Indian Biography: Or, An Historical Account of Those Individuals who Have Been Distinguished Among the North American Natives as Orators, Warriors, Statemen, and Other Remarkable Characters, Band 1


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Seite 17 - Scarletlike colour made an exceeding handsome shew, his Bow in his hand, and the skinne of a Bird with her wings abroad dryed, tyed on his head, a peece of copper, a white shell, a long feather, with a small rattle growing at the tayles of their snaks tyed to it, or some such like toy.
Seite 11 - Savages up a little bayed creeke, towards Onawmanient, where all the woods were layd with ambuscado's to the number of three or foure thousand Salvages, so strangely paynted, grimed and disguised, shouting, yelling and crying as so many spirits from hell could not have shewed more terrible.
Seite 16 - Nations, varietie of complexions, and how we were to them Antipodes, and many other such like matters, they all stood as amazed with admiration.
Seite 206 - RI] ever had. They kindly received, fed, and protected the first settlers of it, when they were in distress, and were strangers and exiles, and all mankind else were their enemies ; and by this kindness to them, drew upon themselves the resentment of the neighboring colonies, and hastened the untimely end of the young king.
Seite 69 - King and his grim attendants ever saw, and thus inthralled in their barbarous power, I cannot say I felt the least occasion of want that was in the power of those, my mortall foes, to prevent, notwithstanding all their threats. After some six weeks...
Seite 71 - ... where finding so great a Queene should doe her some honour more than she can imagine, for being so kinde to your servants and subjects, would so ravish her with content, as endeare her dearest bloud to effect that, your Majestie and all the Kings honest subjects most earnestly desire. And so I humbly kisse your gracious hands.
Seite 188 - Uncas cut out a piece of his .shoulder, and ate it in savage triumph. " He said it was the sweetest meat he ever eat — it made his heart strong.
Seite 72 - You did promise Powhatan what was yours should bee his, and he the like to you; you called him father being in his land a stranger, and by the same reason so must I doe you...
Seite 121 - We meet with Massasoit again in July, 1621 ; an embassy being then sent to him at his own residence, Montaup or Sowams. This embassy consisted of Edward Winslow and Stephen Hopkins ; and the objects of it were, says Mourt,* " that forasmuch as his subjects came often and without fear upon all occasions amongst us...
Seite 102 - Which done," writes our ancient chronicler, "they found their first landing-place sandy and low, but so full of grapes that the very surge of the sea sometimes overflowed them; of which they found such plenty in all places, on the .sand, the greene soyle and hils, as in the plaines, as well on euery little shrub as also climbing towardes the tops of high cedars, that they did thinke in the world were not the like abundance.

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