Der Schatzgräber: Beiträge für ältere deutsche Literatur

Wigand, 1842 - 164 Seiten

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Seite 39 - And boldly to the little boy, With fearless face is gone. When she had tane the mantle, With purpose for to wear ; It shrunk up to her shoulder, And left her b**side bare.
Seite 37 - Slye glaunced at his dame. And first came Lady Guenever, The mantle she must trye. This dame, she was new-fangled, And of a roving eye. When she had tane the mantle, And all was with it cladde, From top to toe it shiver'd down, As tho
Seite 38 - One while it was too long, Another while too short, And wrinkled on her shoulders In most unseemly sort. Now green, now red it seemed, Then all of sable hue. " Beshrew me," quoth king Arthur,
Seite 44 - Of speech she is too bold : Of speech she is too bold, Of carriage all too free ; Sir king, she hath within thy hall A cuckold made of thee. All frolick light and wanton She hath her carriage borne And given thee for a kingly crown To wear a cuckold's home.
Seite 30 - Full oft att that sport. Shee threw downe the mantle, That bright was of blee ; Fast, with a red rudd, To her chamber can shee flee. Forth came an old knight Pattering ore a creede, And he proferred to this litle boy Twenty markes to his meede...
Seite 36 - IN Carleile dwelt King Arthur, A prince of passing might ; And there maintain'd his table round, Beset with many a knight. And there he kept his Christmas With mirth and princely cheare, When, lo ! a straunge and cunning boy Before him did appeare.
Seite 43 - Yet she the wonderous prize forsooth Must beare from all the rest." Then bespake the little boy, Who had the same in hold: "Chastize thy wife, King Arthur...
Seite 39 - Downe she threw the mantle, No longer bold or gay, But with a face all pale and wan, To her chamber slunk away. Then forth came an old knight, A pattering o'er his creed ; And...
Seite 32 - She hath tane yonder mantle Not with right, but with wronge. "See you not yonder woman, That maketh her self soe cleane?
Seite 31 - Shee had no more left on her, But .a tassell and a threed : Then every knight in the kings court Bade evill might shee speed.

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