolian lyre, awake, 187.
Awake, my St. John ! leave all meaner things, 42.

Behold in awful march and dread array. 9.
Beneath the south side of a craigy bield, 87.
Beneath yon ruined abbey's moss-grown piles, 174.
Be this. you rural magistrates, your plan, 234.
Britons! this night presents a state distressed, 128.
But see! the fading many-coloured woods, 104.
By the blue taper's trembling light, 83.

Can I forget the dismal night that gave, 82.
Can I see another's woe, 325.
Christ the Lord is risen to-day, 141.
Close to those walls where Folly holds her throne, 71.
Come, gentle Spring, ethereal mildness, come, 101.
Come gie's a sang, Montgomery cried, 236.
Come, O thou Traveller unknown, 143.

Daughter of Jove, relentless power, 181.
Dear Chloe, how blubbered is that pretty face, 13.
Deem not devoid of elegance the sage, 177.
Dispersed through every copse or marshy plain, 127.)
Dubius is such a scrupulous good man, 258.
Duncan Gray cam here to woo, 311.

England, with all thy faults, I love thee still, 262.
Evening! as slow thy placid shades descend, 276.
Exert thy voice, sweet harbinger of Spring, 74.

Flow gently, sweet Afton, among thy green braes, 303.
Forever running an enchanted round, 100.
Fresh from the dewy hill, the merry year, 319.
Fret not thyself, thou glittering child of pride, 226.
Fruitless is the attempt by dull obedience, 152.
Gemmed o'er their heads the mines of India gleam, 126.


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